Best Gifts for Tennis Players (Men, Women, and Kids): Ultimate Guide

Find the best gifts for tennis players in your life through this ultimate gift buying guide.

The holidays. Birthdays. More celebrations. Festivities call for amazing food, great conversations, and thoughtful gifts to wrap the whole thing together (almost literally).

Watching the gift receiver’s face light up when their eyes fall on your present is a whole different kind of serotonin booster. With that said, there comes a ton of pressure to even find the “right” gift.

Whether you’re on a budget or want to go all out with your choices, it’s always the thought that counts.

We’ve scoured local gift shops and the internet alongside talking to some tennis enthusiasts to find the coolest, most creative, and most functional presents that will be the best gifts for tennis players.

Best Gifts for Tennis Players (Men’s Edition)

1. Babolat Team Maxi Backpack

Tennis players need to carry around a ton of stuff. Apart from racquets, shoes, cans of tennis balls, people also need to bring along other necessities. It’s frustrating carrying two bags for two purposes.

You don’t want another bag for your phone, laptop, charger, and whatnot. In comes the Babolat Team Maxi Backpack.

Much like the name suggests, this one-size bag comes in a big size, perfect to store everything a tennis enthusiast would require. This versatile tennis backpack is great for use on the go.

With adjustable straps and multiple accessory pockets, comfort and convenience come in a pack. Thanks to the grip cover paired with the ThermoGuard 2.0 compartment, the racquet will remain well protected.

The bag can be put in an airplane overhead compartment and even below the seat given the racquets are removed.

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2. MRCUFF Tennis Racquet and Ball Pair Cufflinks

Elegance comes in its very best in these tennis racquet and ball paur cufflinks from MRCUFF. The brand saves you the hassle of wrapping it or finding the perfect decorations for it as it will arrive in a hard-sided presentation gift box

Tennis Racquet and Ball Cufflinks with a Presentation Gift Box. It can be used as a travel case, for storage, or a display box later on.

The tennis loving man in your life will love how his tuxedo or French cuffs look with these sophisticated trinkets.

Perfect for business, formal, or wedding attire, this gift is perfect for all occasions – weddings, birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries.

They will receive a microfiber polishing cloth as well to keep the cufflinks always sparkling. Who says you only have to choose serious gifts for adults? This is for the kid at heart.

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3. Hydro Flask Water Bottle

With a near perfect rating of Amazon, the Hydro Flask Water Bottle was the top choice for many athletes. The internet was in a stir – people raving about how great this is for everyday use.

Reviewers can’t get enough of the choice of straw or wide mouth, an abundance of fun color choices, sturdy stainless steel, and the length of time the drinks stay cold in the bottle. Customers have noted how the ice cubes last the entire day, keeping the water chilly for hours.

The stainless steel body is phthalate-free and BPA-free; the straw is strong too. If you gift this to a tennis lover, they’ll know you’ve done your fair share of research to get them a good gift, and that’s what will matter.

It’s easy to clean with a non-sweat slip-free powder coating. The brand provides a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

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4. Pack A Punch Retro Style T-Shirt

Casual clothes with a fun tennis twist, the Pack A Punch Retro Tennis T-Shirt is one of the best gifts for tennis players who are super laid back.

You can choose from 10 different colors – some more mellow than others. The solid colors feature a 100% cotton fabric while the heathers have a blend of polyester.

All in all, the classic fit lightweight design will provide comfort and style in one. This is also available in sizes and designs for women and youth.

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5. Nike Unisex Core Visor

Visors, beanies, and hats are the starting points for shopping for tennis players. They’re functional and a necessity for every tennis player. Plus, it’s relatively cheaper.

One more thing that places visors and hats amongst the best gifts for tennis players would be their simple nature.

You can surely play tennis without this head accessory, but professionals would term it as a staple. Essentially every tennis player sports one during the game or on the court.

