5 Best Tennis Socks for Men & Women

If you like to play tennis, you know that the best tennis equipment helps to improve your game.

You probably have taken a lot of time to focus on the right racquet and shoes, but there might be something you are missing. 

What is it? best tennis socks.

Yes, the socks you use to play tennis are just as important as the rest of your equipment, and they should not be overlooked.

Because these socks are so important, we have taken some time to fully review some of the most popular options and have chosen the best tennis socks of 2022 and beyond.

Best Tennis Socks: Quick Overview

Thorlos Unisex TX Tennis Thick Padded Crew Sock, White, Large
Prince Men's Extended Size Athletic Quarter Socks (6 Pair Pack) (Black-White-Grey)
Compression Tennis Socks HUSO Moisture Absorb Breathable Sporty Mountain Climbing Socks for Men ,6pairs-white&black,Large / X-Large
adidas Unisex Traxion Tennis Crew Sock (1-Pair), Black/Shock Red/Onix/White, Large, (Shoe Size 9.5-12)
Prince Women's Short Quarter Performance Athletic Socks for Running, Tennis, and Casual Use (6 Pair Pack) (Women's Shoe Size 6-10 (US), White)
Thorlos Unisex TX Tennis Thick Padded Crew Sock, White, Large
Prince Men's Extended Size Athletic Quarter Socks (6 Pair Pack) (Black-White-Grey)
Compression Tennis Socks HUSO Moisture Absorb Breathable Sporty Mountain Climbing Socks for Men ,6pairs-white&black,Large / X-Large
adidas Unisex Traxion Tennis Crew Sock (1-Pair), Black/Shock Red/Onix/White, Large, (Shoe Size 9.5-12)
Prince Women's Short Quarter Performance Athletic Socks for Running, Tennis, and Casual Use (6 Pair Pack) (Women's Shoe Size 6-10 (US), White)
Price not available
Thorlos Unisex TX Tennis Thick Padded Crew Sock, White, Large
Thorlos Unisex TX Tennis Thick Padded Crew Sock, White, Large
Prince Men's Extended Size Athletic Quarter Socks (6 Pair Pack) (Black-White-Grey)
Prince Men's Extended Size Athletic Quarter Socks (6 Pair Pack) (Black-White-Grey)
Compression Tennis Socks HUSO Moisture Absorb Breathable Sporty Mountain Climbing Socks for Men ,6pairs-white&black,Large / X-Large
Compression Tennis Socks HUSO Moisture Absorb Breathable Sporty Mountain Climbing Socks for Men ,6pairs-white&black,Large / X-Large
adidas Unisex Traxion Tennis Crew Sock (1-Pair), Black/Shock Red/Onix/White, Large, (Shoe Size 9.5-12)
adidas Unisex Traxion Tennis Crew Sock (1-Pair), Black/Shock Red/Onix/White, Large, (Shoe Size 9.5-12)
Price not available
Prince Women's Short Quarter Performance Athletic Socks for Running, Tennis, and Casual Use (6 Pair Pack) (Women's Shoe Size 6-10 (US), White)
Prince Women's Short Quarter Performance Athletic Socks for Running, Tennis, and Casual Use (6 Pair Pack) (Women's Shoe Size 6-10 (US), White)

Buyer’s Guide - What To Look for In The Best Tennis Socks?

You might think it’s pretty easy to buy socks for tennis, but there are definitely some things that you should think about before you lay down the cash.

By taking the time to go through all of these considerations, you can be sure that you are buying the best tennis socks for you.

1. Materials

Most tennis socks that you find are a blend of materials. Most commonly, you will find polyester or cotton, but there might be other materials, too.

There are some pros and cons associated with both of these materials, so you have to consider that when buying.

For instance, cotton socks are more breathable, but they tend to get bulky and thick. Alternatively, polyester is thinner, but in some cases, it is slippery in the shoe.

2. Features

Taking a look at the features of the socks is another important consideration that you should keep in mind before buying tennis socks.

For tennis, you certainly want a sock that has some cushioning, especially around the heels.

Additionally, you want to make sure that the seam around the toes is thin or nonexistent. If it is too thick, it could cause bunching or make the fabric uncomfortable around the toes.

