7 Best Tennis Skirt with Ball Pockets: Game-Changing Tennis Skirts

Tennis spectators will say that all female tennis players wear skirts while playing. As if it is like their uniform. That is not true. Female tennis players are free to choose what they want to wear. They can wear shorts, skirts, skirts with leggings or shirts. It’s all their choice.

But still, most of the female players wear skirts. That is because of freedom of movement. But this brings us to many other questions like where do they keep the extra balls?

It is common to have a second ball on your non-racket hand so that you don’t lose your pace while servicing. But in times that prove to be inconvenient. 

Designers solved this problem by making tennis skirt with ball pockets. Some tried a different solution. Skirts with shorts underneath with mesh pockets. Both proved to be very effective.

This design has become so popular that it got mainstreamed and now we have different design tennis skirt with ball pockets built into them. But which one should you buy? Well, as it is a fashion item, it is up to you to decide which one you want. But anyway, here are some tennis skirt with ball pockets recommendations from us.

Top 7 Tennis Skirt With Ball Pockets

1. Werena Pleated Tennis Skirts

This skirt from the Werena store is designed with a very stylish accent. It has a flowing design. The waistband is elastic and it is high. It gently hides your waist and keeps the skirt in place when playing.

The skirt has two layers. The skirt, as the outer layer, and the short, as the inner layer. The short provides you with more coverage and freedom for performing the extra steps. It has three pockets.

The ball pocket is on the left side, near the waist. Another one is located in the back and it is zipper locked. The other one is a phone pocket, located on the right.

Things That We Like

  • The high elastic waistband
  • Built-in shorts
  • Three pockets, including one zipper, locked pocket
  • Ideal for both tennis and golf
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2. BALEAF Women’s Athletic Skorts with mesh pockets

These skirts from Baleaf are ideal for a hot summer day. It is made with 90% polyester and 10% spandex. The moisture transfer properties of it wick away sweat and keep you dry during the match.

It has wire mesh shorts inside for extra coverage. Each leg has small storage pockets. They are enough for storing one tennis ball in each.

Things That We Like

  • Available in many colors
  • Mesh shorts underneath
  • Pockets on each leg
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3. BALEAF Women’s High Waisted Tennis Skirts

Another tennis skirt from Baleaf. This one has a high waist elastic wideband design. It is very comfortable to wear. Its build material is 90% polyester which will keep you cool throughout the match.

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It has built-in shorts for extra coverage. The shorts have pockets on each leg. One is for ball storage. The other is for smartphones with less than 5 inches size.

Things That We Like

  • Built-in shorts
  • Pocket for storing ball and smartphone
  • Made with polyester fabric
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4. RainbowTree Women’s Athletic Tennis Skirt

RainbowTree tennis skirt comes in a very fashionable design. It has a smooth skirt and built-in shorts. The elastic waistband is not wide and sits on the waistline. It is made of 87% polyester and the rest is spandex. It is comfortable to wear and it is quite functional. It has a ball pocket on the left hip.

Things That We Like

  • Streamline design
  • Ball pocket
  • Lightweight
  • Available in many colors
  • Attractive print
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5. Yogipace Women’s Tennis Skirt with Leggings

This skirt has leggings. A skirt on elastic leggings. The leggings will protect you from UV rays on a hot summer day. Quite practical and functional design right there. But it may feel uncomfortable for some players. It has built-in ball pockets.

Things That We Like

  • UV protection
  • Slick design
  • Ball pockets
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6. Base Store Women Tennis Skirt

Base Store Women Tennis Skirt

This tennis skirt comes with pockets. There are no built-in shorts but the package includes underpants. It is fashionable, but less practical.

Things That We Like

  • Fashionable design
  • Built-in pockets
  • Available in three colors

7. Little Donkey Andy Women’s Tennis Skirt

This skirt has a very stylish design with a two-color scheme. It has built-in shorts and the fabric wicks moisture. There are a total of three pockets. Two on each leg for storing balls and other essentials and one in the back with a zipper lock.

Things That We Like

  • Attractive design
  • Keeps moisture out
  • Three pockets
  • Ball pockets on each leg
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Buying Guide

Tennis skirts are sport skirts. They are more of a practical cloth than fashion wear. But you can still explore a little fashion if you want. There are many designer skirts. You can choose some of them. You are free to choose what you want to wear.

However, you must keep in mind that you are buying that skirt for tennis. Tennis is a sport that requires you to run quickly in any direction. So, the main thing you should look for is practicality and durability.

Most importantly, you should look for freedom of movement. If you can deal with those, then take a look at the following factors which will help you to choose the right type of skirt.

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The first thing anyone should consider before buying a skirt is the cut. By that, we mean the shape of the skirt. How is it designed and other things?

This is important because based on the shape of the skirt, your freedom of movement is determined. Also, it determines how much is covered and that makes the player feel comfortable and confident while playing.

There are three types of cuts. A-line, pleated cuts, and straight cuts.

