15 Best Tennis Shoes: The Ultimate Guide for Men & Women

Want to rock the court with the best tennis shoes ever? You have come to the right place.

From buying considerations to the different types of tennis shoes present, this article reveals a plethora of information on tennis shoes, so you can make an informed decision.

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Why You Need Tennis Shoes?

Tennis involves rapid starts and stops, frequent lateral moves, and short sprints that make it crucial to wear appropriate footwear – footwear that can withstand your game speed.

Not wearing the appropriate footwear can affect your game. However skilled you are at your serve or backhand, you can get the upper hand in the game only with the right footwear.

Tennis shoes when chosen appropriately assist in your constant movement while playing and help you cover the court laterally and in forwarding and backward directions.

You can perform movements like running, jumping, lunging, and quick pivot impeccably when you wear the ideal shoes that fit you to a T.

Basically, tennis shoes are designed to take into account the constant movement in the game and the rapid stops and starts.

Unfortunately, shopping for tennis shoes is quite frustrating as you have an overwhelming number of choices.

You need to think about various factors like your style of playing, the surface you play most in, your personal preferences, foot type, and more besides the right fit.

Fortunately, I have done the research for you. In this article, I’m listing 15 of the best tennis shoes available in the market as of now for men & women.

Buyer’s Guide: Things To Consider with Best Shoes for Tennis

Choosing the right tennis shoes is a very subjective matter. Unlike a lot of other products, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach here.

So, you need to consider a few important factors (discussed below) and make the right decision based on your own needs.

Factor #1: Based on Playing Surface

Since tennis is played on different types of court surfaces, you need to have the appropriate shoes while playing on such surfaces. There are grass, hard, and clay courts in tennis.

While on grass you need a better turf grip and to enhance your ability to move fast, clay courts need more grip. Meanwhile, in hard courts, a durable outsole is the main criterion to look into.

Just as the playing style differs based on the type of court surface, choosing shoes that fit your specific playing style and the surface type is necessary.

If you watch the grand slams carefully, you will notice that on grass or lawns the ball tends to stay fast and low, while in clay courts like Roland Garros the ball is slower but has a high bounce height.

Whatever type the surface of the court you play on is, the one major thing you should ensure while choosing your shoes is that they are in firm contact with the surface.

Best Tennis Shoes Reviews

Here are some of the things that you should look for while shopping for tennis shoes based on the surface.

1. Grass Court Shoes

The shoes for grass courts are built with two important considerations namely

  1. Avoid causing damage to the grass court
  2. Improve traction in the grass, which is slippery

The uppers of such shoes are usually made of mesh and synthetic combinations.

To conquer on a grass court, you need to excel in your serves and volleys since the ball speed is very high. With the right shoes, you can give your best volley and serve.

To ensure this the tennis shoes you buy should have:

  • Strong grip to counter the slippery grass due to worn-down surface or dew
  • Flat outsole to prevent damage to the court surface
  • A flexible shoe upper that does not restrict your forward movement
  • A strong outsole is not a requisite as grass courts are soft and will not inflict damage to the shoes as hard courts do

2. Clay Court Shoes

When compared to hard courts, clay courts are softer and need a specific type of tennis shoe.

Typical clay court shoes are designed with uppers made of synthetic material in a herringbone pattern tread which does not get clogged with the clay.

The tread pattern provides a better grip while allowing sliding. The shoes are also light in weight allowing for improved speed and maneuverability.

Unlike grass courts, clay surfaces are slower so baseline play works best here. Powerful players can produce huge shots with the right tennis shoe supporting them.

Lateral support and stability are critical as you do shifting motion from one side to the other before you settle in for your shot.

Here are the factors you should consider while shopping for appropriate clay court shoes:

  • Powerful grip as there is not much traction in the dusty clay surfaces
  • Outsole should be properly designed so it does not leave behind telltale marks
  • The sides should be durable to prevent damage to the shoe when you slide for a shot
  • Adequate support for any lateral movement along baseline
  • Upper should be firm and tight to secure your foot as you play

3. Hard Court Shoes

Shoes get damaged a lot while playing on hard courts. At the same time, the shoes can inflict damage on the hardcourt too.

