11 Most Comfortable Tennis Shoes for Women: Comfort First!

Tennis shoes are incredible for sports activities. They look fabulous and give the right grip on the court. Well, comfort comes first! So, take a look at these hand-picked most comfortable tennis shoes for women below. You’ll definitely find a pair of comfy to rock on!

In a hurry? Here are my top three picks:

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Undoubtedly, there are tons of famous brands out there that are competing in the shoe industry. So, finding the best pair can be a hectic task. It consumes a lot of your time. 

Well, that doesn’t mean you can just go to a store and buy a tennis shoe without evaluating it. You won’t get the perfect shoe then, trust me! 

When I think of tennis shoes, it’s mostly about comfort. You know, the more flexibility your pair gives, the longer you can wear it. With no pain, of course! 

There are a couple other factors which you should notice while buying tennis shoes like the fabric, width, price, washable or not, etc. Again, a lot of research is needed! You can consider me as your well wisher here. 

I have researched, tested, and reviewed hundreds of tennis shoes, and guess what, I narrowed the best ones for you! That’s right, I’ve sorted the most comfortable tennis shoes for women with reviews here in this article. 

In addition, I’ve also provided a buying guide below so that you can buy new tennis shoes without worrying too much.

Best Most Comfortable Tennis Shoes for Women

11 Most Comfortable Tennis Shoes for Women in 2021

Let’s get started with my favorite tennis shoes currently:

1. ASICS Women’s GEL-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe

ASICS is one of the best brands for women’s tennis shoes, no doubt. The latest add-on to GEL Revolution series is extra comfy to wear for games as they provide easy lateral movements. 

Your feet will remain in perfect shape for the in lined collar. The Gel cushioning absorbs shock which itself describes the benefits of wearing this shoe.

It also has a synthetic-fabric mesh upper. Trust me, this will be the perfect choice if you have a perspiration problem.

Things We Like:

  • Perfect ventilation system
  • Has a toe protector
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Custom-fit heels
  • Provides extra durability
  • Highly Abrasive rubber sole
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2. New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam 1080 V10

Another awesome tennis shoe for wide feet! You know how it’s painful for the people who are unable to get the right sized shoes. Not only size matters but also comfort is a great factor here. 

Women with bunions might find it hard to move their feet even if the shoe fits perfectly. For these people, I present you the New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam 1080 V10 shoes. You will get the best feel with every step in these lovely pairs. 

Things We Like:

  • Perfect for wide feet
  • Plenty room in the toe box
  • 100% leather upper
  • ABZORB cushioning
  • C-CAP midsole
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3. ASICS Women’s Gel Solution Speed 3 Clay Tennis Shoe

Do you have problems finding the right-sized shoes because of having wide feet? Well, ASICS Women’s Gel Solution Speed 3 Clay Tennis shoes have got your back! They have a toe box with a wide area so that your feet can fit in perfectly. 

You will find the strongest grip with these pairs. Also, the memory foam lining will give you an extra plush feel in the heels. 

Just to stay on the safe side, you might have slight problems maneuvering the tongue of the shoe. They raised a little high over that portion. However, you just have to adjust it. That won’t be much of a problem. 

Things We Like:

  • Hard wearing rubber soles
  • Best suitable for women with bunions
  • Has a toe box
  • Custom fit feel in the heels
  • Provides strong grips
  • Memory foam lining gives extra comfort
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4. Adidas Performance Women’s Barricade Team 4 W Tennis Shoe

If you’re someone who plays tennis a lot, then these shoes are for you. Adidas has developed some absorbing properties in this version that will give you ease in the joint and knees. 

You’ll feel the soft cushiony plush feel by wearing these shoes. Whether you run, jump, or walk, these pairs will provide you with ultimate comfort. You can keep your toes protected from unwanted accidents.

I almost forgot to mention about the upper sole it has. The perforated design will rotate air circulation. So, you can say bye bye to sweaty feet if you wear these shoes.

Things We Like:

  • Synthetic Mesh-Upper
  • Adiprene technology for shock absorption
  • Extended torsion-system technology
  • Super comfortable feel 
  • Freedom in movement
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5. Mizuno Women’s Wave Exceed Tour 4 Tennis Shoes

These women’s tennis shoes from Mizuno are an all-rounder. Narrow or wide, however your feet are this pair will provide you the best fit. It naturally fits in the heel and provides the right cushioning to the feet.

The lightweight midsole makes the shoes more attractive. You can go tension free as it has a built-in shock absorption technology. Run however you want; these shoes provide you all the freedom. 