A-line skirts are shaped. Meaning the waist is thin and the bottom is more open. It is a slick design and the most popular design among everyone.

Pleated cut skirts are the basic skirts. They are lengthier and have the most fabrics. They do offer freedom of movement, but the skirt is a little too heavy and on hot summer days, it proves to be not a good choice.

Straight cut tennis skirts are like A-line skirts but have bottom and waist of the same length. But surprisingly they offer more freedom of movement than the A-line because of slits in the bottom area.

Now if you are looking for freedom of movement, we would suggest you buy straight-cut skirts. But different persons have different choices, so it is all up to you.


It is common sense to measure the size of the apparel before buying it. Otherwise, you may end up with the wrong sized clothes. You don’t want your skirt to be too big or too small.

Bigger skirts may hamper your freedom of movement with too many fabrics while smaller skirts will be a bit too sensitive as they may become too revealing.

So, you must buy tennis skirts in your perfect size. If you are buying skirts in an online shop and do not know the size of your skirts, then measure it not by yourself. How?

Take a measuring tape. First, measure the slimmest part of your waist. That is, where the skirt’s waistband will sit and hold itself. Then it is time to measure your hip. Measure the fullest or the thickest part of your hip.

Now note down the numbers and match them with the size chart of the brands. You will be surprised to see that different brands have different size charts. It is a little inconvenient, but it is what it is.

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The waistband should not be overlooked. The skirt size and cut affect your freedom of movement and the waistband affects your comfort of wearing it.

First of all, you will have to choose what type of waistband you want. There are two types of waistbands for skirts: elastic and banded. Elastic waistbands are more comfortable to wear. This is why it is preferred by a lot of female tennis players. But on the other side, it is less secure.

The elastic band is easier to put on, which also means it can get off very easily. While such events do not occur on the tennis court where the player’s clothes get stuck on something and it may pull out, it is something worth considering.

On the other hand, a banded skirt has eliminated this problem. It is non-elastic and more secure on the waist. But it is very stiff. That is one trade-off for security.

If you ask us for suggestions, we would recommend elastic waistbands. That’s because the main purpose of wearing skirts is comfort. You don’t have to worry about security on the tennis court. So go for comfort.


The length of the skirt means the length from the waistband to the bottom of the skirt. It is measured from the center backside of the bottom to the waistband in a straight line. It is a considerable matter as the length of the skirt determines how much area of your hip will be covered.

If you are worried about the length, then take a waistband, hold it into the thinnest part of your waist and measure the length to the point you feel comfortable covering in a straight line. Note down that number and compare it to the size chart of the brand.

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The fabric is an essential part to consider. Usually, there are two types of fabrics being used now. Polyester and cotton.

Polyester skirts are lightweight. They dry out quickly in the air and keep the player cool throughout the match. On the other hand, cotton skirts are heavy in comparison. It is thicker and does not dry quickly. As a result, it gets very uncomfortable wearing them on a hot day.

Our recommendation? Pick polyester fabric skirts for warm and normal sports days and wear cotton fabric skirts on cold days, like the Winter.


It is common to have shorts underneath the skirt, it is more practical. It is now usual to have built-in shorts with skirts or at least they come in pairs with each other, but some brands do not include shorts with skirts.

It is very unusual to see female players not wearing shorts underneath skirts. So be sure to check if the skirts have built-in shorts, or at least one comes in the package. If not, then order separately.

The measurement of the shorts is almost similar to that of skirts. You take a measuring tape, measure the thinnest part of your waist and the thickest part of your hips. For the length, measure a straight line from the thinnest part of your waist to the thickest part of your hip. That shall do it.


It makes sense to have some sort of pocket compartment in your skirt. Mainly for storing extra balls. Players require a second ball at their disposal on the spot of servicing, so that they don’t lose their pace of service.

While most tennis skirt come with ball pockets, some performed a different take on the skirt with pockets. Rather than putting pockets on the skirt, they build meshed ball pockets in the shorts that are worn underneath.

If you check these few key factors, you will be able to have your hands on the perfect tennis skirt for your sport.


Why do girl tennis players wear skirts?

Girl tennis players wear skirts for freedom of movement.

Do tennis skirts have shorts underneath?

Yes, they do. Otherwise, it would have been a great matter of concern.

What is the difference between tennis skirts and golf skirts?

The difference between tennis skirts and golf skirts is many. One key difference is that golf skirts tend to be larger in length than tennis skirts.

Final Words

Tennis skirts are not mandatory sports apparel. Female tennis players wear them because they feel very comfortable in them and it offers great freedom of movement. This freedom of movement can make a huge difference in you winning the game or losing the game.

But as it is a skirt, a part of your clothing, you should pay attention when buying/ choosing one. Be sure to pick the right one in the right size. Need it or not, always buy skirts that have ball pockets. And most importantly, make sure they are comfortable to wear and do not restrict your movement.

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