Nike is a world-renowned brand in the industry of athletic clothing and accessories. This particular visor is unisex and comes in nine unique colors.

Featuring a 100% polyester construction, it has that classic visor design to protect the face from the harsh rays of the sun.

Since sweating can be a big issue in labor-intensive sports like tennis, the back strap is kept adjustable with an inner terry sweatband that’s absorbent and soft.

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6. Penn Championship Tennis Balls

Would we dare to say that there isn’t a single dedicated tennis player who hasn’t struck with a Penn Championship All Court Ball?

We would. Yes, we did say you don’t have to limit yourself to tennis balls, but these are no ordinary ones.

These are THE tennis balls – ITF and USTA approved; America’s biggest seller in this department. A tennis ball is a basic requirement in the game, so the roots need to be strong in order for the tree (in this case, the game) to be the best.

Penn’s performance reputation precedes it. The controlled fiber release offers distributed nap while the natural rubber provides reduced shock and consistent feel. Unparalleled consistency each time isn’t an easy feat to achieve.

In addition, the recipient tennis player can use these on all outdoor and indoor clay court surfaces too. Get them in regular felt, extra-duty felt, or extra-dry high altitude felt to suit his requirements. 

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7. Gexco Tennis Ball Saver

The Gexco’s Tennis Ball Saver is a bestseller on Amazon, and for good reason! Tennis players are super attached to the balls they use on the court.

A good one can change the course of the game. Keeping them like new can really add up monetarily across time.

The function of a pressurizer to keep the balls pressurized between play, keeping them usable for longer. But these don’t renew old balls, so that’s something to keep in mind.

According to customer reviews, there’s one important flaw we have to mention. The harder you hit and the more often you play, the faster this little gem loses efficiency. But we guess that can be said about literally anything.

But if you’re gifting this to a social player who is on the court max once or twice a week and usually stores his balls in between the games, he will get maximum usage out of it.

Players have to spend about $2 to $5 to get a can of 3 new balls, so this present could save a  few coins for tennis enthusiasts.

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8. thorlos TX Tennis Crew Socks

Socks might not be the most creative or fun gift on earth, but don’t underestimate the value of a good pair. thorlos’ TX Tennis Crew Socks are quite pricey for a simple pair of socks, but we promise you, he won’t think so once they’re on.

With a majorly impressive 4.7 stars on Amazon, these socks have been winning the hearts of casual tennis players and professionals alike. Let’s break down why we are even including something like socks on the list.

A brief one to two-hour doubles game and he could do with about any pair of socks. But for games that last longer, like singles, comfort becomes a key factor.

And these babies make the player feel like he’s floating. Features like sweat absorption, cushioning in all the right places, and high durability fabric is only a few of the things we love about this.

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9. Adidas Men’s Gamecourt Wide Tennis Shoe

In essentially any sport, shoes are a big part of the equation. For tennis in particular, shoes designed specifically for the purpose are one of the things that differentiate a seasoned player from a newbie.

A good pair of tennis shoes help the player maintain posture and speed in the court while making sure they don’t slip or slide. Check out Adidas’s Men’s Gamecourt shoes.

Clothing and shoes are one of the best gifts for tennis players, but they tend to be on the pricier side. There are 18 size options on this one, so you can score the perfect size for males of almost all ages.

Depending on the size, the price tends to vary. The smaller sizes can be bought for well under the $100 mark while the larger sizes will cost you slightly more.

These beautiful creations from Adidas feature a synthetic sole, a lace closure paired with TPU reinforcement on the mesh upper.

The wide fit holds his feet cozily while he’s busy wreaking havoc on the court. Needless to say, it also includes the brand’s signature Adiwear outsole and Adituff toe to add to the longevity.

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Best Gifts for Tennis Players (Women’s Edition)

1. The Stylish Life: Tennis

Sometimes, the best gifts for tennis players aren’t limited to fun or functional items for the court or house; it can be something insanely simple but impactful.

