What Do Tennis Players Drink During a Match?

Hydration is one of the most important parts of tennis. In fact, this statement is true for all sorts of exercises. However, there’s a major difference between hydration in regular exercise and hydration in a tennis match.

In the case of regular exercise or running, you’ll find people drinking regular water a lot. This helps them stay hydrated, which in turn allows them to push themselves even further. When it comes to tennis, you’re going to see players drinking a lot of different types of drinks.

What Do Tennis Players Drink During a Match?

The different drinks that professional tennis players drink during the match are usually potions rich in different nutrients. These nutrients help them be at their best form even after hours of playing. In a sense, these drinks are crucial in helping them win as well. 

Most of these drinks are recommended by the nutritionists of the players, and they are mostly accurate. So, if you’re playing competitively and if you want an added boost during your matches, then it’s a great idea to copy what the professionals are drinking.

To make your life easier, we’re going to share the drinks that professional tennis players drink on the court. This will certainly help you push yourself and be your best self during a match. 

Benefits of Drinking Energy Drinks During A Tennis Match

Benefits of Drinking Energy Drinks During A Tennis Match

There are numerous benefits of drinking energy drinks during your match, some of which includes:

1. Replacing Electrolytes

When we play tennis, we tend to sweat a lot. This makes us lose tons of electrolytes from our bodies. As you probably know, electrolytes are extremely important for performing well. As you keep losing more and more electrolytes over time, you tend to perform worse than before.

During a regular tennis match, you tend to lose at least one liter of water from your body. It only gets worse if the weather becomes more humid.

Not only that, but electrolytes help in maintaining the electrical impulses throughout your body. Furthermore, if your body suffers from a loss of electrolytes, then you’re likely to suffer from muscle cramps.

Plus, it can also hinder multiple body functions such as tissue repair, muscle and nerve collaboration, and hydration. 

This is why it’s important to maintain a steady supply of electrolytes, so the used ones are replaced soon. 

This is where the energy drinks come in. These drinks are full of electrolytes. Most of these drinks are designed to provide you potassium, sodium, and calcium in abundance. This is why we highly recommend drinking these during matches. 

2. Boosting Energy

Another major reason why most tennis players take such drinks is that these drinks provide an abundance of energy. You will find some drinks that offer energy from caffeine. Some of the most famous caffeinated energy drinks that are often associated with sports are Red Bull and Monster.

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However, intake of caffeinated energy drinks can be harmful in both the short and long run. These can result in dehydration during the match as well, and this can lead to muscle cramps.

This is why we highly recommend going for healthy sources of energy. Recently, the consumption of healthy drinks has increased by a great deal.

In fact, most nutritionists highly discourage the consumption of energy drinks. Instead, you should go for healthy drinks, which provide all the energy through carbohydrates. 

Then again, there are certain drinks such as Powerade and Gatorade that provide a lot of energy through sugar.

However, these drinks also lead to sugar crashes, and you don’t want that during a match. This is why we recommend going for drinks like Cytomax, Endurox, and Biosteel, because these can provide a steady dose of sugar without leading to a sugar crash. 

Consider these drinks as fuel for your match. When you keep on playing a tennis match for a long time, you tend to run out of the fuel that keeps you going and keeps you sharp. The purpose of these drinks is to keep you refueled, so that you don’t lose the edge, and eventually, lose the match. 

3. Boosting Vitamin Levels

Another important nutrient these drinks provide is vitamins. Now, you may question the necessity of vitamins in a tennis match. Its true vitamins won’t play a major role during the match. However, these nutrients are essential after the match. 

This is because vitamins help you repair your damaged tissues. We often end up with tons of damaged tissues once we’re done with a tennis match. This is where vitamins play an important role.

These nutrients help us recover and repair the damaged tissues so that we can restore our former shape fast and can be ready for another match in a short time. 

Plus, the steady supply of vitamins will also help you maintain a high energy level consistently in the match. This is another reason why you should take these drinks during a match. 

4. Helping You Focus

One of the most important skills that you’ll require to decimate your foe is focus. You can’t play tennis properly if you can’t retain your focus. However, this can get increasingly challenging as you keep on losing your energy levels. 

However, as you already know, the energy drinks are designed to fill your energy levels up and to supply you with all the required electrolytes. This steady flow of energy and nutrients will help you retain your focus consistently.

This is another reason why we highly recommend you take these drinks. 

Why Do Tennis Players Drink From 2 Bottles

What Is The Cloudy Water Tennis Players Drink?

