What to Wear to Watch a Tennis Match?

In most sports, all concentration is mostly devoted to the players but when it comes to tennis, believe us, it’s not only about being there and cheering. When you’re there, you got to be in the right dress to feel included in the game.No worries, your frustration regarding what to wear to watch a tennis match is bound to end here!

Yes, as we have jotted all the major and minor clothing styles and tips for you down below. So, keep scrolling down to find it all!

The Timing and Type of Tennis Match Matters!

A tennis match is held either at day or night time. This might not seem like a big deal but it matters when it comes to selecting your dress. So, does the type of tennis match matter, as some matches last for just a few hours while tournament matches might last for an entire day?

Keeping the purpose, timing, and seasons in mind, we stormed up some comfy yet eye-catching looks for all you tennis-crazed people out there! Let’s have a look:

What to Wear to Watch a Tennis Match for Women

Depending on your priority for the day, you can simply wrap yourself up with elements from different parts of your wardrobe. For details, check out the below options. 

1. Be The Comfy Spectator

If you are aiming for coziness then we’d suggest the comfortable section of your wardrobe which might include patterned crop tops, floral blouses, off-shoulder tops, or midi dresses.

However, make sure to select the one that is either gray or any variety of white. Now, just paired it up with your white pants and put on your favorite team’s headband, that’s it.

Our recommendation:

2. Let’s Style Up

If the comfy ones don’t live up to your mind, then we suggest you try jumpsuits and frocks in palish colors. You can kick off these looks with a cozy pair of trainers or sneakers or high-heeled platforms.

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Style up your entire outfit with a bold colored bag, a wristband of your preference, and shiny studs. Along with style, these dresses provide maximum comfort so that you can be in your best spirits during the match.

Our recommendation:

3. Why Not Flaunt Those Curves a Bit

A beige-colored short dress, bodycon, or satin dress; meaning any type of elegant dress in a light color will seal the deal ladies.

Not to forget, you can never miss a pair of high heels or pumps with the pretty dress so grab them quick! But if the tennis match is up for the whole day then we would suggest you sneak in a pair of sneakers! Again tidy the lookup with a pair of dazzling earrings and a classy bag.

As an addition, if you want to exaggerate the style then adding an embroidered jacket on top of the look would be great.

Our recommendation:

What to Wear to Watch a Tennis Match for Men

We are all somewhat acknowledged to the fact that men do not have as many options as ladies but that doesn’t cease men from looking fab during tennis matches. Still, there is something you’d like to draw your attention on –

1. Be the Classic Man of the Match

The first one is the most standard and safest option of a light color suit with or without a tie. You should pair it up with a white shirt inside, but make sure that the fitting is spot on.

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To dazzle up the leg, you got a wide variety of options to choose from, starting with the classic derby to the smart sneakers. Go for what seems comfortable for you. 

Our recommendation:

2. The Effortless Gentleman

On the other hand, you can take on a casual look. Men mostly prefer to wear geometric and floral shirts, polo shirts, and comfy t-shirts. You can wear those but the color should be light.

And, you can pair it up with tapered and slim-fit chinos, tailored pants, or you can go for shorts as well. However, don’t forget to finish the look with a polished pair of shoes.

Our recommendation:

3. The Impressionist

But if you want to heat things, then you can combine a plain shirt or a palish t-shirt with a lightweight blazer and a pair of shorts. This will surely highlight your presence among the other audience in the match.

For making the look even timeless, add on a smartwatch or a lapel pin and pocket square for your blazer! Now, you are definitely on the route to establishing a strong impression among the crowd. 

Our recommendation:

Perfection Lies in the Small Details 

Now that we got you all suited up, let’s quickly get on to the touch-ups so that you don’t miss the mainstream attention even a bit! Keeping the weather in mind is a crucial step.

Choose your fabric and number of layers of clothing based on the weather. Here are some of the tips to help you narrow down your options. 

1. Beat the Summer Heat

For summer. you should go for fabrics like cotton, linen, rayon, and denim as they absorb sweat and also allows your clothes to be breathable. Another suggestion is that wear a minimum amount of clothing to keep yourself fresh and sweat-free during the match.

2. Don’t Freeze

Fabrics like wool, linen, leather, hemp, and cotton alongside a few layers will surely provide you the warmth. Also, these layers of clothes will pull off enough energy in you to cheer for your favorite tennis player!

3. A Few Other Essentials

At last, two of the most crucial things that you will be needing are a fashionable hat and stylish sunglasses. These will protect you from the extreme heat and also turn your total attire into a signature look. 

Final Thoughts

By now, you should be clear about the concept of what to wear to watch a tennis match! So, what are you waiting for? Search through your closets and pull up the pieces of your outfit that will make you the match-stopper! You are now well off! Don’t forget to indulge yourself in the tennis match! Good luck. 

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