Best Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet: Shoes with Wide Toe Box

Tennis players with wider feet often find themselves struggling with picking the right pair.

And once you’ve picked a pair, the first few hours in the court are often uncomfortable. Without uniform pressure points and stable support, your shoes are just no good. 

To perfectly fit the unique size of your feet, we have analyzed the market and picked seven of the best tennis shoes for wide feet in 2021.

In a hurry? Here are my top three picks:

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Continue reading this article to find the complete buyer’s guide on how to purchase the right tennis shoes for wide feet players.

Buyer’s Guide: What To Consider with Best Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet

Best tennis shoes with wide toe box

1. Tennis Shoe Structure and Material

Tennis shoes are generally made of high traction that is prepared to support a wide range of movements. They are built to offer flexibility on multiple terrains. The grip is also a priority. 

Our top picks were mainly based on the shoes’ features, design, performance, support, and user experience. You will find nothing but the best tennis shoes for wide feet. 

While the degradation rate of tennis shoes largely depends on the court surface, the outsole is a major contributor as well. It is an essential part of tennis shoes and it demands your special consideration.

It is the part of the shoe that contributes to quality the most. You will find that most modern tennis shoes are equipped with a sturdy rubber sole, ensuring stability.

You might want to look for shoes that are made of high abrasion material as they typically last longer.

2. Court Type You’ll Be Playing On

There are several types of tennis courts including concrete courts, clay courts, grass courts, and more. Which type of sole you need depends on the court type. 

If you’re playing on a concrete court, considering getting a shoe with added cushioning that will enhance shock absorption for the shoe.

Concrete floors are hard. Your shoes will have to be prepared to absorb the shock exerted. In such a case, pay special attention to the midsole.

It’s best if you pick a shoe that’s made of EVA foam midsole, as they are great for shock absorption. Look for proper support and build quality. 

Grass courts are prone to slippage. So make sure that your shoes provide the right grip to accommodate fast lateral movements. Make sure that your shoes have proper cleats.

Moreover, purchase shoes that feature zig-zag patterns on the outsole if you’re playing on a clay court. These shoes offer high traction and a great grip, in turn.

3. Design

The best tennis shoes come with a comfortable design in breathable material. To ensure responsive strides, make sure that you pick a pair that provides durability.

Stability and comfort are combined in a decent pair using advanced technologies.

We have gathered some shoes that offer excellent shock absorption through the midsole so that both beginners and competitive players can benefit from them.

4. Sizing 

Tennis shoe sizing depends on the width and length of your feet. A major factor to consider while purchasing a shoe is its size.

While smaller shoes can cause foot issues, blisters, and other diseases, larger sizes will cause instability. That’s why you need just the right fit. 

Before you measure your feet, put on the pair of socks that you normally wear to the court. This will help you get the precise size.

After that, you can use a measuring tape to measure the length and width of your feet. And decide the right shoe size based on the size chart provided by the shoe brand.

7 Best Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet (Reviews)

1. Nike Men’s Court Lite 2

Nike is a brand that needs very little introduction in the footwear industry. Court Lite 2 tennis shoe is designed to provide the perfect support and cushioning in any sort of tennis court.

The outsole can support five basic movements that any beginner tennis player starts with. Moreover, its robust midsole encourages great stability. 

The upper is made of synthetic leather combined with mesh material. As a result, it is breathable and super comfortable regardless of the weather you’re playing in.

It also comes with a padded collar around the ankle to prevent injuries. The midsole is made of full-length phylon. It works as an excellent cushioning.

Nike Men’s Court Lite 2 is an ultra-lightweight tennis shoe, adding further value to its comfortability. 

The shoe offers durable traction on hard and concrete courts. The outsole features five distinctive patterns, each with a purpose to serve your movement.

All in all, you are purchasing great comfort and support in the form of Nike Men’s Court Lite 2.

Things I Like: 

  • The synthetic and leather material on the upper is designed to provide long-lasting service 
  • There are midsole foam cushion that supports every step 
  • The shaft measures approximately low-top from arch 
  • The shoes provide durable traction 
  • Weighing only one pound, these are lightweight tennis shoes 
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2. Adidas Men’s Barricade 2018 

From aggressive movers to easy hikers, Adidas has a shoe for everyone. With a commitment to quality, the company has made a name for its brilliant service in tennis courts.

The Adidas Barricade Tennis Shoes exemplify class and quality, ready to serve your athletic needs at every step. 