3. Color

Though color doesn’t affect the performance of tennis socks, it can certainly affect how well a tennis player is put together.

The most popular colors are white and black, but you certainly will find multi-colored socks.

You will also find black, white, or gray socks with splashes of accent colors. If looks are important to you, make sure to match your tennis socks with your outfit.

4. Design

The design of tennis socks is a very important factor to take into consideration when looking to buy them.

The best socks for tennis have the following design features:

  1. They are moisture wicking (I've created another article for these specific socks)
  2. They have cushion to protect the feet against shock
  3. And they should form to the foot

The cuff length doesn’t have much of an impact on tennis socks, but keep in mind that socks with taller cuffs might fall down and feel uncomfortable.

5. Gender Usage

Generally, you won’t find much of a difference between men’s and women’s socks. However, if you look close, you will notice that there are a few differences.

For instance, socks that are made specifically for men have a thicker welt, which is the top band of elastic. This is the case because men have a larger calf. 

Another small difference is that the length from the top to the heel is a bit smaller in women’s socks.

Does it matter if you are a man who buys women’s tennis socks or vice versa? Probably not.

Top 5 Best Tennis Socks of 2021 (Review)

Let's get started with my top pick and the one that I use personally -

1. Thorlos Tennis Crew Socks - Best Overall

Thorlos Tennis Crew Socks

These tennis socks come from Thorlos, and they are made of proprietary THOR-LON acrylic.

The sock offers great protection during physical activity, and the padding at the bottom and heel of the sock lends amazing comfort. They are a bit taller than others, but the cuff top helps to collect perspiration from the body

These socks are soft and comfortable, and the toe seam is low on the foot, so that it doesn’t irritate nor rub against the skin.

What I Like

These are pretty great socks for playing tennis, and they have a lot of great features.

I like that the sizing is available in both men’s and women’s sizes, and that they are specially designed to reduce and eliminate blisters and rubbing.

They are also made in the US, which is a neat fact, since you don’t see a lot of socks made here.

What I Didn’t Like

The worst thing about these socks from Thorlos is the price, and you might find yourself taking a second look when you put them in your shopping cart.

However, you definitely get what you pay for, and I think in this case, the price is probably right for the high-quality features of these socks. 

Yes, you only get one pair, but it’s quite possible that you would get a lot more wear out of this single pair than you might get out of a multi-pack of cheaper socks.


  • Extra padding for more comfort and support
  • Taller cuff helps to collect perspiration from the body
  • Soft and comfortable feel


  • These socks are quite expensive
  • The socks run small in size
  • Some users report seams splitting

Prince Men's Athletic Quarter Socks

Prince is a popular name in athletic wear, and these cushioned tennis socks are no exception to the high-quality products for which the brand is known.

The socks are soft and padded, and the fabric, made of Spandex, forms to the shape of the foot with ease.

Like many tennis socks, these socks are breathable and have moisture wicking capabilities to keep the feet dry. The toe seams are small and thin, which helps to eliminate bulking.

Product Highlights

These socks are sold in packs of six, and they are available in a number of color combinations including black, gray, white, and a mixed pack of all three colors.

There are brightly colored stripes on the socks, too, which are hidden by the tennis shoe during play.

These are men’s socks and are available in men’s sizes 6-12 and 12-16. These socks are sold with a 100% money-back guarantee.

What I Like

These socks are extremely soft and comfortable, and they seem to cradle the feet as soon as you put them on.

They are quite affordable, considering you get six pairs for less than 20 bucks and they definitely keep the feet cool and comfortable, even after a hard game. 

I also liked that the socks were not bulky, and that I couldn’t feel the seam around the toes. The bright colors are great, too, and just give a splash of color, which is not overwhelming.

What I Didn’t Like

Though these socks are advertised as being cushiony, and they are, there are definitely socks on the market that are far superior to the cushion that these socks offer.

The material is a bit thin, too, which means they won’t last a very long time before the material begins showing wear. The socks also slid a bit in the shoes and on the feet.


