7 Best Tennis Shirts for Hot Weather: Stay Cool On and Off Court

Tennis is a very competitive game. It is a game where players have to show immense feats of skills, dedication, and strategy to come on top.

As challenging as a tennis match can get, players have to keep themselves cool and stable to keep on until the end of the match.

This gets very challenging on hot summer days, where the weather is hot, the competition is intense and the body gets dehydrated easily. That is why players are given water and towels but that is not enough.

Sports apparel designers realized that and have come up with different kinds of fabrics to design our sports clothes. These clothes keep us cool during the game in hot weather.

Now, these types of clothes are common and many brands are producing them that you can easily get. But the question arises which one should you choose?

You cannot just go and buy all of them. Well, that is why we have come here to give our recommendation. Check out these best tennis shirts for hot weather.

Top 7 Best Tennis Shirts For Hot Weather

1. Adidas Men’s 3-Stripes Polo Shirt

It’s a no-brainer that Adidas is a well-known brand in any sports industry. They manufacture almost all kinds of sports products. This 3 stripes polo shirt from Adidas is equally stylish and comfortable.

It features a three stripes design on each arm and an Adidas logo on the left chest. It is made of all polyester, perfect for a summer tennis session.

Things We Like

  • Fully made of polyester
  • Machine washable
  • Buttons for an adjustable fit
  • Available in various colors
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2. Adidas 3-Stripes Tennis Shirt (round neck)

Another great summer tennis shirt from Adidas. This one is made of 100% polyester. Unlike the previous one, this one has no neck color and has a round neck. It lets you move around freely. It is a regular fit summer shirt for tennis. You should check it out.

Things We Like

  • Underarm gusset
  • Crewneck design
  • All pure polyester
  • Machine washable
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3. Wilson S302 Tennis Shirt

The brand Wilson has been a true friend of tennis since the beginning. Their products have been helping tennis players all around the world. This shirt from Wilson is no different.

It has a plain design with Wilson’s logo on the arm and it is made of 100% polyester. It keeps your body dry.

Things We Like

  • Plain design
  • Available in many colors
  • 100% polyester
  • Machine washable
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4. Babolat Men’s Core Flag Club Tennis Shirt

From the world-renowned Babolat brand, this club tennis shirt is ideal for everyone in hot weather. It has a simple design with a silver Babolat logo on the left chest. The shirt is made of 100% polyester.

Things We Like

  • Reflective sleeve stripes
  • Babolat log on the left chest
  • 100% polyester
  • Machine washable
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5. ASICS Men’s Tennis Shirt

A Japanese brand – ASICS – is specialized in tennis footwear. But their expertise stretches to making sports shirts too.

This particular ASICS shirt is made of 100% polyester. It wicks away your sweat and keeps you cool. The shirt has a very attractive design and it comes in many colors.

Things We Like

  • 100% polyester
  • Beautiful pattern
  • Machine washable
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6. HEAD Men’s Ultra Hypertek Crew Neck Tennis Shirt

Head is a great brand for tennis goods. Although they are not much heard of, their products are very reliable.

This Head Men’s tennis shirt comes in a crew neck cut. It lets you move around freely. The fabric dries up quickly and keeps you cool.

Things We Like

  • 100% polyester
  • Machine washable
  • Plain and simple design
  • Available in many colors
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7. Lacoste Men’s Sports Super Dry Polo Tennis Shirt

Lacoste has been around for almost a century. They have specialized in sports gear making. This polo shirt from Lacoste is made with a super dry fabric. It quickly dries up and saves you from the heat.

Things We Like

  • Mostly polyester made (94%)
  • Button for an adjustable fit
  • Stylish design
  • Machine washable
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Best Tennis Shirts for Hot Weather: Buying Guide

Tennis shirts are a type of sports shirt. Here practicality and functionality come first. Then fashion. But there are many designer tennis shirts available and it is ok to choose a designer shirt only after they meet certain criteria. 

Different shirts are designed differently based on the needs of the players. The shirt that is designed for winter will make you feel very uncomfortable on a summer day. The same goes in the opposite way where wearing a summer shirt on a cold winter day will make you freeze.

The color scheme used in the design of these tennis shirts for hot weather directly contributes to this factor of comfort. Not only that, but you will also have to consider how freely you can move in that shirt.

That includes neck and arm movement. All these factors must be considered before getting into other things like design. Let’s break them down into more detail.


The cut of the shirt is referring to the way the shirt was stitched and designed. Traditionally we have the round neck shirt, the v neck shirt, and the neck color/ polo shirt. Though it may seem a little weird to consider this fact of cuts, but it does matter.

Some people may be ok with the neck color. Some may feel very uncomfortable and itchy with the neck color. Some may even fail to move and turn their neck around freely because of that neck color. It all differs from person to person.

Besides freedom of movement, there is that matter of choice and preference. Some may be ok with all of the different cuts of the t-shirt but they want to have the neck color in their shirt.

Then there is the sleeve. Some prefer short/ half sleeves and some prefer full sleeves. Short sleeves are much comfortable, as long as the cup width is of the right size. Long sleeves may cause some inconvenience in movement.

It all depends on your choice. Just make sure you are comfortable with the cut and you can move freely in all directions. Otherwise, it may cause you a great loss in the game.


It is common knowledge that we all must buy clothes of the right size for ourselves. That is why we must measure the size of our clothes before we buy them. The same applies to shits, both male and female.

The size of the tennis shirt is measured in three basic dimensions. Shoulder, chest, and length. Some go more detailed and add more dimensions like inseams, cup width, and neck. Let us explain all these dimensions of shirt measurements.

The shoulder refers to the measurement from your right shoulder to your left shoulder in a straight line. The waist measurement is just your chest. Put the tape on your chest, in the fullest/ widest part and take the tape around your body under your arm and come to the starting point.

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That is your chest measurement. In a female size chart, it may be referred to as bust. The length is a straight-line measurement from ur neck to the desired hemline. The inseam is from under your arm or from your armpit to the desired hemline.

The cup width is the circumference of your arm (the fullest part). The neck width is the circumference of your neck.


Generally, two types of fabric are used to make sports shirts. Polyester and cotton.

Cotton is perfect for cold weather. If you wear it on a hot day, you will sweat a lot, and cotton will absorb that and become wet and heavy. It will be very uncomfortable.

On the other hand, polyester tennis shirts are perfect for hot weather. It is lightweight and dries easily in the wind. You can wear polyester-made clothes and play all day long. The fabric will wick your sweat and it will dry itself in the wind while playing. This way you will stay cold all the time during the match.


If you are in touch with science, you will know that the color of the cloth significantly affects the way it interacts with heat. Darker color attracts heat more and the cloth gets very warm in a very short time.

But the opposite happens when you have light/ bright colored clothes. Light color clothes reflect the heat. As a result, it is absorbing very little heat and the cloth stays cool for a long period.


What fabric is best for hot weather?

Polyester is best for hot weather.

Should I wear a polo shirt or a crew neck shirt in summer?

That is up to you. But our recommendation is to wear a crew neck shirt in summer.

What color scheme is best for hot weather?

White, light, and reflective colors are the best color scheme for hot weather.

Final Words

Hot wethers are very tiring in sports. Players must stay hydrated and cool in this weather. Otherwise, they may faint in the midgame.

So choosing the right type of shirt is important because we know that the type of cloth they are wearing can significantly affect the heat their body is dealing with.

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