7 Best Tennis Racquets for Advanced Players

Looking for a tennis racquet that can keep up with your advanced skills on the field? I’ve researched and ranked seven of the best tennis racquets for advanced players you can look at!

In a hurry? Here are my top three picks:

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The technology for manufacturing tennis racquets is changing pretty rapidly. This makes it quite difficult to figure out which racquets could help you deliver the best game. Any single stroke can be made tougher for you by the wrong racquet.

If you wish to become a better player, it’s also incredibly necessary that you know about your strengths and weaknesses. That would help you find the right racquet for you according to your body and style of play.

You already appreciate the value of finding the right tennis racquet when you’re an advanced tennis player. You would not be able to play with a racquet if it’s of bad quality or if it can’t follow the rhythm.

We handpicked some of the best tennis racquets for advanced players below, along with a buying guide that should help you find your ideal tennis racquet.

Best Tennis Racquets for Advanced Players

7 Best Tennis Racquets for Advanced Players

Let’s get started with my favorite tennis racket currently:

1. Wilson Hammer 5.3 Tennis Racket

With the pre-strung functionality of the Wilson Hammer, you can stroll right onto the field with this directly after unpacking. It’s made mainly with the goal of making players feel more relaxed.

The 27.5-inch length of the racquet allows more power, improved serving angles, and a longer distance. Hyper Carbon structures the racket’s frame in a manner that it can be maneuvered effortlessly.

Since the racket is so lightweight, you can also sense slight vibrations when you play with a heavier racket that is more control-focused.

Why We Like It:

  • Offers player more spin and control
  • Unisex
  • Tennis bag included
  • Different colors and styles available

Why We Don’t Like It:

  • Little expensive
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2. HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racket

For players looking for a decent high-end tennis racquet, this can be an outstanding pick. Owing to its lightweight nature, players do not get exhausted easily.

A mixture of titanium and graphite is used to make the racket. The titanium helps reduce the weight and the racquet gets a great feel and toughness with the graphite.

HEAD Ti S6 tennis racquet also offers great swinging whether you play on the court or enjoy a friendly match out on the beach.

Why We Like It:

  • Racquet is pre-strung
  • Made from durable graphite
  • Lightweight build
  • Great control and grip
  • Suitable for both advanced and beginner players

Why We Don’t Like It:

  • Doesn’t come with a cover
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3. HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet

Micro-Gel technology allows you more space to take shocks from the ball. The 98sq head size makes it an excellent choice for an adequate sweet spot and offers precise hitting. It has a long 27-inch shaft, which is seen as a major feature.

The pattern of the string gives the ball a good spin and energy transfer. From the hoop of the racquet, there is some visible flex, resulting in a relaxed and plush feeling.

The level of power continues to impress, and there will be plenty of success for players who love to push their limits.

Why We Like It:

  • Better precision
  • Pre-strung
  • Different grip sizes available
  • Absorbs more vibration
  • Graphite with MicroGel head

Why We Don’t Like It:

  • Grip is a little weak
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4. Wilson Burn 100 Series Tennis Racket

The Burn 100S is fantastic at what it provides. The racquet feels sturdy right after you pull it out of the box. You can be assured that during a match you will be supported with an exceptional grip.

This racquet has been successful in delivering it all, whether it’s about lateral power or helping you deliver an amazing spin. 

A nice addition is the inclusion of the Spin Effect Technology. It ensures consistency and encourages hard shots to be hit by players.

Why We Like It:

  • Affordable
  • Can be maneuvered easily
  • Durable carbon fiber construction
  • Spin Effect technology
  • Different sizes for individual players

Why We Don’t Like It:

  • Unstrung
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5. Babolat Pure Aero 2019 Tennis Racquet

The Babolat Pure Aero is a graphite-framed rigid racquet that focuses on power and spin. The quick response allows the hitting heavy spin-loaded balls that drop hard, and it’s easy to hold the ball deep with the higher trajectory response.

The Cortex vibration dampening material helps in a mildly softening effect on the ball hit. Spin is implemented by the FSI technology of Babolat, which uses larger string spacing.

Babolat 2019 Pure Aero plays well on short exchanges at the net, and there is enough strength to complete points with a bang. 

Why We Like It:

  • Better control for the players
  • Increased absorption of vibration
  • A lot of topspin
  • Durable construction of graphite
  • Several grip sizes to choose from

Why We Don’t Like It:

  • A little unstable
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6. Babolat Pure Strike Tennis Racquet

The Babolat Pure Strike is a very balanced racquet that provides an excellent sensation and fast handling around the net. It includes a square and elliptical hybrid frame construction.

You also get the ‘FSI Power’ technology from Babolat. Due to the broader distance between the upper cross strings, it does tend to lead to more spin.

The characteristics of the Pure Strike on the court amount to a solid reaction that is both vibrant and reliable.

It’s very durable despite the weight, and you get the maneuverability that is synonymous with the durability of a much bulkier racket.

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Why We Like It:

  • Extraordinary stability
  • Great filtration over the vibrations
  • Fares well against hard-hitters
  • Lightweight

Why We Don’t Like It:

  • The frame is not very arm-friendly
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7. Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Tennis Racket

The RF97 Autograph from the Wilson Pro is not for a novice player. It can be a great pick if you’re an advanced player who prefers placements.

