Best Tennis Shoes for Men: Make the Most Out of Your Game

The best tennis shoes for men rely heavily on your needs and game preferences. The court surface material, your own playing style, and personal preference all impact which shoes will be best for you.

When finding the best tennis shoes, there are a number of good brands to choose from. Each brand offers a slightly different set of advantages and disadvantages. This is why personal preference counts for so much.

Although there are a number of price ranges to choose from, your personal foot and style are the most important factors.

For instance, while some tennis shoes are best for people with wider feet, they will not be adequate for narrower feet.

There are a number of great options for tennis shoes in the market, but if you are playing a lot of games, you want the best.

After months of research and tests, we’ve narrowed down to the 6 best tennis shoes for men that are simply awesome!

In a hurry? Here are my top picks for best tennis shoes for men:

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What To Look for In Good Tennis Shoes? 

Best Tennis Shoes for Men

As with many things, your personal tastes and needs will dictate much of what you are looking for in good tennis shoes. There are, however, some universal things to look for that should apply to all players.

1. Support

The first thing to look for in good tennis shoes is the supportiveness of the shoe. No matter what type of foot you have, you will need adequate support to keep you going during longer sessions.

2. Durability

The second thing to look is the durability of the fabric. Sometimes you can tell this simply by the price tag, but you can also tell by reading the materials list.

Leather is the most durable fabric, but it is also expensive and hot, so synthetics are more practical.

3. Weight

Another thing to pay attention to is the weight of the shoe. Most players prefer lightweight shoes because you can focus on the game more and your shoes less.

Additionally, lightweight tennis shoes keep you from getting tired out before the end of the game.

4. Traction

The final thing to look at is traction. Some court surfaces, like hard courts, do have better traction in general.

It is still important that your shoes also provide traction, however, so that you do not injure yourself while sliding for a ball.

Top 6 Best Tennis Shoes for Men in 2021

Let’s start with my personal favorite –

1. New Balance Men’s MC806 V1 Stability Tennis Shoe

First on my list are – New Balance men’s MC806 V1 stability tennis shoes. These tennis shoes do not fall into the lightweight category but provide excellent support and durability.

Although the MC806 Stability tennis shoes are not the most expensive, they do fall into the more higher-end price bracket. Because of this fact, they include more special features and higher quality materials. Some of these features include:

  • Leather and synthetic materials
  • Reinforced toe
  • A perforated toe box and side panel for ventilation
  • ABZORB cushioning
  • Reinforced mid-sole for better support

As these shoes are made from leather and synthetic materials, they are more durable than the other options. Since they are more hardy materials, however, they do take some time to break in. The leather will remain stiff for a couple wears, but it is the more durable option.

The toe box on the MC806 Stability tennis shoes is one of the major draws of the shoe. Because it is wide with good ventilation, it prevents toe jams and overheating. Additionally, since it is reinforced, it will hold up to a hard court surface.

For players who need extra support, the MC806 Stability tennis shoes also provide a good option. Since they are made partially of leather, they offer a much stiffer support system. While this does cut down on the cushioning aspect, the support will make up for it.

If you are playing on a hard court, however, the shoes will not provide the cushioning you see in other tennis shoes. The tongue and sole of the shoes simply do not have the same padding as other models. For some players, this is not an issue, but it is something to remember.

Another potential issue is that the shoe materials, although technically more durable than synthetic only shoes, breaks down in certain areas. If you have a wider foot, the toe box can split. Additionally, the sole of the shoe has a tendency of separating after some use.

While the older model of this shoe had some issues with the tongue length and lacing eyelets, the MC806 Stability tennis shoes do address these issues. The tongue is lengthened in this model and the eyelets go up slightly higher for added support around the heel.

Although the New Balance MC806 Stability tennis shoes do offer a number of great features, they are not for every player. For those with more narrow feet or those who need a stiffer support system, however, they are an excellent choice.

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2. Nike Men’s Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Tennis Shoe

The Nike men’s Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour tennis shoes offer a lightweight option for men while still providing excellent support. Unlike the previous option, they are constructed from lighter materials which makes them well designed for softer court surfaces.

While the Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour tennis shoes do fall into the same price range as the New Balance MC806 Stability shoes, they offer a totally different set of features. They provide a great option for softer court players especially. Some of these features include:

  • Synthetic and mesh material
  • Adaptive Fit goes from the arch of the foot bed to the laces for a custom arch support
  • Cushioning and impact protection in the heal
  • Flex grooves for natural movement on the court

Because the Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour tennis shoes incorporate Adaptive Fit and flex groove, they are designed to fit your foot like a glove. They are also very adjustable so you can have a custom fit shoe at a lower price.

In addition to the custom feel, the arch supports and added cushioning at the heel make quick lateral movements comfortable and safe. As they are made to fit like a glove, you should not notice them too much when you are moving around the court.

