Top 9 Best Tennis Backpacks in 2021

For a tennis player, carrying a bag is quite important. There are different types of tennis bags like duffle bags, tote bags, racquet bags, backpacks, and many more.

Tennis backpacks are available in a variety of styles and sizes. New designs include comfortable straps, separate shoe containers, cell phone and iPod slots, and pockets to store keys, as well as the ability to carry your tennis equipment in style.

In modern times, many brands have a big assortment of backpacks in a range of colors, sizes, and styles, so you’re sure to find the right one for you.

In the following part, I have listed the 9 best tennis backpacks you can find in 2021!

Best Tennis Backpacks To Carry Tennis Equipments

9 Best Tennis Backpacks in 2021

1. Wilson RF DNA Tennis Backpack

The first one on our list is the Wilson RF DNA. This bag is made of bonded polyester fabric with a textured finish. With a two-Racket compartment having locking zippers, it is a must-buy for regular users.

The rubber screen print logo and RF signature on the front are bonuses. The main compartment can hold all your belongings. 

There’s a zipper on the front to reveal a fleece-lined accessories compartment.  This tennis backpack also has a shoe compartment. 

Things We Like: 

  • Can hold up to 2 racquets
  • Has RF signature embellished on the front
  • Can be carried like a backpack
  • Premium quality construction
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2. Nike Court Advantage Tennis Backpack

The next one on our list is the Nike Advantage. It is made of 100% polyester. The bag’s dimensions are approximately 51cm by 38cm by 18cm. It contains a large main pocket and a front zipper pocket.

Though it is a lightweight tennis bag, it is still quite sturdy. It holds all your necessary accessories in place with different compartments. The backpack has a classic and stylish look to it. It is an ideal backpack for tennis lovers!

Things We Like:

  • Compact 
  • Strong and durable.
  • Sophisticated design
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3. Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Backpack

This tennis bag from popular brand Babolat contains two styles of pockets: one for the racquet and one for the rest of the gear. It also features a shoe compartment and side accessory compartments. 

Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Backpack has adjustable straps and padded straps. Up to 1-2 uncovered racquets can be stored in the racquet storage area. It additionally has a headphone jack made of neoprene. However, thermal Lining is not present.

Things We Like: 

  • Has a large main compartment
  • Compartments have extendable handle protection. 
  • Separate compartment for Shoes
  • Has pockets for small items
  • Backpack carrying system. 
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4. adidas Unisex Tour Tennis Racquet Backpack

 When you have the tour tennis racquet bag, you can store your racquets in style. Having several compartments, water bottle holders on the side pockets, and a front zip pocket for smaller items, it is one of the most convenient tennis racquet backpacks.

It is made of 100% polyester. The zipper closure has polyester lining too. However, it’s only manufactured in one size.

Things We Like: 

  • Has a webbed pocket inside
  • Has padded shoulder straps
  • Features a prominent Adidas logo on the anterior
  • Comes with bottle holders on either side
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5. ACOSEN Tennis Backpack

The ACOSEN tennis bag offers 5 pockets to keep all of the tennis essentials and gear organized, making it easy to carry and secure tennis rackets. There are also large water bottle holders on either side with an elastic band to keep them secure.

It has a dimension of 15.8” by 7.8” by 20.8”. This versatile backpack can be used for a variety of outdoor activities, including pickleball paddles, badminton racquets, squash racquets, and more. 

Things We Like: 

  • Can be used as a travel backpack
  • Made with high-quality material
  • Has a spacious interior
  • Has small pockets
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6. HEAD Tour Team Tennis Backpack

HEAD delivers the best tennis equipment on the market. Besides, it ensures the best quality. A big main compartment, an integrated shoe compartment, and an external zipped accessory pocket for smaller essentials are all included in this tennis backpack.

This backpack is loved by many. It has a nice appearance and plenty of space.

Things We Like:

  • Has side pocket for the water bottle 
  • Spacious compartments for accessories
  • Has separate shoe compartment
  • Affordable price range
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7. QCWN Tennis Racket Backpack

The QCWN Tennis Racket Bag’s dimensions are  12” by 6.5” by 18” – which can be perfect for rackets that are around 11.5″ wide.

This tennis court bag is made of 600 denier polyester and features excellent stitching for a long-lasting bag that can easily handle repeated use making it highly durable.

Things We Like:

  • Available in 3 options
  • Affordable price range
  • Has large capacity
  • Has zipper pockets in front
  • Comfortable to carry
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8. Himal Outdoors Tennis Backpack

This backpack on our list is constructed of long-lasting 600D polyester fabric. With a padded shoulder strap and sturdy zipper line, this is a good backpack. Its lightweight constriction with durable materials makes it a must-have for tennis players.

This can be considered as a pickleball paddles bag, a badminton racquet bag, a squash racquet bag, or even a travel backpack for outdoor sports. 

Things We Like:

  • Has a one-year warranty
  • Available in blue-grey and rose-red combination
  • Has extra large storage
  • Made with premium quality materials
  • Durable
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9. Fila Ultimate

With all of your gear in the Fila Ultimate Tennis Backpack, you will always be one step ahead of the game. The bag has dual tennis racket sleeves, a large main compartment, and a shoe compartment as unique features.

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This backpack can easily accommodate three 100 sq in rackets. It is ideal for racquetball equipment, as it can hold two racquets, as well as clothes, shoes, a towel, glasses, and one tube of tennis balls

Things We Like:

  • Has small pockets in the front
  • Is spacious for 2 racquets
  • Affordable
  • Available in 3 color combinations

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Buying Guide for The Best Tennis Backpack

Quite often a few factors are taken into consideration while deciding which backpack might be suitable for an individual.

Dimension of The Backpack

You should thoroughly analyze your needs before selecting a bag. Your ideal bag dimensions may vary depending on how often you use it, how many miles you will walk with it, and how much gear you want to bring with you.


It is also important to know how flexible the straps are. For example, if the buckles can rotate left and right depending on where your shoulder straps, it is only possible if the bag has adjustable buckles.

If the angle of your straps is not aligned with your shoulders, they will strain against your buckle, making it more difficult to carry and more subject to wear which might cause shoulder pain.


Some bags offer many compartments while others are more basic and simple. The more compartments, it would eventually be easier to carry all the necessities.


The brand of a backpack and its logo also matters while making a decision to choose a backpack. The logo adds extra value to the bag and sets it apart.

Thermal Lining

Thermo Guard is a premium feature that provides an insulated lining inside the compartments. This is designed to keep your racquets safe from extreme temperature changes, whether it’s freezing or scorching outside. Not just racquets, it keeps other accessories protected too!

How to Wear a Tennis Bag


How do you pack a tennis backpack?

You can start by making a checklist of all the items you need to keep in the tennis backpack and then designate a specific spot for them in the bag.  

Do you need a tennis bag?

If you’re a competitive tennis player or even practice regularly, a tennis bag will be necessary for carrying your rackets, shoes, and accessories.

Final Words

If you choose your bag carefully, you will be able to use it for many years to come. A bag can be used by a consumer for more than ten years. That is a significant amount of time.

Thus, you will want to pick one carefully that you enjoy and that meets your demands, as this might save you a lot of money in the long run.

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