Most often hard court shoes are created in such a way that they do not cause surface scuffing.

Cushioning and shock absorption are important priorities in the design of hard court shoes. Most manufacturers offer a durability guarantee for about 6 months for the outsole.

When compared with grass and clay courts, hard courts are mid-way between the two in relation to the ball speed and bounce. The court design suits different styles of play including powerful and fast players.

Since hard court tennis shoes need to meet with the demanding nature of the surface, they should have:

  • A tough outsole that handles the demanding surface of hard courts
  • Bounce back and cushioning effect as the hard surface is very stressful on your legs and feet
  • Tough upper to give stability when you play

4. All Court Shoes

Other than the specific tennis shoes that support the main shoe types, many of the popular brands such as Adidas, Nike, etc. design shoes that are suitable for all types of courts.

If you are shopping for shoes that can be used on any of the surfaces, choosing these multipurpose shoes is a wise choice.

Factor #2: Based On Your Playing Style

Just like the type of surface is crucial in choosing the appropriate tennis shoe, the playing style is also critical in deciding.

Factors like which style you are partial to, serve-volley or baseline, influence the shoes you will need.

Tennis shoes differ from other shoe types. You should know this before you start selecting the appropriate shoes for you.

Tennis shoe design is based on the type of movements made during the game including the lateral and back and forward movements, and other rapid moves.

Most Comfortable Tennis Shoes for Men

Based on these movements the shoes are created flat with the sole having specific patterns on them. The pattern of the sole is dependent on the court surface you play on.

Other shoe types have softer and thick heels that reduce weight and cushion you to diminish the impact.

But tennis shoes are mostly built of sturdier type. In contrast, athletic or running shoes are built for withstanding repetitive movement forward like walking or running.

1. Baseline Player

Baseline players mostly play near the court’s backline. If you are a baseline player, you will need a reliable sole, good cushioning, and sturdy support for lateral movements.

Lateral support and durable sole are a must for the constant lateral movements made by a baseline player.

2. Serve-Volley Player

A serve-volley player is a frequent net charger. If you are such a type of player, you should look at improving flexibility and a durable toecap that allow more ease of movement for your feet.

This playing style requires the player to slide his or her back foot during serves. This
necessitates a shoe designed with:

  • Medial inside arch
  • Durable toecap or reinforced toe

As you can see your specific style influences the shoe type you need. The serve & volley style is very tough on the shoe sole and toe part. This is why you need a very durable sole.

But most often durable soles increase the weight of the shoe, which you should consider carefully and assess your specific needs prior to purchasing one.

Factor #3: Based on Foot Type

Foot type is another criterion you should consider before purchasing tennis shoes. Foot types are basically of different varieties namely:

  1. Low Arch or Overpronation
  2. High Arch or Underpronation
  3. Medium Arch or Neutral

Wondering how to find which foot type you belong to? Here’s exactly how:

For those of you who are not sure which type you belong to the wet test is a simple way to find out.

You have to place your wet foot on a construction paper of dark color. The imprint characteristics decide the foot type you belong to. Here’s a video to help you understand how this test works:

When you know the foot type, you will be well prepared to look for shoes that have features ideal for your specific type.

This will improve your performance and most importantly prevent injury risk while playing.

So, let us look at the major types:

1. Low Arch or Overpronation

This type of player will have excessive wear on the inside region of the shoe close to the balls portion of their feet.

If you can see a footprint that is complete, it belongs to the overpronation category.

In the wet test, you will notice an entire foot impression without any space is present. This type of player should look for shoes that have good lateral support. This will prevent injury to the ankles and knees.

People with this foot type tend to have inward foot roll during their stride. For choosing an appropriate tennis shoe, you need to look for one with more stability.

