Is Tennis Aerobic Or Anaerobic Sport? All You Need To Know

Whether you are a newbie to tennis or a professional tennis player, your body is bound to reach both aerobic and anaerobic states while playing. The state goes to highly depends on variables like fitness level, intensity, and the duration on the tennis court. 

Understanding both these states might improve your tennis skills and even decide your winning factor in this game. Due to the game setup, people face difficulty deciding whether tennis is an aerobic or anaerobic game.

We are here to answer your question: Is tennis aerobic or anaerobic sport? The fact is tennis can be considered to be an aerobic sport.

Why? As it has recovery time between its short points, tennis is known to be an aerobic game. To get done with the lengthy matches, a player’s aerobic system produces sufficient energy.

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Why is Tennis an Aerobic Sport?

Tennis is a rare sport with no set time limit. Professional matches may end in approximately an hour, but any close battle might last 5 hours or even more. 

In simple terms, players must brace themselves to play at various durations, which directly links to aerobics.

In the sport of tennis, oxygen intake is enormous. Turn on your TV and watch a tennis match. You will see the players constantly gasping for breath and sucking for the wind. 

In between the points and sets, players will inhale deeply and fastly to recover. All this is done to recover appropriately and continue to play at high levels. 

What if a player skips the endurance training? If a player neglects this training, then s/he is just going to be of no use during the next steps of the match. 

Do not confuse yourself thinking the players remain in constant motion. This is where people make a mistake – they compare this game to a long-distance race. 

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This is wrong. During a match, players not only run miles after miles around the tennis court, but they also maintain similar oxygen and breathing intake. It all comes down to maintaining the body during the entire game for having consistency. 

Tennis players exhaust their energy supply, mostly due to their legs. To grow the endurance level of their legs, players need to perform a lot of training. This is the root of every game. A player cannot strike the shots if s/he cannot move properly.

Note that tennis players do not require the ability to run miles after miles right away. Everything is the same when it comes to breathing. Players remain in constant movement while playing but speed up when in motion. 

Anaerobic Training is Needed

We know many people will debate with us as we have gotten on their nerves. For people who consider tennis as an anaerobic sport, you all are not entirely wrong. Some of you feel that anaerobic training is more necessary than aerobic.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but it is not the truth. For players to execute their anaerobic training correctly, they need to have their aerobic exercise squared away. 

The gameplay with actual points emphasizes short energy bursts. Luckily, this falls under the category of anaerobic training. It is normal for these short bursts of energy to see tennis players practice with greater intensity.

A very common scenario you could come across is seeing tennis players train and work on particular sprints, lifting, drills, and so on. 

Your anaerobic system must be robust enough to endure at a higher intensity. If you compare this to a gym workout, each point is a rep or short energy burst. For a single match, the only single difference is that you can perform hundreds of reps. 

Tennis Player

Steps to Enhance Aerobic Endurance

Tennis players continue practicing tennis on the court for hours after hours every week. With all those hours spent playing, many players – from the newbies to the expert level – come up with different ways to enhance their aerobic endurance. This helps to get rid of the body’s wear and tear.

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Changing training methods assist you in numerous ways. For beginners, this helps to prevent burnout. If played too much, tennis can leave players frustrated. It is normal to work out in other ways by stepping away from the tennis court. 

Moreover, it boosts your playing level, making you fit for being an all-rounder athlete. Work on a different muscle each day. This way, your body would not fatigue from the same workout daily. 

Let us look at some of the steps which you could employ for better aerobic endurance:

1. Running

This is the most straightforward and easiest way to gain aerobic endurance. Anywhere you can, you can run. You can even vary it to keep the fun part going on. 

Steady and long runs can raise your aerobic endurance level, but shorter ones work as well. 

Consider lifting a heavy bag or trying out rope skipping to add diversity. These give your arms the workout they need which is a fantastic cross-training for players.

2. Cycling/Swimming

If you are among the aqua or cycle lovers and want to give your feet a breather, you can try out swimming after a few rounds of playing tennis. 

The best way you can do so is to either swim or hop on a cycle. They have different impacts on your body muscles for their low impact. 

Your legs will recover soon from all the pounding on those hard and rough surfaces.

Is Tennis A Good Calorie Burner?

Yes, it is. Tennis is one of the fun ways to pump your heart rate and burn calories while not keeping a track of time.

There are three important factors (weight, time, and type of activity) that affect the number of calories you’ll burn playing Tennis.

To make it easier for you to calculate how many calories does playing Tennis burns, I created this calculator. Just enter your numbers to get an estimate:

In addition to burning calories at par with running, playing tennis has other advantages too. I’ll list a few of them below:

  • Tennis engages your whole body (legs, abs, shoulders, arms, back and chest muscles)
  • Playing tennis regularly can boost your cardiovascular endurance
  • It helps with better stamina which will help in day-to-day life

Final Thoughts

So, that’s a wrap for this article. Be it aerobic or anaerobic, training is a crucial part of the sport. The rallies are supposed to be longer, the balls hit harder, and opponents are offered improved court coverage.

After all, you would not like losing a game because of your lack of fitness. Note that excellent aerobic training can steer excellent anaerobic exercise.

Hope this article answered your questions!

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