Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Men’s Tennis Shoe Review

If you dream of stepping onto the court like a grand slam champion or are a few steps away from turning pro yourself, these shoes designed by Nike designer Tinker Hatfield in collaboration with Roger Federerprofessional tennis player – are the perfect addition to your arsenal.

The Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Men’s Tennis Shoe is made with a synthetic and mesh upper and has lace-up closure. The shoes have an adaptive fit that wraps from the bottom of the arch to the laces so you can adjust the shoe for the perfect fit.

You won’t need to search for thicker or thinner tennis socks each time you want to lace up for a game. If the shoe fits, wear it! And this one does every time.

In this review, we will look at Nike’s shoes and go through the features, pros, and cons so you can decide if Roger Federer has the same expertise in shoe design as he has on Centre Court at Wimbledon.

We will do a comparison and give our verdict so you can decide if these shoes will work for you.

Top Features

  • The shoes are made with synthetic and mesh materials
  • It has lace up closure
  • These shoes are a collaboration with Rodger Federer and Tinker Hatfield
  • It has adaptive fit that wraps from the bottom of the arch to the laces ensuring a custom fit
  • It comes with a Nike Zoom unit in the heel for cushioning and impact protection
  • The foot frame increases support for multi-directional cuts
  • The Flex grooves optimizes your game with increased natural movement
  • The shoes are available in 10 different color choices


  • The shoe is similar to running shoes with a good light fit
  • It has good lateral support
  • These shoes are very comfortable
  • The shoes are durable and strong
  • The shoes are lightweight but also rugged with good ankle support
  • They are available in a large range of colors


  • The fit is not very snug
  • The tongue moves around
  • The sole does not have a long lifetime on clay courts


As you would expect of tennis shoes endorsed and co-designed by Rodger Federer, these shoes are lightweight and comfortable but also sturdy and rugged. They are comfortable and durable.

They feel similar to running shoes in terms of their lightweight but also have the lateral support of a good tennis shoe. Not only are they light, but the lacing design allows for good ankle support and also gives you the option of variable adjustment.

The fit is not very snug but may depend on your feet and how you lace these shoes with the adaptive fit system. The shoes are available in a wide range of colors to suit the style of your club or to prove your individuality.


Nike zoom vapor 9.5 tour mens tennis shoe have good ankle support but aren’t as heavy as other shoes that offer the same level of sturdiness. The soles do not last as long as with heavier, sturdier shoes, but they are incredibly light, well ventilated, and comfortable.

They may even suit you if you suffer from back pain due to a hard impact on your feet and heels because of the heel as a Nike Zoom cushioning system for additional comfort. Just because you play hard doesn’t mean you have to be in pain.

These shoes will last longer on softer courts and clay might put them through their paces in about one season, but if you prefer grass or the center court of Wimbledon then they will have a longer lifetime.

These shoes compare very well to other competitors with more durability and support than most lightweight shoes.


If you appreciate a well-designed, lightweight shoe then the Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Men’s Tennis Shoe will work well for you. They are light but also sturdy and have good lateral support for a quick move during a long rally.

They have a comfortable fit but are not as snug or hard-wearing as other heavier shoes. These shoes will serve you well for at least a season on clay and more on indoor or grass courts and can be a good addition to your competition kit in your choice of colors.

A good shoe can make the difference in a tight match and with these, you will barely know you are wearing them. If Roger Federer’s feet are happy, yours will be too.

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