Thanks to its larger head, the racquet comes with a nice mix of power, spin, and control. The matte black color looks quite smooth and elegant and the secure grip gives you a feeling of confidence.

The Wilson RF97 is co-designed by the legendary Roger Federer himself. There is a long history with the frame. Federer himself experimented with the unreleased version back in the summer of 2013.

Why We Like It:

  • Offers a higher level of control suitable for advanced players
  • Powerful swing
  • Enlarged sweet spot
  • Perfect weight balance for advanced players

Why We Don’t Like It:

  • A little pricey
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Buyer’s Guide: What To Consider with Best Tennis Racquets for Advanced Players

Before you jump to purchase a product from the above list, I’d recommend going through this small guideline I prepared for your tennis racquet purchasing. It’ll help you make an informed buying decision that you won’t regret later.

What To Consider with Best Tennis Racquets for Advanced Players

1. Swing Style

In tennis, there are distinct kinds of swings. When picking a tennis racquet, it’s crucial to know the type of swing style you have.

Short Swing: There are more compact strokes for some advanced players that are reliable. Typically, this style of stroke has a quick take-back and fast movement of the head of the racquet.

Long Swing: Long swing paths are more paced and require a longer time to finish the stroke. They may use a loop on their forehand or backhand.

Some players can use both or play somewhere in the middle. But a player sticks with one form that they’re more relaxed playing with.

Players with short swings tend to produce more power that accelerates through the ball easily, and when you make contact, the racquet head will have more momentum.

Since players like this strike a flat ball with less topspin, they can use a smaller frame that will give the shots with extra power and precision.

However, picking a larger racquet is advisable if the swing path is longer. The groundstrokes swing low to high, generating spin, but not usually as much force since the ball is not hit so often.

2. Racquet Weight

The ideal weight for an adult male player is around 290 to 320 grams, regardless of how skilled or unskilled they are.

As for an adult female player, the weight should be from 280 to 310 grams. This weight specification is decided for unstrung racquets.

You can work with a little heavier racquets if you want. But make sure that you are capable enough to put in the extra effort and still get the desired outcome.

You need to be ready beforehand if you wish to play with a heavier racquet. Start working out with weights now.

3. Control

The more advanced a player gets, the more control they would look for from their racquet. That’s when it becomes more necessary to position and aim the ball precisely where they want it to go.

Besides, the strategy and ability needed to produce their own pace would have been established by a more seasoned player.

So, consider your skill level before going out shopping for a racquet with higher control and spin power.


Best Advanced Tennis Racquet

1. How Do I Know if I’m Ready for an Advanced Tennis Racquet?

For an advanced tennis racquet, you should have the habit of playing regularly. Also, your rank should be 4.0 or higher than that on the USTA scale.

A more committed player who plays more than twice a week is more than likely to be qualified for an advanced racquet. Advanced racquets are the kind that elite and high-level club players use.

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Usually, they are higher in weight (326-370 grams), with narrower head sizes and shorter beams that are more versatile.

2. What Makes an Advanced Racquet So Advanced?

A head scale of 100 sq. inches or lower is the number one thing you can notice in an advanced tennis racket. Racquet weight ranges quite a little, although the bottom end should be at least 297 grams.

In a rush, some racquets will get up there which helps some lesser players to remain in rallies so they can deflect control.

Racquets appear to stick in the 27 inches to 27.5-inch range. Anything longer than that on the court gets a bit harder to balance.

Smaller players prefer slightly longer racquets as it helps them to reach for service and smash off some hits they wouldn’t usually get. The chance to strike with a longer racquet should go to an advanced player who can count on their serves.

3. Why Is Getting An Advanced Racquet Important?

To progress their game, an advanced player requires an advanced racquet. Topspin or flat strokes, slow or quick swings – these are the factors to be focused on in an advanced racquet. Once the perfect racquet is discovered by an advanced player, it becomes a part of their gear.

The beginner racquets cannot handle the placement precision or the perfect swing needed to be delivered by an advanced player.

4. What Rackets Do Pro Tennis Players Use?

Many of the racquets used by the pros are not so far from those used by normal people. You can often find them in the market.

But the exception is that nearly all those used by the professionals were designed to suit their individual preferences.

Nearly all the professional players have their racquets calibrated to a particular swing weight and total weight.

Some can go beyond basic customization and have custom-molded handles as well. It really depends on the player themselves and their personal choice.

5. Is Babolat Better Than Wilson?

Wilson is the most used racquet among professional players, followed closely by Babolat. Wilson prefers simple and sleek designs. The brand excels in manufacturing performance racquets.

As for Babolat, they have a history of making a narrow scale of racquets. Babolat racquets are stiffer and offer hard swings.

Women players seem to prefer Babolat over Wilson whereas the male players love using Wilson racquets more. Both brands are pretty much on par with each other when it comes to delivering the best to their players.

Final Words

Make sure you pick the right tennis racquet to polish your skills and reach higher levels in your playing style.

If we had to choose one, it would be the Wilson Hammer 5.3. It’s a phenomenal racquet designed precisely with the players in mind. It offers great spin and maneuver to the players, both male and female.

You can almost ignore any derogatory feedback on the racquets listed above and just pick one that suits your playing style the best.

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