For women players who are a force on the court and generally dressed to impress, this is a clever gift.

Fashion and tennis have an extended, intertwined history. Starting from René “the Crocodile” Lacoste all the way to Serena Williams’ modern, contemporary fashion, this appealing coffee table book is filled with inspo for the fashion-conscious tennis enthusiast in your life.

Unlike most other coffee table books which seem to be there for decorative value only, this book is simply enthralling – filled with beautiful pictures and definitive guides following the various eras of fashion.

In essence, it does an exceptionally good job of capturing the glamorous and social aspects of this sophisticated and classy sport.

The amazing ratings it has on Amazon speaks for itself. One detail to note: the book is only available in German and French. 

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2. Big Dot of Happiness Tennis Wine Labels

Serve me some wine! Full pun intended.

How cool are these tennis wine labels from Big Dot of Happiness? With quirky labels like “Game, Set, Wine!” and the abovementioned “Serve me some wine,” these labels come in a set of 4.

It’s pretty difficult to agree with “There’s more to life than just tennis,” but the “Like Wine” makes up for the setback. And what do we say when we win or lose a game? Drink wine! Having a nice chilly drink after a challenging game can soothe the nerves.

Sit down with your friends (or the competition) and whip out the bottles. Everyone will love the labels! These work for any tennis enthusiast.

Each bottle stick label measures 5” tall and 4” wide – ideal for the standard 750 ml bottle. And they’re super cheap too. So, if your tennis gift budget isn’t too stretchy this time, consider getting this.

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3. Juvale Speed and Agility Ladder Training Set

Juvale Speed and Agility Ladder Training Set

This category of presents is unarguably one of the best gifts for tennis players everywhere. How can one progress in the game without proper training? And to train the right way, you need the right equipment.

The Juvale Speed and Agility Ladder Training Set include a 20-foot adjustable agility ladder, one resistance parachute, six yellow disc cones, four stakes, and a bag – all designed specifically to improve speed, agility, fitness, explosiveness, and vertical jump. If she loves working out, she will love this.

The entire set is completely customizable, so she can tweak the settings to get the maximum utility. We’ll mention one of the inclusions we really like: The resistance parachute.

It simulates sled exercise, increasing leg drive and creating drag. She will be able to reap the benefits of this in every sport, not just tennis. Strengthening the legs is an amazing way to work on buffness.

4. 2015 Wilson Pro Tennis Racquet Overgrip

It’s pretty remarkable how something as minor as overgrip can increase a tennis player’s efficiency by leaps and bounds. 2015 Wilson’s is the athlete’s choice.

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You get a bundle of 12 separate overgrips perfect for the everyday tennis enthusiast. The polyurethane build is not only super-thin but also high-stretch to promote a better hold on the handle.

They come in a waterproof, reusable storage grip which she can conveniently stuff in any corner of her carry bag and bring it along for all the games.

Durability, comfort, and incredible value in this pack that’s also under the $20 budget mark.

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5. Tennis Happies The Perfect Tennis Necklace

Tennis themed jewelry for the tennis loving lady in your life has to be a super cute idea. However, this is hard to pull off without the gift looking too tacky or being overpriced. This is where The Perfect Tennis Necklace will sweep you (and her) of both your feets.

The small racquet with the tennis ball is simple and elegant – perfect for everyday use. If she wants to wear her love for the game around her neck all the time, this is the gift for her.

Without balancing, it hangs perfectly on the neck, easy and light enough for use on and off the court. In terms of design and construction, the 925 Sterling Silver material comes in a 16” chain with the racket measuring 1” in length.

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6. Mippo Open Back Workout Tops

Hoodies and full-sleeved sweatshirts aren’t ideal for playing tennis. They are usually too warm to play in and feel cumbersome near the wrists.