2. High Arch or Underpronation

The wet footprint reveals a big empty space near the central arch of the foot. The shoes are more worn down on the forefoot and outside the heel region. This is because the supinators use more outward foot roll during their stride.

Shoes that provide better shock absorption and flexibility together with more heel space are ideal for supinated foot types.

3. Medium Arch or Neutral

Players with neutral or balanced foot marks are those with an ideal type of foot that suits almost all types of tennis shoes. The arch area shows moderate visible space.

You can find my top picks for best tennis for flat feet and best tennis shoes for wide feet here.

Factor #4: Based on Shoe Material

With manufacturers introducing different types of tennis shoes and each of them vying for supremacy in terms of innovation, comfort, and performance, knowing about the material in which they are made helps to make your decision a better one.

This is because each material has its own advantages and drawbacks. And remember that no single material can work for all players effectively.

Tennis Shoes vs Running Shoes

Here is a list of different materials used and their beneficial features.

1. Canvas

This is a breathable and lightweight material. While it keeps your feet cool, it offers very little support.

2. EVA

This material is used for the sole part of the shoe. It offers a better cushioning effect. But it does not provide stability and durability.

3. Leather

This is an expensive material but makes up for the cost by providing adequate support. It also keeps your feet dry. However, it is not of a breathable type.

4. Polyurethane (PU)

This material is used for the soles of shoes. It is dense, sturdy, and durable. The only drawback is its heavyweight. Larger athletes would benefit more from this material.

5. Vinyl

This is identical to leather as it provides solid support. The material is not as expensive as leather but its drawback is the poor breathability leading to perspiration issues.

Most tennis shoe brands are designed using a blend of the above materials taking into consideration the individual advantages and drawbacks in each of them.

For instance, tennis shoes made of leather can include canvas strips to improve ventilation and keep feet cool. For comfortable men’s tennis shoes buying advice, check out this article.

Best Tennis Shoes for Men and Women

15 Best Tennis Shoes in 2021 (Reviews)

Let’s jump straight to the reviews now.

1. Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3 

If you’re on the hunt for the best tennis shoes out there, the Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3 is the pair you want to purchase. If you consider yourself competitive and need high performance, this pair will fit you perfectly. 

Looking at the shoes’ construction, you’ll find a mixture of textile and synthetic material on the upper side. The shoes also have a thick outsole, which makes this pair extremely durable.

But that’s not all! Besides durability, Adidas also prioritized comfort with the Adizero Ubersonic 3. With the new and upgraded mesh upper, the shoes fit your feet like a sock. So, you will feel more in control, comfortable, and no more feeling of your shoes falling off. 

If you’re visiting the tennis court often, then you might be wondering about the shoe’s durability. Adidas has you covered on that side too. With the thick rubber sole, the Adizero Ubersonic 3 is one of the most durable and reliable shoes you can buy. Regardless of the type of court or whether you’re someone who drags their feet on servers or volleys, this pair from Adidas has you covered. 

Also, these shoes are more lightweight than their previous versions. To achieve that, Adidas has removed some of the cushioning from the shoes around the ankle area. While this decrease in cushioning won’t make you feel any less comfortable, you might experience a bit less support in those regions. 

Things I Like: 

  • New mesh upper
  • Thick rubber outsole
  • Nice balance between performance and durability
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Best for any kind of court
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2. Asics Court FF 2

If you’re looking for a serious upgrade, the Asics Court FF 2 is the way to go. Currently, these are shoes that Novak Djokovic is rocking. Some unique features make the Asics Court FF 2 one of the most popular and high-end tennis shoes you can grab. 

Aesthetically, the shoe looks terrific, but its construction is what makes it stand out from the crowd.

Firstly, it has an enhanced outsole. The outsole for these pairs is more durable than ever as it’s made from AHAR rubber. This new material gives players better traction. Another thing contributing to the increase in the shoe’s traction is its herringbone-like tread pattern. This pattern is perfect and works best on hard courts. 

