All Tennis Gear wants to be an asset to you in your search for the right pair of tennis shoes.  The key points below are used as a requirement guide when researching and writing about tennis shoes on this site.  These criteria bullet points hopefully align with your own list of wants in a tennis shoe, or highlight something to look for in a shoe that you’d previously not thought of.

  • What type of court will you be playing on?  (traction)
  • Special foot support needs? (high arches, flat footed)
  • How often do you play?  And for how long? (durability)
  • Price range?
  • Shoe weight?


A quick note~

“AIM STRAIGHT FOR MY NOSE”, the words of my frustrated tennis coach when I was age seven and the final words for that day’s lesson.  After several failed attempts to hit the ball straight across the net, I finally did exactly what coach asked me to and the ball collided with his nose.  To this day I have yet to find a tennis ball that speaks my language and takes the flight path I had originally planned for it in my mind, but the game continues.  And although, I will never find myself playing on the courts at Wimbledon, when I am able to practice, I like to know I have quality equipment and apparel to try to assist my game as much as possible.  Thus the creation of All Tennis Gear, a place to share facts, tips, and reviews of ever changing technology in tennis shoes to enhance all of our matches.  In any sport or activity from tennis, to equestrian, to camping it makes a huge difference in every moment of that adventure to have the right tools to support a positive injury free experience.  Here, the articles and charts are designed to save you time in your search for the right tennis shoe for you.

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day here and know that your feedback is always welcome, as well as suggestions on equipment or articles you may want to see in the future.  Til next time remember – you only live once but you get to serve twice!

Never Stop Trying!