Mippo has come up with the perfect piece to keep the wonderful lady in your life cool and dry while she’s on the court or building up a sweat in the gym. This specific cut, with the open back, is perfect for games and balances body temperature without adding extra bulk.

It features a 95% rayon and 5% spandex build with a pull-on closure. The fabric is buttery-soft, breathable, stretchy, lightweight, and skin-friendly.

She can also perform yoga in this. It’s available in a variety of nice colors which pair perfectly with an array of pants, leggings, skirts, and more.

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7. BALEAF Women’s Athletic Skirt

On the note of athletic wear, here’s a skirt that everyone associated with the world of sports love.

Functional clothing truly makes the best gift for tennis players. Baleaf’s athletic skirt comes in a blend of 90% polyester and 10% spandex in the body whereas the mesh lining is  95% polyester and 5% spandex.

From the very feeling when it’s on the body, we understood that the manufacturers only used the best quality raw materials the market has to offer.

A convenient elastic closure paired with an internal drawcord and wide elastic waistband helps secure the skirt in place.

Since there are a shorts inner layer and a skirt outer layer, she can stay protected from minor slip-ups and enjoy the game without worries.

The double-layer triangular gusset prevents it from pinching or riding up, enhancing the range of movement.

And what’s the most important factor for clothes in sports? Comfort, which is ensured by the moisture transport system which will keep her cool and dry.

There’s a common complaint that women’s clothes never come with pockets. Trust us, she will love you for picking something out with multi-function pockets.

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8. Wilson Recreational Tennis Racquet for Adults

When you think of the best gifts for tennis players, chances are, the first thing to pop into your mind would be a tennis racquet. Well, it’s a prerequisite to play the sport. But this isn’t just any other racquet.

Wilson’s model features a power frame to accommodate players who live for compact, short swings.

Thanks to the unique Hammer Technology incorporated in the making process, the sweet spot is larger, more powerful, and forgiving.

Additionally, the head-heavy balance will increase her momentum and stability while the oversize head would generate increased power. She will love the gesture, but it might set you back a few pretty pennies.

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9. Sportigift Tennis Ball Bath Bombs

In the novelty shape of a tennis ball, Sportigift’s bath bombs will surely put a smile on her face. The package includes three cruelty-free handcrafted bath bombs filled with the moisturizing and therapeutic properties.

It contains Epsom Salt to relieve pain from muscles. Since each bomb is wrapped individually, it comes perfectly to be presented as a gift.

The unique shape plus the fizziness of the bath bombs will make her baths much more enjoyable.

Don’t settle for generic colorful bath bombs when you find them in her favorite sports version. Anyone can enjoy a nice bath with these.

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Best Gifts for Tennis Players (Kids’ Edition)

1. Wilson Youth/Juniors Recreational Tennis Racquet

Encourage junior to do his/her very best on the court with this tennis racquet from Wilson.

It’s easy to swing and super lightweight, making it the best gift for tennis players who are just learning the ropes around the court.

Approved for ages under 10, this racket is rather affordable for something so well built from one of the better brands functioning in the industry.

Our favorite is the version replicating Roger Federer’s signature one. There are multiple colors, styles, and sizes to choose from.

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2. Tennisbuilder Throw Blanket

Kids love incorporating their favorites in every other aspect of their life. If the kid you’re getting a gift for likes sports, they probably have their room filled with novelty items, posters, books, and more.

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Give them these unique throw blankets which will keep them all bundled up and cozy. Tennisbuilder has done a superb job in the manufacturing of these blankets.

They come in a 100% polyester form – super comfy and soft. There’s no fading or lint and it’s smooth to the touch.

Measuring at 70” in diameters, these throw blankets are oversized on purpose so they can snuggle up on the bed, sofa, or on the mat during a picnic.

The round design is rather realistic. Even the pickiest of tweens will love this if they have an undeniable love for tennis.