Besides traction, the new and improved outsole also contributes to increased protection from wear and tear. For the midsole, you’re getting Asics’s FlyteFoam. FlyteFoam is known for the exceptional comfort it provides. With the FlyteFoam, you’re getting 75% better cushioning and 55% lighter shoes!

The upper design doesn’t fall short either. The upper part also provides fantastic comfort with the bootie design, and it’s almost perfect. It’s almost perfect because it doesn’t provide high breathability, but it’s not a deal-breaking issue. 

Things I Like:

  • Amazing durability
  • Fantastic stability
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Very lightweight
  • Enhanced outsole
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3. Asics Gel Resolution 8

Asics Gel Resolution 8 is another trendy tennis shoe, and for good reasons.

If you’re looking for the best support and stability you can get from a tennis shoe, then the Asics Gel Resolution 8 (successor to popular Gel Resolution 7) is the one for you. With their Dynawrap and Dynawall design, this pair will provide you with the best support and stability.

With the latest version of these shoes, you’re getting a PU upper with mesh. This allows for a wider toe box so that your toes aren’t crammed together.

Besides the PU-mesh upper, you’re getting a more enhanced outsole with the latest version of their shoes. The enhanced outsole will improve the pivot points. 

The shoes are adequately cushioned and very fast-felling, making it every tennis player’s dream; in fact, many famous tennis players like Novak Djokovic, Fabio Fognini rocks this pair.

So, if you’re looking for high-end, high-performance, and comfortable shoes, the Asics Gel Resolution 8 is the best choice for you. You won’t regret purchasing this pair as it ticks off all the boxes. 

Things I Like: 

  • PU-mesh upper
  • Enhanced outsole
  • Amazing stability and durability
  • Well-cushioned
  • Outsole durability guarantee
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4. Nike Air Zoom Vapor X

When it comes to shoes, regardless of the activities, Nike has got you covered. The same goes for tennis shoes, Nike Air Zoom Vapor X. Nike Air Zoom Vapor Max is another renowned tennis shoe, worn by many famous tennis players, like Roger Federer. 

If you’re looking for a combination of best performance and lightweight shoes, then these pairs will make you extremely satisfied. However, these exceptionally lightweight shoes do come with a fair bit of caveat.

The caveat is that to make these shoes too light, Nike has to cut protective material from wherever they can. For that reason, these shoes aren’t the most durable ones. 

The upper of these shoes are constructed with breathable mesh material, making the Air Zoom Vapor X the best-ventilated tennis shoe you can purchase. Besides the breathability, the mesh upper part also contributes to the shoe’s lightweight nature. 

On the heel of the shoes, you’re getting Nike’s Zoom Air technology. Paired with that technology comes the Phylon material that continues to the midsole of the shoes. The combination of these materials makes this pair extremely comfortable. 

Things I Like: 

  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Best performance
  • Extremely breathable
  • Stylish
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5. Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 4

Mizuno primarily makes golf shoes, but they are stepping into the tennis court, and surprisingly their shoes are great. Even though they are new entrants, their tennis shoes are very comfortable and lightweight. 

From the outside, the Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour looks like a beefed-up version of the Asics Gel Resolution 8. Feature-wise, you’re getting a pair of lightweight shoes with excellent traction and comfort. When it comes to durability, the shoes punch above their grade. 

Overall, the Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 4 are great tennis shoes. 

Things I Like:

  • Lightweight
  • Comfort
  • Great traction
  • Great durability
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6. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Lav V1

If you want the best performance with the looks, this is the shoe for you. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Lav V1 shoe looks stunning and packs some fantastic features. 

Firstly, the outsole of the Lav is designed to give you maximum traction and durability. With their NDurance rubber technology, they ensure you’re getting those two.

On top of that, these shoes are very comfortable too. The fresh foam at the midsole is the contributing factor to this heightened comfort. While the fresh foam ensures you’re getting great comfort overall, you will feel more comfort in the heel area.