  • Really affordable pricing
  • Cushion and cradle the feet
  • Available in several color options


  • Slip around in the shoes when wearing
  • Thin material that could quickly show wear
  • Polyester material doesn’t breathe as well as cotton

HUSO Compression Tennis Socks

These HUSO compression tennis socks are made mostly of polyester, and they have compression to keep the foot supported around the arch and plantar fascia. 

The heel and toe have light padding, which helps to eliminate stress. They are also specifically made for the left and right foot, and this ensures a perfect fit.

Product Highlights

These machine washable socks from HUSO are created with a Spandex blend, which helps them to keep their shape and provide extra support.

The cushioned sole is not bulky, but it does offer more comfort and protection than traditional socks.

Its lightweight material helps to control moisture, too, which helps to keep the feet dry and cool.

What I Like

At a very basic level, I love the rainbow of color combinations that these socks come in.

You can choose packs of socks from one to six, which is nice, too. So, theoretically, you can buy a single pair, try them out, and if you like them, you can then get a larger pack.

Though these socks are made for tennis, they are certainly good for other sports, including running and basketball.

So, with these, you buy one pair of socks, and you can use them in many settings.

What I Didn’t Like

Though these socks were really comfortable, they didn’t seem as if they offered the same amount of compression that other, similar tennis socks did.

These socks were also pretty thin, and they didn’t seem to have as much elasticity, either.


  • Wide range of color options
  • You can choose packs of 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5, or 6
  • Cushioned heels and toes for support


  • Thin material, which can wear out quickly
  • Could use some more elasticity
  • Had some compression, but not as much as expected

4. Adidas Traxion Tennis Socks - Premium Quality Socks

Adidas Traxion Tennis Socks

We definitely had to add the Adidas Traxion to our list of best tennis socks. These socks are made of almost a full polyester blend, and true to its name, these have traxion lines along the heels, which help to reduce slipping.

These attractive socks also have moisture wicking technology, which keeps the feet dry and cool, even when playing hard.

Product Highlights

This is a crew sock from Adidas that is specifically made with the needs of tennis players in mind.

There is targeted cushioning on the toe, heel, and the ball of the foot, and it features compression, which helps with stability.

There are raised texture lines along the leg of the sock, and the moisture wick technology keeps you dry.

What I Like

The first thing I really like about these socks is that they come from a brand that I’m familiar with, Adidas.

I have been familiar with Adidas for many years, and these socks were no exception to how I feel about the brand.

Though there are only two color choices, these socks look great and will match any outfit since they are black and white.

Sizes run from small to large, and both men and women can wear them with ease.

What I Didn’t Like

The main thing I don’t like about these socks is that they are expensive. One pair is over $10, but it’s a good quality sock for the price

I think if you are looking for a good middle of the road tennis sock from a brand you are familiar with, you can’t go wrong with this one.


  • Familiar brand in the tennis world
  • Compression, which helps with stability
  • Moisture wick technology, which keeps the feet cool and dry


  • Socks are a bit expensive
  • A little thinner compared to other high quality tennis socks
  • Only two color choices

Prince Women’s Athletic Socks

For women looking for tennis socks, you can get a great value by purchasing a pack of athletic socks from Prince. These aren’t specific to tennis alone; you can use them for any activity.

These socks are made primarily of polyester, which gives them a snug, comfortable feel. 

You can choose either black or white socks, which are splashed with bright colors, in packs of six.

Product Highlights

These premium women’s socks for tennis feature a spandex blend, which helps them to keep their shape and support the foot.

They have a cushioned sole, which helps these socks to be more comfortable and to absorb shock.

The mesh fabric is lightweight and breathable, which helps to keep the feet dry and cool. There is also a smooth toe seam, which helps to make the socks more comfortable.

What I Like

I love the bright colors of these socks, even though you can’t really see those colors when wearing the socks with shoes. These socks are soft and comfortable, and I like that they come from a brand I am familiar with.

Since these socks have a cushioned heel, they feel great when you walk in them, and it’s almost like you are walking in luxury.

What I Didn’t Like

Though I did like these socks overall, there are a few things that stood out that I didn’t like.

For instance, these socks don’t tend to last an extremely long time. They wear thin fairly easily and after a couple of washings, pills began to form. 