Things We Like:

  • Extremely lightweight cushioning material
  • 6-month outsole Warranty
  • Pure rubber sole
  • Improved shock absorption properties
  • Highly durable
  • Provides smooth transition
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6. Wilson Rush Pro 3.0 Women’s Tennis Shoes

Wilson Rush Pro 3.0 is amazing for women who have pivot control problems. With each powerful stroke, this shoe provides the maximum stability in the court.

The minimally layered upper provides extra comfort through breathability. You’ll feel air flowing around the sweaty feet and dry up easily. 

This tennis shoe doesn’t compromise comfort with stability. The cushioning is appropriate to the heels. No more injuries ahead!

Things We Like:

  • 100% synthetic upper
  • Rubber sole
  • TPU heel counter
  • Superior stability 
  • Maximum breathability
  • Highly comfortable
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7. Head Women’s Tennis Shoes

This shoe is one of the most attractive tennis shoes in the industry. It has been endorsed by big tennis player stars such as Alize Cornet, Karin Knapp, and Danka Kovinic. However, the shoe is much cost-effective to its price and quality.

It has two Ortholite insoles that can be customized. It is basically helpful in reducing sweat and drying the area. With these tennis shoes, you can say bye bye to your smelly feet. 

Things We Like:

  • Two customizable Ortholite insoles
  • Absorbs sweat
  • Endorsed by famous players
  • Attractive and stylish in wear
  • Cost-effective in good quality
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8. Wilson Kaos 3.0 Women Tennis Shoe

Wilson’s hardcore quality brought us back with another Wilson product. It’s from the KAOS series. You will feel maximum comfort and flexibility wearing these shoes. 

It’s extremely lightweight in nature. So, you can have easy lateral movement in these pairs. Not to mention, these tennis shoes fix the fitness problem that appeared previously in ASICS shoes.

All the materials and stitching are highly durable. So, you don’t have to worry about them lasting long. 

Things We Like:

  • Perfect fit for all sizes
  • Comes within a traction rubber sole
  • Dazzling design
  • Highly durable
  • Lightweight in nature
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9. K-Swiss Women’s Bigshot Light Tennis Shoes

Comfortable, breathable, and durable – you’ll get all of these feature’s combination in one shoe and that is the K-Swiss Women’s Bigshot Light Tennis Shoes. They use a flex cool upper which enables swift air circulation inside the shoes.

On the other hand, they are made from leather. So, durability is ensured right. However, the shoes might seem heavier than the average weight of tennis shoes because of the leather material. 

The midsole is cushioned properly with a 180-piece chassis. It enhanced the stability of the shoes significantly. 

Things We Like:

  • 100% durable due to leather made 
  • Provides the perfect grip and stability
  • Breathable upper
  • Midsole cushioned correctly
  • Shock attenuation is at its best 
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10. Adidas Women’s Gamecourt Tennis Shoes

We’re here with other Adidas tennis shoes that are perfect for both occasional players and professionals. These tennis shoes have the whole package. They are lightweight, comfortable, flexible, and extremely supportive. 

They come in a sleek look that makes them perfect for any tennis outfit. The one-piece TPU fortified mesh upper provides breathability and protection. You can get better responsiveness with these pairs as they have Cloudfoam midsole cushioning. 

The outsole is balanced well and delivers better traction. The good thing is you can also use these shoes for walking or running apart from playing tennis

Things We Like:

  • Breathable mesh TPU fortified upper
  • Long-lasting components
  • Perfect midsole cushioning
  • Versatile in use
  • Produces the right amount of traction in courts 
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11. Z-CoiL Freedom Women’s Open Coil

This pair of shoes is different from the previous tennis shoes we discussed. It offers medical support to the people who have leg pain, foot pain, and back pain.

It is built with 100% full grain, genuine leather. You will feel a plush feel on the feet by wearing this beauty. It has sufficient padding in the heel collar and tongue. You will act as if you’re floating on a cloud. It is that much comfortable to wear.

The Z-Coil also takes care of your forefoot joint. It will provide you stability in every angle that will reduce your pain and give you ease while playing. 

Things We Like:

  • 100% genuine leather upper
  • Sufficient padding 
  • Relieves lower back and foot pain
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Provides stability on the lateral sides
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Buyer’s Guide: What To Consider with Most Comfortable Tennis Shoes for Women

Here’s a small guideline I prepared for your tennis shoe purchasing. I hope this guide will help you choose the right tennis shoes in the long run. 

What To Consider with Most Comfortable Tennis Shoes for Women

1. Court Surfaces

Courts do matter in choosing a tennis shoe. You won’t find all the courts having the same surface. 