New Balance has put a lot of effort into stability with the Lav tennis shoes. Focusing on the back of the shoes, you will find a heel counter, which further improves the stability. Also, on the front side, you’ll find a toe cap. The toe cap helps enhance the durability of the shoes. 

Things We Like:

  • Vibrant colors
  • Amazing stability
  • Improved durability
  • Great comfort
  • Durable outsole 
  • Comfortable midsole
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7. K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme 

While it might not be one of the bigger players, K-Swiss offers customers tennis shoes that provide fantastic value. If you’re someone with wider feet and a lower arch, the K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme is for you. 

The Hypercourt Supreme has a lot going for it. Firstly, the shoe provides excellent comfort with its supple cushioning. The shoe comes with a very durable outsole and toe protection, making it more durable than most other shoes you can find on the market. 

The Hypercourt also promises ease when moving on the court. The upper of the shoe has a synthetic leather upper, which makes it both secure and flexible. The shoe comes with a textile collar lining, which provides better ankle support. These are also lightweight pairs.

Since the Hypercourt is for people with wider feet, buying this makes it a wrong choice for people with narrow feet as they can feel their feet sliding inside the shoe. But, if you’re someone with wide feet, this lightweight yet durable pair is perfect for you. 

Things We Like:

  • Amazing for wide feet
  • Great support
  • Great flexibility
  • Superb comfort
  • Amazing Performance
  • Stellar value
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8. Babolat Jet Mach II

Babolat is a renowned company in the tennis world, while not making shoes, but for making tennis racquets and natural gut strings. Now they have expanded their product line and manufactures great tennis shoes. 

If you’re looking for a super lightweight tennis shoe, then these are the pair for you. The lightweight of the shoe is mostly because of the material used when manufacturing.

These shoes use Kevlar and polyamide to make the upper. Despite the shoes being super lightweight, it doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to stability. 

So, if you’re quick on your feet but want to move with confidence that your foot won’t slip when moving, these are the shoes for you.

However, like every other shoe that prioritizes speed over everything, the Jet Mach II also has a durability problem. While it’s not the most durable pair you can get, it surely won’t let you down. 

Things I Like:

  • Super lightweight
  • Amazing stability
  • Great support
  • Perfect for players who prefers a low to the ground feel
  • Fits wide feet
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9. Asics Solution Speed FF

If you’re looking for ultra-lightweight tennis shoes, then the Asics Solution Speed FF is the way to go. The shoes are lightweight, but they don’t cut corners when it comes to comfort and performance. 

Like the other Asics tennis shoes, these also use the AHAR rubber on the outsole and features a herringbone tread design. Both of these combined give the players maximum traction. 

The same goes for the midsole; it uses FlyteFoam technology. This technology ensures that the players are getting the most comfort when on the court. Besides the FlyteFoam technology, the Solution Speed FF also comes with their Gel Technology, used for shock absorption. 

In between these two technologies is the Twisstrust suspension system. This system prevents the shoe from twisting and maintain its stability. On the upper, you’re getting Asics’s Flexion Fit technology. This technology further increases comfort and stability. 

Besides that, you’re also getting an abrasion-resistant cover on the front. This helps keep the insole dry and contributes to the increased cushioning of the shoe.

Things I Like:

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Increased stability
  • Increased Comfort
  • Shock-absorption
  • Abrasion-resistant technology
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10. Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion 3

If you’re looking for a shoe that combines comfort, stability, and support, then the Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion is the shoe for you. In fact, the Power Cushion Eclipsion is one of Yonex’s flagship shoes for incorporating these features. 

The shoes feature a Power Graphite Drive plate, and this is responsible for the increased stability and support. These are narrow shoes and a bit rigid, so it will take some time to break in. These pair also come with a multidimensional herringbone design, which gives it impressive tractions on the court. 

However, these shoes do have a downside, and it’s in the durability department. While these shoes combine comfort, support, and stability, they aren’t as durable as the other shoes in the market. 