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3. Tennis Lovers Print Lined Journal

Practicing journaling from a young age is a good habit to pick up. Kids find a healthy outlet for their emotions, and it also induces a love for books and literature in general.

However, it’s hard to get kids to sit down and write on their notebooks if it’s anything apart from academic work.

Especially in this era where children are constantly glued to digital screens and over-availability of technology is a genuine problem, nothing’s more difficult than getting them hyped about anything which takes them out of the virtual world.

The solution is to cater to their needs as they want. For instance, here’s an adorable notebook made for the tennis lovers in the kids. It features a soft matte cover and 100 blank pages.

The attractive design is what ropes kids in the first time; they stay for the unadulterated fun of putting your thoughts on paper. In general, one of the best gifts for tennis players of all ages.

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4. Heelys Unisex Kids’ Voyager Tennis Shoe

If the child you’re selecting a present for is already practicing his/her moves on the tennis court, this would be the perfect gift. They will love you for it!

Heelys’ Voyager Tennis Shoes are great for both him and her. Get them in two versions – Little Kids (Ages 4 to 8) and Big Kid (Ages 8 to 12).

Often, junior tennis players will step on the court in their running shoes or regular keds. This won’t do them any good if they truly wish to pursue tennis in the long run.

When a child shows true dedication and talent in a sport, you support it! These shoes are 100% synthetic.

With a rubber sole and reinforced stretching in pressure points to increase durability, this is one of our top picks for best gifts for tennis players.

As it’s available in 15 different colors, you can select his/her favorite color.

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5. Wilson Junior Tennis Backpack

When your favorite kid is heading off to tennis practice or a match with their friends, they will love using this backpack to carry their necessities. It’s available in three fun colors and patterns to suit different personal aesthetics.

Since kids wouldn’t be able to handle the excessive weight and bulk that comes with an adult-sized carrier, these ones are just the ideal size. But that doesn’t cut down on the feature. The racquet compartment holds the racquets partially.

There are a few big accessory pockets for their equipment and gear. It also holds two racquets. Considering the build, this backpack is quite a steal.

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6. Penn QST 60 Tennis Balls

Tennis balls vary in an age range. Refrain from handing kids tennis balls used in games with adults. Alternatively, check out these ones from Penn QST.

For starters, the brand has established a reputation in the US for making quality tennis balls. This one, in particular, features reduced compression to improve control over the bounce of the ball as well as cutting its speed by 50%.

Additionally, the yellow and orange duo-tone felt design allows players to track spin easily, assisting kids on their crusade to become young master.

Not to mention how durable they are. It’s USTA approved but only for kids aged 10 and less, so make a note. All these make it perfect for kids to play on a 60’ court by kids.

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7. Hasbro Gaming Tiny Pong Kids Solo Table Tennis

We understand that not all are comfortable going outdoors every other day to enjoy a game of tennis. This is why table tennis came into being.

The same fun in half the size. Table tennis can be extremely simulating if played with others, but you can also try this alone.

This solo table tennis set from Hasbro Gaming is one of the best gifts for tennis players who are young and don’t want to play outside on every occasion.

We love it because they are getting the thrilling bouncing action within the palm of their hands. He/ she could even play this with their friends, challenging them to take turns to score the highest.

The concept is to launch the table tennis ball on the court followed by bouncing it for as long as they can to build up the point table.

Once the ball falls, the game ends and the unit declares the score. To add to the experience of the gameplay, the game features sounds and lights.

The lights on the net illuminate when they start a game and the records bounce on the counter when a player levels up.

Keep in mind that small bits are involved here, so it’s not suitable for really young children – ages 8 and above only.

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Bottom Line

Shopping gets so much easier when you have an outline of what you plan on doing.

We have listed the best gifts for tennis players for your convenience but you can always listen to your gut. At the end of the day, it all boils down to effort and good thoughts.

On a limited budget? Here are the Best Tennis Gifts Under $25 for Tennis Fans that you can pick.

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