While the New Balance shoes are made to be durable on a hard court surface, the Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour tennis shoes are really made for a softer court. On a clay or grass court, they will hold up well, but the synthetic materials will degrade much faster on a hard court.

For some players, the adjustability of the shoes can lead to a sloppier fit. While the customization can be helpful if you need the extra support, it can be difficult to find the perfect balance and therefore lead to a less than ideal fit.

If you are looking for a pair of tennis shoes you can simply slip on and run out onto the court, the Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour tennis shoes may disappoint you a bit. Because of the adjustability, they do take some time to put on and tighten.

Overall, whereas the previous option provided a good hard court tennis shoe, the Nike men’s Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour tennis shoes offer a great option for softer courts.

If you are looking for a customizable shoe that allows you to dictate the level of support, these are a great option.

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3. Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade Court 3 Tennis Shoe

The Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade Court 3 tennis shoes are a medium weight tennis shoe that still offers good support.

Like the previous option, they are also best for grass and clay courts as they are made from synthetic materials as well.

Although they offer less customizable adjustments, the Barricade Court 2 tennis shoes provide excellent features for supportiveness and comfort.

Additionally, since they are synthetic materials, they are very breathable. Some of their features include:

  • Synthetic and mesh materials
  • Molded form insole for support
  • Mid-sole cushioning
  • Forefoot rubber outsole for durability
  • Laterally supportive synthetic upper portion with mesh underlays

The Barricade Court 3 tennis shoes have great features for fast movement and flexibility.

Since they incorporate so many supportive features, they allow your foot to move naturally through a full range of movement.

Even though they are made from synthetic materials, these shoes do weigh a bit more than other options.

This fact is owing to the extra supportive padding throughout the footbed. If you are looking for a more substantial soft court shoe, these are a good option.

While most synthetic material tennis shoes advertise their highly supportive footbed, the Barricade Court 3 tennis shoes have a noticeable amount of support.

For players with higher arches or simply feet in need of more support, these are a good option with their molded insoles.

Because these shoes are made from softer synthetic materials and mesh, they do not hold up as well on hard court surfaces. If you intend to play primarily on hard court surfaces, the Barricade Court 3 tennis shoes may not be the best option for your needs.

Although the Barricade Court 3 tennis shoes boast great support, for some players the footbed is too hard.

Additionally, depending on your foot structure, the heel may be too high in comparison to the arch of the footbed, causing some discomfort.

Unlike many alternatives, the Barricade Court 2 tennis shoes have the status of being comfortable out of the box, provided they are the correct shape for your foot.

Since they do have molded support, there is not as much of breaking in the period when they are molding to your feet.

Ultimately, the Adidas Performance men’s Barricade Court 2 tennis shoes provide a great option for tennis plays who need a bit more support in their soft court shoes.

While they do have some setbacks, they are a great medium weight option for soft court players.

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4. ASICS Men’s Gel-Game 7 Tennis Shoes

The brand ASICS makes a wide variety of tennis shoes at various price point. The men’s Gel-Game 7 tennis shoes are a mid to lower range shoe, but they are one of the best options for hard court players.

As they are a mid-range shoe, they do not have quite as many bells and whistles included, but they have everything that is necessary. Their two best features are:

  • Leather and synthetic materials
  • Gel cushioning system for sock absorption

Because of their cushioning system and leather material, the Gel-Game 7 tennis shoes are a great option for hard courts. They provide good support and protection from the hard surface, while still being extremely durable.

While these shoes do not have quite as many features as more expensive ASICS shoes, they provide all the necessary attributes of a hard court tennis shoe.

This makes them one of the best tennis shoes for men.

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5. Nikecourt Tech Challenge 20 Mens Tennis Shoe

Unlike the Gel-Gamepoint tennis shoes, the Nike men’s Air Tech Challenge 20 tennis shoes are an excellent choice for a clay court.

They are on the higher end side of the price rage and therefore provide more features than other options.

One of the most important features for a clay court shoe is their weight and their traction. Some of the best features of the Air Tech Challenge 20 tennis shoes are:

  • Leather and synthetic materials
  • Air sole for heel impact protection
  • Herringbone tread for better traction

Since clay shifts as you move, an important consideration is a lateral support. The Air Tech Challenge 20 tennis shoes are padded and supportive enough throughout the footbed for good support.

Really the only drawback to these shoes is that they do run big. While it seems that most tennis shoes run small, these can be a bit roomier.

While these shoes are more on the mid to higher end of the price range, they are well worth the price for clay court tennis shoes.

Their excellent features make the Nike men’s Air Tech Challenge 20 tennis shoes one of the best options for men’s tennis shoes.

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6. Babolat SFX 3 All Court Men’s Tennis Shoe

If you are looking for an all-around tennis shoe that can be used on any court surface, consider the Babolat SFX 3. They incorporate valuable features for all court surface types.