Things I Like:

  • Amazing comfort
  • Impressive support
  • Great stability
  • Fantastic traction
  • Looks great
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11. Nike Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4

The Nike Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4 is another speed/performance-oriented tennis shoe. 

Nike markets these shoes as “speed type” shoes, which means that they are lightweight and extremely breathable. The only problem with lightweight shoes is that they aren’t the most durable ones, and the same goes for these Nike’s.

On the other hand, the Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4 is more durable than its predecessor, the Nike 9.5. 

The shoe’s laces connect the upper part with the midfoot, which gives players more than enough stability and responsiveness. The outsole wraps around the outside of the shoe for that increase in durability. These shoes perform best on hard courts.

Comfort-wise, Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4 is comfortable like every other Nike shoe. As for tractions, you’ll get a decent amount of traction, but nothing mind-blowing. 

Things I Like:

  • Amazing comfort
  • Great stability
  • Extremely breathable
  • Looks amazing
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12. Lotto Mirage 100 SPD

If you’re looking for a lightweight tennis shoe that’s great in every department, the Lotto Mirage 100 SPD is the shoe for you. With the Mirage 100 SPD, you’re getting fantastic comfort, stability, and outstanding durability. 

Focusing on the outsole, you’ll find a LongLast rubber outsole with a geometric tread design on it. The LongLast rubber outsole provides great durability, while the unique geometric tread design adds to the grip on almost all court surfaces. 

In the midsole, you’ll find the EVA midsole, which has been combined with Lotto’s finest SYN-PLUS technology. The combination of the two helps with shock absorption and increases the responsive feel. 

On the upper, you’ll find two materials. Firstly, the Kurim nylon mesh from Lotto which helps with ventilation. Secondly, the polyurethane protective cover provides heightened durability and support. 

The other exciting feature that the Mirage 100 SPD has is that it comes with two insoles. You’re getting 1.4 and another 5.5mm thick insoles, so you can choose between the two.

Things I Like:

  • Fantastic comfort
  • Impressive stability
  • Lightweight 
  • Impressive durability
  • Great ventilation
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13. Adidas Courtjam Bounce

If you’re someone who doesn’t play competitively or just want a pair that gives good value for its price, then the Adidas Courtjam Bounce is the pair for you. 

Like any other Adidas shoes, there is a priority towards comfort, performance, and stability, and that’s also the case for the Courtjam Bounce. Bounce refers to the technology Adidas uses in these shoes. The Bounce technology helps with comfort when your feet strike the court. 

On the upper, there is a combination of synthetic and textile design and supple cushioning around the tongue and toe area. These two make an excellent combination of comfort and stability. 

For durability, the Courtjam Bounce has Adituff technology in the toe region. Besides that, there’s also a rubber sole that protects the edges of the shoe. 

Things I Like:

  • Great comfort
  • Increased durability
  • Increased stability
  • Great value for money
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14. K-Swiss Ultrashot 2

If you’re looking for tennis shoes that prioritize stability, then the K-Swiss Ultrashot 2 is for you. 

The K-Swiss Ultrashot 2 is a very durable and long-lasting shoe. Thanks to DragGuard and the Aosta 7.0 high-density rubber on the outsole, you’re getting the increased durability helping it last longer. 

Usually, shoes focusing on durability are heavier than other shoes, but that’s not the case with these. Once you put these on, these shoes will feel lighter than their actual weight. This unique design choice gives it the stability players are looking for. 

On the other hand, with the most durable shoes, there’s a problem with ventilation, which is the case for this pair of shoes. However, the Ultrashot 2 has some subtle changes over its predecessor. It’s now more lightweight and has proper padding in the tongue area.

Things I Like:

  • Amazing stability
  • Fantastic durability
  • Excellent low to the ground feel
  • Great longevity
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15. Asics Gel Challenger 12

The Asics Gel Challenger 12 is another great shoe if you’re not competitively playing tennis. If you have narrow feet and want a lightweight shoe, this is for you. 