If you watch professional tennis matches on TV, then there’s a huge chance that you’ve seen players drink something that looks a bit like cloudy water. These are electrolyte replenishing drinks.

Now, not all electrolyte replenishing drinks look like cloudy water, so this is a major misconception that you need to get out of your head.

You can find electrolyte replenishing drinks like Gatorade on the market. However, most players do not drink such tonics. Rather, they go for personalized refreshing drinks that are designed especially for themselves by nutritionists.

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Although a manual recipe can help you much more than what you find in the stores, these can get very expensive over time. Then again, if you’re only starting out, we guarantee that you’re going to benefit greatly from the drinks that you’ll find on the market.

Some of the most popular cloudy water replenishing drinks that you can find in your local store are Vitalyte, Nuun Electrolyte Tabs, Ultima, and NOOMA organic electrolyte drink.

What Is The Pink Drink Tennis Players Drink?

Another major type of drink that tennis players are often seen to be drinking is the pink drink. These drinks are often stored in water bottles or transparent bottles without labels. These too are nutritious drinks, just like the cloudy water-like drinks.

The pink drinks that tennis players often drink are essentially water mixed with certain powders that provides give them a boost in electrolytes, vitamins, and other necessary nutrients. Some of these drinks may even be created to help the players retain their focus without including any contraband. 

As we discussed above, it’s highly likely that your favorite tennis player is drinking some drink that’s been customized for his/her body.

However, you can get such pink drinks in regular stores as well. Some of the most popular drinks are Endurox, Cytomax, and Biosteel.

What Is The Yellow Drink Tennis Players Drink?

The yellow drinks that we often see our favorite professional tennis players drinking are no different than the pink or cloudy water-like drinks. These drinks are water mixed with some tablets or powder, and these are known as recovery drinks.

Just like the pink and cloudy white drinks, these too are designed to supply an adequate amount of electrolytes and energy to your body.

However, in certain cases, it may even be orange juice mixed with water! Yes, drinking a concoction of orange juice and water can help you retain your focus during a match, and this can help by refreshing you as well.

Then again, interestingly this depends on the region as well. If you look closely, you’ll find that more Japanese and Chinese players tend to drink yellow drinks during a Tennis match than players from other regions.

The major reason behind this is the availability of certain brands. The brands available in these Asian regions tend to manufacture such nutritious drinks with yellow color, and it’s as simple as that. 

Why Do Tennis Players Drink From 2 Bottles?

Now, this is a tricky question, because the answer can be different for different tennis players. 

Some players bring two bottles in a match to store different types of drinks, and this is the most common phenomenon. While one bottle may provide them a drink that can cool and hydrate them, another bottle will provide them required electrolytes and other nutrients.

Some players may bring more than two bottles. Players are seen to bring three, four, and even five water bottles to the match.

If you look closely into a match of Rafael Nadal, you’ll find that he brings five water bottles to the match, and lines them up properly before the match even begins. When he starts playing, he takes a sip from each of these bottles in a row. 

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We’re confident that Rafael takes nutritional drinks that are curated specially for him, and each of the drinks that he takes supplies different nutrients to his body. 

These are special cases, but you won’t need to carry so many drinks with you when you’re playing. In fact, we don’t recommend carrying more than two types of drinks if you’re buying them from stores.

These stock drinks may not go well with each other, and in fact, many of them provide the same nutrients over and over. So, you’ll be good enough if you go with 2 bottles only.

Other than these, there are certain players who drink from 2 different bottles only because it’s in their habit! Yes, there are certain tennis players who are like these. This is why we won’t recommend jumping in to get 2 different bottles for yourself. 

Instead, look around, and try to figure out whether you really need two or more types of drinks for having a refreshing experience during a tennis match. If you really feel that you need more than one type of drink, you’re welcome to go for them. 

Best Energy Drinks for Tennis Players

At the end of the day, we all come down to one question, which energy drink is the best for tennis players?

To be honest, there isn’t any best drink for anyone. These aren’t magic potions that can make you play better instantly.

Energy drinks constitute nutrients and electrolytes that can boost your energy levels and help you focus on your game better.

This is why it’s important to consider what you need at first. This is why most professionals consult nutritionists who help them find out the best type of drink for themselves. 

Even if you don’t consult a nutritionist, we highly recommend trying out different drinks before you settle on a specific one. This will help you out in the long run, as you’ll be able to determine what works best for you. 


Now that you know all there is to know about the different types of drinks that tennis players drink during a match, it’s high time you find one for yourself.

However, it’s never wise to be hasty. Rather, you’ll be better off if you take your time and try multiple options before you settle.

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