The material is also pretty thin, which could make them fill up with holes very quickly.


  • Bright colors that look amazing
  • Great value and affordability
  • Come from a brand you are familiar with


  • Thin material
  • Polyester blend, not cotton
  • Pills form after a couple of washes

Tennis Socks FAQ

Here are few of the most asked questions (and their answers) we've received from our readers and followers over time.

Q1. How Do Tennis Socks Differ from Other Types of Socks?

Though technically, you can wear any type of socks to play tennis, there are some differences between socks made specifically for tennis and other types of socks.

One thing that tennis socks have is a cushioned heel. This is important because the feet go through a lot of shock when playing the game, and thus, the impact can cause injury.

Another thing that tennis socks often have is a seamless, or close to seamless, toe. Toes with seams can bunch up in the front of the shoe, which makes them uncomfortable.

Q2. What are Good Tennis Socks for Doubling Up?

Some tennis players like to double up their socks when hitting the court because it helps to reduce the chances that you will develop blisters.

If you want to try this, and you might if you are prone to blisters, it’s best to use tennis socks that are on the thin side, since you don’t want your feet to be too tight in your shoes.

Q3. How To Wear Tennis Shoes and Socks with Skinny Jeans

Tennis socks aren’t just for the court.

You can also wear them to make a fashion statement. One popular way to use your tennis socks as a fashion accessory is to pair them with skinny jeans and tennis shoes.

When it comes to skinny jeans, typically the cuff of the jeans is tight, or very close to tight, around the ankle. Therefore, it’s difficult to push a sock between the fabric of the jeans and the skin.

So, look for tennis socks that have cuffs around the ankle, instead. This way, the shoe hides the cuff, but you don’t have to be uncomfortable.

Q4. How To Look Cute for Tennis Wearing Compression Socks

A lot of people wear compression socks when they play tennis, and sometimes, they are not the most attractive options.

Fortunately, if you want to look cute for tennis while still getting the benefits of compression, you certainly have options.

More tennis sock manufacturers than ever before are making tennis socks that are not only functional, but look good, too. So, you can definitely buy compression socks that look great.

Look for those that are bright and colorful, and make sure to complement the color of your socks with the color of your skirt or shorts. Bright colors will also bring all eyes on you!

Q5. What Color Sock with Black Tennis Shoes

If your tennis shoes are black, you might be wondering what color socks would go best with them.

Typically, you want to match the color of your socks to the color of the shoes, so black socks with black tennis shoes is a winning combination.

You should also make sure that you are not wearing socks that are too light in color for the shoes. For example, you certainly don’t want to pair black shoes with white socks.

You should only wear white tennis socks when you wear white tennis shoes. It’s best to try to match exactly. There is a caveat to this, however.

If you want to make a statement with your socks, it is certainly acceptable for you to choose a bolder color that looks good with black, such as fluorescent pink socks.

This way, you not only look good, you can perfectly pair the socks with your dark colored shoes.

Final Words

Now that we have gone through all of the different socks options for tennis, you probably are ready to learn which sock we think is the absolute best tennis socks available in 2022

We looked at five different tennis sock options, and we fully believe that we have found a winner: Thorlos Tennis Crew Socks.

The Thorlos Tennis Crew Socks are quite popular, and they have great reviews across the board.

In fact, when we took a look at customer reviews for the other socks on our list, we often saw people referring to their "Thorlos" socks.

These socks are absolutely some of the best socks on the market for tennis, and thanks to the technology that goes into them, you will be hard pressed to find a better fit.

Now, if you remember, the one caveat of the Thorlos Tennis Crew Socks was the expense. 

It's around the same price for a single pair of these as a six pack of some of our other choices. So, if the Thorlos socks aren't quite in your budget, we also really loved the Prince socks.

There are male and female versions of these socks, and they are affordable, yet pretty good quality.

Though we do fully believe that the Thorlos Tennis Crew Socks are the best option on our list, any of these socks are a good choice for anyone looking for best socks for tennis. 

All of them are highly rated, and even the Thorlos socks won't totally break the bank. If you are looking for a new pair of tennis socks, you won't go wrong with any of these.

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