The Gel Challenger 12 focuses on intermediate-level players who want flexibility and performance. The shoe cuts weight significantly to make it flexible and performance-oriented.

But, when it comes to durability, it’s not the most durable player. To provide some durability, the shoe has toe protection to help with toe drag.

Things I Like:

  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for narrow feet
  • Flexible
  • Can play on every court
  • Ideal for recreational players
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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Tennis Shoes

As a tennis enthusiast, I often get asked questions related to buying the perfect pair of tennis shoes. So, I created this section with answers which is regularly updated.

If you have got a question that’s not covered below, please leave a comment and I’ll make sure to reply to you.

Best Tennis Shoes Buyer's Guide

1. Why do we call them tennis shoes?

Plimsolls were the first rubber-soled shoes first developed in the late 18th century. Since it first came out, there have been many changes, but primarily was worn by active young people.

Because of the rubber sole, starting and stopping a game on the court was easy. It’s a type of sneakers, but not all sneakers are tennis shoes.

Since active people played different sports, including tennis, we began calling them tennis shoes. 

2. What tennis shoes do the pros wear?

Novak Djokovic wears the Asics Court FF 2, Roger Federer wears Nike Air Zoom Vapor X, Rafael Nadal wears the Nike Air Zoom Cage 3, and HC Daniil Medvedev also wears the Nike Air Zoom Vapor X. 

3. Can you wear tennis shoes casually?

Yes, you can. Tennis shoes are a type of sneakers; however, not every sneaker is a tennis shoe.

You can wear tennis shoes casually if you like the aesthetic, and also if your tennis shoes gear more towards comfort and stability. 

4. Are tennis shoes good for hiking?

No, tennis shoes aren’t good for hiking. While tennis shoes perform best on concrete or groomed trails, these shoes are far too flexible to give you the necessary traction in the wilderness. 

6. Can tennis shoes be washed in a washing machine?

Since tennis shoes are a variant of sneakers, you can wash them in a washing machine. However, the wash settings will vary from shoe to shoe.

Also, never put your shoes in the dryer as it damages the glues that hold the components together and might warp them.

I’ve written a detailed guide on how to wash tennis shoes with and without a washing machine which you should read next.

7. What tennis shoes are made in the USA?

New Balance, SAS, and Psudo are a few of the popular brands that make shoes in the USA? However, there are other brands too that make tennis shoes here. 

8. Why do tennis shoes squeak?

Tennis shoes squeak due to moisture getting trapped inside. When the humidity and shoes rub against each other, the squeaky noise is produced.

Luckily, there are several easy fixes to this problem that I have covered in this blog post.

9. How long do tennis shoes last?

That depends entirely upon the quality of the shoes, your playing style, the court you play on. If properly taken care of, a pair of tennis shoes can last you up to a few solid years.

Final Words

Tennis is a highly active sport featuring rapid rigorous movements like sprints, jumps,
backward movements, and more.

If you are looking to perform your best in the game, you need shoes that support such rapid movements and increase your agility and endurance.

From the instructions guide and tips in this article, you will now have a fairly good idea of which type to choose for your particular gameplay.

While buying tennis shoes make sure you don’t settle for other athletic shoe types or running shoes. As explained here, they aren’t the same and have significant differences.

Tennis shoes are ideally created for the sport with flat and durable soles apt for the type of movements involved in the game.

If you settle for running shoes, they do not provide the stability and durability needed for tennis.

Tennis shoes should be replaced after every 500 miles of using them normally.

But since it is difficult to calculate the miles you have covered, you can identify the wear signs like change in sole tread pattern or smoother spots.

If you don’t identify the wear in the early stages, your chances of slipping and getting injured are more. So, make sure you identify the wear signs and replace the shoes with appropriate ones.

As accounted for in this article, you should take into consideration the playing style, surface type of tennis court, and your specific foot type to arrive at the best fit.

Good luck!

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