If you’re playing on a hard court try to choose a shoe with maximum durability. Try checking the shock absorption and cushioning of the shoes or else, you will suffer on this surface.

For clay and grass courts, select a shoe that has improved traction. You will find these shoes perfect for sliding and lateral movements. These tennis shoes usually come in synthetic and mesh combination uppers.

2. Foot Type

Different foot types affect shoe sizing in a great way. Usually, there are three types of versatility in this case where shoe comfort matters the most.

First, I’ll talk about the pronated feet. These people need a large shoe size to get extra space inside. You’ll have to search for superior lateral support in shoes while purchasing in this case. Watch out for your knees and ankles!

Secondly, people with supinated feet tend to take less space in a shoe. They need more investment in flexibility and shock absorption. 

Last but not least foot type is the ideal one. You will have fewer problems than the previous two types.

3. Playing Style

Your playing style also has an effect on your shoes. Suppose, you are a baseline player. That means you need to move side-to-side continuously. For this, you have to look out for a shoe that provides a durable sole with superior cushioning. 

You might also want to check whether the shoe has strong lateral support for your frequent sideway movements.

4. Durability vs Lightweight

As a tennis player you have to consider which level you’re in right now. If you’re at an advanced level, you might want to check the durability of your shoes. 

Well, I would like to emphasize on one thing here. The more shoes are designed for durability, they become heavier. It can be a clog for the fast runners.

That’s why, if you are a player who moves frequently, you must choose a lightweight tennis shoe. Otherwise, you may face obstacles while playing. 

5. Quality vs Value 

While purchasing tennis shoes, you have to ensure the quality. You will find a versatile pair under $100, but they might not provide you with the desired value. 

Well, here you have to consider a few factors. Notice how frequent you go playing. 

For occasional playing, you probably should opt for a better quality. You don’t have to buy shoes frequently, that’s your goal.

If you are a regular player then, less valuable shoes may serve you well. You can constantly change them according to your style and need.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Naturally, several questions will pop into mind when you’re out there to shop for a new pair of tennis shoes. Here are answers to a few of them:

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet

1. Is there a difference between sneakers and tennis shoes?

Yes. Tennis shoes and sneakers are not the same. Although they might have similarity in many areas. Tennis shoes are designed especially for playing tennis while sneakers are just normal running shoes. 

You will find more structured design and extra cushioning in tennis shoes. It’s because they need to provide lateral support to the feet while playing. On the other hand, sneakers need less stability as they are used for casual wear or regular. 

2. Should tennis shoes be tight or loose?

Now, you shouldn’t be worrying much about a tennis shoe’s fit. My advice will be don’t make it too tight or too loose. If the shoes are tight, you won’t be able to move frequently. You’ll constantly feel obstacles while playing. 

Similarly, too loose shoes will provide you an uncomfortable feeling. It’ll feel as if your shoes will fall off from your feet.

3. Are tennis shoes good for walking?

You can walk around in tennis shoes. However, I will say no, it’s not good for walking. When we normally walk, we need to keep our feet aligned with the surface. 

Tennis shoes have a heel that is a few inches above from the ground. Your feet don’t remain straight in these shoes. The added cushioning makes the shoes heavier which adds pressure every time you walk.

That’s why, it’s better to wear a minimalist shoe that can provide you the comfort of bear feet walking on the ground.

4. Are Yonex tennis shoes good?

Of course, Yonex tennis shoes are incredible! This brand might be one of the most underrated brands out there. You might find them popular in certain areas of the world. Still, here in the USA, most tennis players don’t know about it.

They provide high-density rubber in key areas in the shoes. You will feel comfortable as they have stability on lateral pivots. They emphasize on cushioning. So, you’ll get the best feel on the heel area. Within every step, you’ll feel enough comfort and flexibility. 

5. What are the best shoes for being on your feet all day?

Well, there are a couple of options over here. Walking shoes, sneakers, tennis shoes, etc. all are equally comfortable in wear. It actually depends what type of work you are doing and how frequently you’re moving in those shoes.

For casual days, I will vouch for sneakers or walking shoes. They will give you the feeling of a barefoot on the walkway. 

On the other hand, tennis shoes might have slight demerits. As I have mentioned earlier, they are not comfortable in daily walking but you can definitely wear these all day long. If you’re in a tennis court all day, these pairs will provide you with the most comfort and stability. 

Final Words

Tennis shoes are certainly one of the most comfortable shoes out there. 

For purchasing these shoes, you must keep in mind what tennis court type you’re playing in, your playing style, and your feet. Try to choose a shoe with value. Align them with your medical conditions. 

I already took care of listing the most comfortable tennis shoes for women. You just need to match your requirements and go shopping!

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