11 Best Tennis Shorts for Men To Buy in 2021

Tennis courts are one of the few places that lure you out of your house. Tennis is a fashionable sport that has evolved. So what’s stopping you to look at your part while playing? 

I’ve spent a fair amount of time noticing the gear certain players wear than the conclusion of the game! A fashion-conscious athlete sports the best products. You should pay attention to the brands they wear. 

There’s a multitude of options to pick from. You can easily match your style to your personality. All you need to do is pair it properly. You won’t be able to bring your A-game otherwise! 

Tennis shorts is optimal for your comfort. Don’t you want freedom of mobility? Use this buying guide to pick the best tennis shorts for men. Trust me, it makes a difference!

Top 11 Tennis Shorts for Men in 2021

1. Performance Court Shorts for Men by Adidas

Adidas sportswear never disappoints. These shorts are no different. It has an elastic waist with a classic drawstring closure that keeps the material in place. You’ll also find two front pockets to carry your tennis balls to the court. 

Also, it’s made of 100% polyester fabric. This is a plus for me because I think it’s suited for any weather conditions. Although, if I had to complain, I think the material is thin. Like every other Adidas product, it has a reasonable sizing chart. 

Things We Like

These shorts aren’t only comfortable but fashionable too. The contrasting hems add a nice touch to the overall design. It comes in three distinct colors so you choose the one which fits your style the best. 


  • The material is soft and comfortable. 
  • The fabric is ideal for any weather condition. 
  • It comes with a moisture-wicking feature most Adidas goodies do. 
  • There are three different colors with contrasting hems to pick from. 
  • The shorts are cost-effective and durable. 
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2. Tech Graphic Tennis Shorts by Under Armour 

If the sun calls you to the tennis court, these tennis shorts by Under Armour was made for you. It’s constructed from a mix of polyester and elastane fabric which results in this soft finish. 

Trust me, comfort is optimal. Especially in humid weather conditions. The shorts boast a quick-drying feature that wicks sweat and moisture. There’s also an encased elastic waistband for sturdiness. 

Things We Like

The shorts come with mesh hand pockets for your portable accessories. The waistband also comes with an internal drawcord to help you reinforce the shorts. All in all, these shorts scream comfort.


  • It dries quickly. 
  • The inseams are 10 inches long. 
  • It’s ideal for warm or humid weather conditions. 
  • Under Armour incorporated their sweat and moisture-wicking fabric here. 
  • It promises comfort and mobility. 
  • It’s affordable! 
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3. BreakPoint Mesh Shorts by Head

These shorts aren’t limited to tennis only but many seasoned players are spotted wearing this. Why? For the versatility. It comes in several sizes and neutral shades. The material is a mix of polyester and spandex.

Things We Like

You know the one thing I like? The construction of the shorts. It can withstand machine washes which is a blessing. Doing laundry isn’t fun. So anything that makes the process easier is a plus for me! 

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  • The shorts are extremely comfortable. 
  • The pockets can easily accommodate tennis balls and other portable devices. 
  • The fabric is strong and durable. 
  • It comes with a small zipped pocket for holding cards or cash. 
  • It’s reasonably priced! 
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4. 3 Stripes Tennis Short for Men by Adidas

These tennis shorts sport the classic design most players are seen wearing. The comfort you feel while wearing this is unlike others. Why? It’s made entirely from polyester fabric. There is also mesh ventilation on the inner legs. is

Things We Like

There are so many things to like. It’s ventilated with Adidas’ Climacool features making it ideal for the summer heat. These shorts are the perfect combination of chic and comfortable. 


  • These shorts are ideal for warm climates. 
  • It has a classic design and comes in multiple colors. 
  • It’s affordable and durable. 
  • It’s made from polyester fabric. 
  • There’s mesh ventilation on the inner legs and back yoke. 
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5. Tennis Shorts by Babolat 

Okay, hear me out. Yes, I know the inseams are short but the fit of these shorts are amazing. However, it’s a tad transparent. So if you’re not comfortable with showing off some skin, I wouldn’t recommend it. 

Things We Like

It has a firm elastic waistband that is low-effort and strong. The shorts also come with side pockets! The short design helps with mobility. 


  • It’s lightweight and comfortable! 
  • The inseams are only 6 inches long. 
  • It comes in four neutral colors. 
  • It’s affordable and durable. 
  • The material is somewhat see-through. 
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6. Tennis Shorts by Salvalino 

It’s not common to find tennis shorts with quirky designs. So I love how casual some of the prints are. If you’re going for a friendly match than a competitive one, I’d recommend this! 

Things We Like

There’s a lot of things to like. I’ll highlight the ones which I appreciate. The prints I already mentioned. It’s also imbued with UV protection. The shorts maximize your movements and minimize your sweating. Fun and functional. What’s not to like! 


  • It’s made from a mix of polyester and spandex. 
  • It comes in fun, exciting prints. 
  • The shorts are designed to protect you against the sun. 
  • The material wicks moisture and sweat. 
  • The fabric is lightweight and stretchable. 
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7. Woven Tennis Shorts by Nike 

Nike is a trusted brand in the sports industry. These shorts are no different. It has a classic design with an elastic enclosure. You can easily wear this off the court too. 

Things We Like

The design suits any occasion. If you like going on morning runs, these shorts are a nice choice. It’s cozy and airy. Not to mention lightweight too!