Adidas Barricade Tennis Shoe was launched back in 2018. But don’t make the mistake of considering it as an old model.

With fresh updates every now and then, this pair of shoes still serves athletes in court. Its performance has only gone uphill. 

The product is stable and long-lasting. There is more mesh in the upper than most of its competitors.

So if your feet sweat a lot, this may be your ideal pick during any summer match. It provides excellent ventilation through the breathable material. So you won’t have to worry about smelly feet anymore. 

Moreover, the shoes are very responsive. It also provides side-to-side stability so that athletes can be more aggressive in their movements. You can move with no fear of ankle injury. 

Things I Like: 

  • The toes are covered with abrasion resistant adituff toe 
  • The upper is made of seamless forged mesh supported by sock-like lining that hugs that feet 
  • There are six outsole design for brilliant grip 
  • It is suitable for all court types 
  • Available in several trendy colors  
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3. New Balance Men’s 1006 V1

New Balance is a brand that prioritizes balance and security over everything. With plush cushioning, the shoes offer excellent comfort.

From the first try-on to the last use, there is not one day when the shoe will not serve. 

It offers brilliant lateral stability and foot support. That is to say, there is no way you’re going to fall over or miss a shot for lack of movement.

New Balance 1006 V1 tennis shoes are designed to instill confidence among players and boost their spirit. 

The shoes feature noticeable curves from the lateral edge to the medial tip. So it might take a few wears before the shoe fits along the natural curve of your feet.

It also offers great arch support without making your midfoot too stiff. There is stability and flexibility – an ideal combination for great tennis shoes. 

Things I Like: 

  • New Balance 1006 V1 is made of 75% synthetic and 25% mesh material 
  • The outsole is made of strong rubber 
  • The midsole is made of lightweight foam 
  • Featuring REVlite technology for greater comfortability 
  • It comes in trendy design 
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4. Adidas Courtjam Bounce Tennis Shoes 

Besides Barricade and Ubersonic, Adidas features a long line of tennis shoes that can support wide feet.

The CourtJam Bounce Tennis Shoes are brilliant in terms of support and durability. They are designed to fit perfectly along the natural curve of your feet, offering a wonderful game. 

The mesh material does not let sweat build up within the shoe. Therefore, it provides perfect ventilation on summer days, constantly replacing the hot air.

CourtJam Bounce Tennis shoes also feature a heel back that is made of abrasion-resistant material.

The outsole is made of Adiwear technology that promises durability as well as traction. It is made of sturdy rubber material, committing to long-lasting service. 

Things I Like: 

  • The shoes stand at an affordable price point 
  • The mesh upper promotes healthy breathability 
  • Efficient lace closure for secure grip 
  • Available in minimalistic design and black and white color 
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5. Nike Zoom Vapor Tour Tennis Shoes

Nike features an incredible line of tennis shoes that are made of fabric and synthetic upper and rubber outsole. The protective closure makes it an ideal choice for people with wide feet. 

The shoes offer a perfect fit for wide feet. However, athletes with narrow feet should be careful. They might have to use every eyelet to secure a tight closure which may cause discomfort sometimes. 

Nike Zoom Vapor Tour features a modern design that keeps up with the ongoing trends.

The upper is made of a brilliant combination of mesh and synthetic material that will keep your feet healthy throughout their lifespan.

It is meant to last a few years, withstanding aggressive movements throughout.

Things I Like: 

  • The shoes are available in black and white 
  • Upper features mesh material for good ventilation 
  • The product features impact protection
  • There are adaptive fit wraps from the bottom of arch to laces, offering custom fit 
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6. ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 8

Excellent toe durability backed by strong outsole support – the Asics Men’s Gel-Resolution 8 is a pair that comes fully equipped to serve you on any tennis court.

The shoes feel sturdier than many of its competition. This entails heavier weight.

The rubber base offers solid support when you need to push off or change direction. So you will be able to take swift movement in competitive games. 

For the right fit, ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 8 features Dynawall technology. This offers added midfoot stability in order to ensure smooth lateral movements.

The secure grip offered by tight laces will allow quick transitions as well. All in all, your feet will be prepared to rock the tennis court with ease. 