Although some all-court tennis shoes try to do too much and therefore fall short, the Babolat SFX 3 tennis shoes have all the necessary features of a great shoe. Some of these features include:

  • Forefoot flexibility
  • Synthetic materials
  • Cushioning throughout the heel and midsole
  • Tread for all surfaces

As these shoes are made from a synthetic material alone, they are extremely light weight. They do not sacrifice durability, however, and hold up to regular games.

Like the Air Tech Challenge II tennis shoes, the Babolat SFX 3 tennis shoes do run a bit large in length. When you size up, they should fit comfortably.

One of the made draws of these shoes is their excellent cushioning and support. For an all-court shoe, the Babolat SFX 3 men’s tennis shoes are one of the best options.

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Tennis Shoes Buying Guide: How to Find Your Sole Mates

Finding the perfect tennis shoes for men can be a daunting task. Since everyone’s feet are different, everyone is looking for something different in their tennis shoes.

Although there is an element of personal preference involved in finding tennis shoes, there are some universal factors to keep in mind. Though your answers may differ, everyone starts at the same place.

Things such as court surface, playing style, and foot type all play vital roles in finding your perfect tennis shoes. The brand of the shoe does not matter as much as any of these other factors.

To help you in your search for the perfect tennis shoes, here is a buying guide to get you started.

Simply walk yourself through the different categories and it should help direct you to the best tennis shoes for your needs.

1. Court Surfaces

There are three types of tennis courts you may be playing on and each has different concerns associated with it. Make sure your chosen tennis shoes are a good match for the surface you play on.

The first type of court is hard courts. This type of court can be the most damaging to both your shoes and your joints. For this reason, you will need shoes that are durable and supportive.

The other concern with hard courts is that your shoes can actually scuff the court surface as well. Hard court tennis shoes have non-marking soles, so that is something to look out for.

The second type of court are clay courts. This type of court is much softer, but less stable than hard courts. For this reason, you will need a stable shoe that allows for quick movements on a shifting surface.

Clay court tennis shoes also need a specific type of tread to give you good traction. Since they are much more slippery than the hard courts, you will need something that can grip the ground well.

Finally, the third type of court are grass courts. These courts are similar in feel to clay courts, but the sole of your shoe will be designed not to damage the grass.

There are also tennis shoes designed for all court types. Since each court requires something a little different, however, these shoes are best for casual tennis players.

2. Playing Style and Foot Type

While the types of courts are fairly cut and dry, your playing style will be heavily individual. Assessing your playing style before trying on shoes is always a good plan so you know what your shoes need to accomplish.

For players that tend to stick to the baseline, you will want a more durable soled shoe with good lateral support. For players who prefer a serve and volley style, however, you will want a shoe with more toe reinforcement and flexibility for the back and forth motion.

Connected to your playing style is your foot type. There are several different types of feet: pronated, supinated, and ideal. Each type needs a different kind of support from their tennis shoes.

For pronated feet, you will need tennis shoes with good lateral support. Since pronated feet tend to wear down shoes near the balls of the feet, the lateral support will protect your knees and ankles from injuries.

For supinated feet, you will need tennis shoes with good flexibility, shock absorption, and space for your heel. Since supinated feet wear down shoes at the heel and forefoot, you will want shoes with added support and padding in those areas to prevent injuries.

For ideal feet, you can basically wear any tennis shoes you like and are comfortable for you. Since ideal feet wear down shoes evenly, you will want to choose tennis shoes with good overall cushioning and support.

3. Playing Frequency

The third consideration is how frequently you play and for how long. Although you want your shoes to last regardless of your game time, you need to consider just how durable your shoes need to be.

4. Budget

Finally, the last consideration to make is your price range. Tennis shoes can range anywhere from below $50 to over $200.

Knowing what you expect to pay is an important step in the process as it will narrow your field of inquiry.

Ultimately, much of your tennis shoe purchasing decisions will be dictated by your own personal preferences and needs. The considerations that go into the decisions, however, are the same for everyone.

Before you go to purchase tennis shoes, assess your playing style, playing surface, and your own foot type. These four considerations will help you narrow the field down to a manageable group of tennis shoes.

By following this tennis shoe buying guide, you should end up with a pair of tennis shoes that will be well suited for your needs. Each person is different, so choose tennis shoes that are uniquely suited for you.

Final Words

While there are a number of excellent shoe choices on the market, our best bet for men’s tennis shoes is to consider your own needs. Things like court surface and foot type can make a huge difference.

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Most of the major tennis shoe brands offer a good selection of tennis shoes, but the ones we’ve mentioned above are possibly some of the best tennis shoes for men on the market.

In addition, you might also be interested in picking up a few good-quality tennis socks that we’ve picked for you!

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