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  • It suits any occasion. 
  • The shorts sport a classic design. 
  • It has an elastic enclosure. 
  • The material is lightweight and airy. 
  • It’s 11 inches long. 
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8. Tennis Shorts for Men by ASICS 

These shorts are perfect if you’re looking for something fashionable, fun, and functional. It has a moisture-wicking fabric so you know you’ll be dried quickly. There are L-shaped pockets too! 

Things We Like

I like shorts which make me feel confident. This is one of them. The angled hem along the thighs adds a touch of elegance. 


  • The pockets can easily carry two to three balls. 
  • The fabric is lightweight and airy. 
  • It has moisture-wicking abilities. 
  • The design is unique but functional.
  • It comes in three colors.  
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9. Versatile Shorts by Real Essentials 

These shorts are fit for every occasion. You can wear this for nearly every sport. Tennis, basketball, soccer, you name it. It comes in a multitude of color combinations. 

Things We Like

What I like about this is the quick-drying fabric. No matter how much you enjoy playing, damp shorts make the experience uncomfortable. The long inseams are a definite plus too! 


  • You can wash this in the machine. 
  • The fabric dries quickly. 
  • It’s made from a mix of polyester and spandex. 
  • There are 9 inches inseams. 
  • There are pockets for your essentials. 
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10. Spandex Sports Shorts by LTIFONE

These shorts don’t cater to tennis specifically but they work just as well as the others. It’s comfortable, lightweight, and stylish. The only catch is that you have to wash it by hand. 

Things We Like

Stylish patterns and a fitted elastic waist. That’s enough for casual face-offs with friends. There’s more to like though. It has zipper pockets too. The stretchy shorts come in a multitude of sizes too. 


  • There are zipped pockets for your valuables. 
  • Many sizes are available. 
  • It needs to be washed by hands. 
  • It’s made from a mix of fabrics. 
  • It’s multipurpose. 
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11. Performance Shorts by Amazon Essentials 

I’d like to end this list with a product by Amazon itself. These versatile shorts are a blessing. It’s not only affordable but durable and comfortable too. It comes in classic, solid colors too. 

Things We Like

These loose-fit shorts can be worn the entire day. It has a drawstring enclosure. The best part? You can wash it by machine. It’s also moisture-wicking!  


  • It wicks moisture and sweat. 
  • You can use it all day with ease. 
  • It’s constructed from polyester. 
  • It has an eight inches inseam. 
  • There are multiple colors and sizes to pick from. 
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Best Tennis Shorts for Men: Buying Guide

Don’t underestimate the importance of buying tennis shorts. I know it’s tough. Especially for beginners. That’s why I’m here to make the buying process easier. Here are some things you need to pay attention to before making your purchase. 

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1. Fabric 

This is undoubtedly the most important factor to consider. Most tennis shorts for men are made from a mix of materials. The best ones are constructed from polyester primarily. 

Why should you look for polyester tennis shorts? Well, they dry quickly. It’s a must-have for any type of sport. They’re also lightweight and durable. If you’re lazy like me, you’ll love knowing they’re easy to clean.

Polyester also allows ease of movement. In tennis, there’s a lot of footwork and hand movements involved. So this is a definite plus. Oh, don’t worry if you see spandex involved. That improves the elasticity of the material and waistband. 

2. Length of Inseams 

The inseams are a matter of comfort. They’re measured from the inside of the apparel. It could range from 7 to 9 inches. Does it matter? To some extent. The length of inseams can hinder your mobility when it comes to reaching low balls. 

If you move around a lot in court, don’t go for anything longer than 9 inches inseams. There’s also a matter of your body structure. Tall people typically require longer inseams. If you’re comfortable with a short fit, go for it! 

3. Depth of Pockets 

Pockets in shorts are handy. Not only can you carry your small devices and cards, but also tennis balls. You know it’s important! It’s hard to carry so many things in your hands. A pocket solves this problem. 

Any experienced tennis player will hold at least one ball in their pockets while serving. It’s tradition. So your pockets should be able to hold at least two to three tennis balls. 

4. Shorts Design 

There are subtle differences in every design. Some tennis shorts are perfect for mobility. They are made from stretchy materials and come with side vents for ventilation. 

Others are constructed to accommodate different weather conditions. Moisture-wicking fabrics are perfect for the summer. They cool you down when you’re pumped from a match. It all comes down to your preference!


This section will delve into the frequently asked questions regarding tennis shorts for men. Let’s take a look. 

Which company makes the best tennis shorts for men?

Honestly, this is hard to say. Many brands have their unique features and benefits. However, Adidas has been in this industry for a long time and is an all-rounder when it comes to tennis apparel. 

Why do tennis players wear the same outfit?

Many tennis players wear the same outfits because they’re sponsored by the same brand. Yes, this happens. The brands want the best players to wear their latest design. This is why it’s so common to see players hone the same clothes. 

What is the dress code for men in tennis? 

There’s a specific dress code for men. They must wear tennis shorts and collared polos. However, crew-necked tennis shirts and tennis-themed t-shirts work too. 

Final Words

Performance Court Shorts for Men by Adidas is the ideal choice for tennis shorts for men. It’s made from a polyester and sweat-wicking fabric. The shorts come in a multitude of sizes to suit your height too. 

Tech Graphic Tennis Shorts by Under Armour is a close second for its flexibility. I know it gets a tad confusing while making your first purchase. This is why I hope this buying guide helps you get the tennis shorts you need! 

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