Things I Like: 

  • The upper is made of fabric and synthetic material 
  • Available in a range of colors from white and gray to black 
  • Offers accelerated response 
  • Implements a torque control in the heel area 
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7. Prince Men’s T22 Tennis Shoes

Prince Men’s T22 tennis shoes are as brilliant in design as they are in quality. The shoes are incredibly comfortable as they offer generous space on the interior.

As a result, your feet will have enough room to breathe. It encourages swift movement in the court, providing your ample support in any competitive game.

Not only tennis, but you can put these shoes on for hiking, cycling, running, and whatnot. 

And the best part is that the Prince Men’s T22 tennis shoes do not take too long to fit in. So you don’t have to worry too much about stretching it. 

Note that these shoes are relatively heavier. This happens due to stronger cushioning. So if support is your priority, then we suggest you check this product. 

Things I Like: 

  • The shoes feature a shock eraser 
  • It is made of a combination of mesh and synthetic material 
  • Features bold designs 
  • The footwear is designed with Precision Tube Technology 
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Related Questions

Best Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet reviews

1. How to Stretch Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet?

People with unique shoe sizes often struggle with finding the right fit. Stretching the shoes can be a great workaround.

If your shoes feel uncomfortable at first, put them on and walk around the house. This will help soften the shoes and loosen them a bit. 

Another way to stretch the shoes is to put on thick socks and fasten the shoes. Blow-dry the tight areas in medium heat. Keep doing this for 20 to 30 seconds. This will help stretch the shoes for wide feet. 

You will also find several stretch sprays and liquids in the market. They are crafted to make shoes feel comfortable on your feet. 

2. How to Lace Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet?

Lacing tennis shoes can be a little tricky for wide feet players. To master it, you should begin lacing the shoes normally in a crisscross. The usual.

But here’s the trick: Skip a couple of eyelets on both sides. And as you move up, continue to skip eyelets at an interval.

Keep doing this until the shoes fit comfortably. Here’s a quick video to help you understand the technique.

3. What Tennis Shoes Do the Pros Wear?

Pro players use tennis shoes that are unique and fit perfectly on their feet. Regardless of the unique fit of their feet, pro players always find a pair that feels just right. 

Pro players who cannot find the right fit on the market often have their tennis shoes custom-made for them.

As a result, their shoes cater to all their needs in the court, allowing them to take any shot they want. 

4. Should Tennis Shoes Be Tight or Loose?

An ideal pair of tennis shoes should neither be tight or loose. They should fit perfectly as a glove fits in your hand.

While tennis shoes demand a tight and secure fit, the right size should keep enough space to allow swift movement.

Make sure that they sit with a secure grip and do not slip away after lacing. They are also supposed to offer adequate cushioning on the interior. This offers great support on the tennis court. 

There should be at least a space of 3/8 to 1/2 inches between the shoe surface and your toe. This will allow enough for movement.

Make sure that the heel is not too tight either. And don’t worry too much about the rest. Tennis shoes are made of a material that molds into your feet. They will sit comfortably after a few uses. 

Suppose you’re wondering how you can break into the new shoes. Then here’s a tip for you: Put on thicker socks during your free time and stretch with the shoes on. 

5. What Is the Difference Between Sneakers and Tennis Shoes?

In a broad sense, all tennis shoes can be used as sneakers but not all sneakers are tennis shoes. Let’s bread it down for you. 

Tennis shoes are designed for dynamic games. They can support swift movement in all directions, providing extra support whenever you need it.

Tennis shoes are cleverly designed to prevent injuries in your ankles and toes. 

In contrast, sneakers are casual footwear that is made for everyday use. With soles made of rubber, they can support your feet during lighthearted games.

However, they lack the technicalities required to support you during a dynamic tennis match. Lacking lateral support, and shock absorbent material, sneakers are not fit for the tennis court or rough terrains.

Another major difference between tennis shoes and sneakers is the price. Tennis shoes are generally more expensive than sneakers.

But, don’t let that trick you into thinking that all tennis shoes are expensive. There are many options available in the market for quality tennis shoes under $50 budget.

Final Words

While tennis shoes are essential gear for tennis courts, many people with wide feet find it challenging to pick the right fit.

In an effort to nudge you toward the right purchase, we have tested and ranked some of the best tennis shoes for wide feet in 2021 and beyond.

While all of the shoes from our list will make an ideal choice, we have a favorite. Check out the Nike Men’s Court Lite 2 for great support and traction on the tennis court.

Update: We’ve also reviewed the best tennis shoes for flat feet which you can find right here.

Until next time!

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