7 Best Tennis Skirt for Big Thighs to Buy in 2021

Since you’re reading this, chances are you already know what you’re here for. A game of tennis can be pretty intensive involving a lot of running and jumping around. As such, you’d want to be as comfortable with your attire as possible, not just because of ease of movement, but to make sure that it doesn’t come in your way as you’re hitting for the ace.

Skirts are a primary choice for women when it comes to tennis. However, there are different types of skirts and you can’t just pick one at random. In this article, we will focus on tennis skirt that are specially designed for people with big thighs.

We will also be including skorts in the list which is a cross between skirts and shorts. In our review, we tried to prioritize comfortability as well as ease of motion while determining the best tennis skirt for big thighs. 

7 Best Tennis Skirt for Big Thighs

1. BALEAF Women’s Athletic Skorts 

We will start our list with one from BALEAF. This is a skirt with short’s pockets tasseled in them. The skirt itself is made from 90% polyester so the material is quite breathable. The skirt has a long waistband design with internal drawcords making it perfect for people with big thighs.

The two-layer design has a moisture flow technology making it comfortable to wear even in extreme straining conditions. You can also store your essentials on the included mesh pockets securely. 

Things We Like 

  • Lightweight design 
  • Breathable material 
  • Has pocket to store essentials 
  • Double secured strap on the waist. 
  • Doesn’t obstruct movement. 
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2. Fulbelle Women’s Athletic Tennis Skirts

Here’s another one that grabbed our attention. The Fulbelle gets full credit for bringing innovation to a design that’s been here for ages. And by design changes, we do not mean a complete overhaul, rather changes with the seam that provides more free movement for someone with big thighs.

Their single seam inlays ensure that your thighs won’t be rubbing against each other no matter what. All other features of these skirts are standard. You get a 92% polyester design with an elastic waistband.

There is also a pocket on the side to keep your phone but we wouldn’t trust it much in an intensive game. Overall, this one can be a good choice for you if you’re on a budget or have really big thighs. 

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Things we like 

  • Innovative seaming. 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Quality fabric. 
  • 100 days money-back guarantee. 
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3. AOZZO Women’s High Waisted Skirts 

We understand that high-waisted skirts aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but, to be honest, these are some of the best skirts for people with big thighs, and AOZZO nails it with this one. The high waist design lets the skirt have an umbrella-like design making it perfect for big thighs.

The pleated design perfectly complements the intention of this skirt. In addition to that, you are getting a 70% polyester material making it comfortable to wear, easy to wash, and dry off. The zipper design also makes it easy to put on and put off. 

Things we like 

  • Pleated design 
  • High waist cut 
  • Easy to wash 
  • Money-back guarantee 
  • Ease of movement. 
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4. Ruishaibar Girls High Waisted Skirt 

The next one on our list is from Rushaibar and this one also has a high waist design. The pleats on this one are more pronounced and unlike the AOZZO, the design is more triangular than an umbrella. This skirt is a skort system design giving you full mobility without the worry of unnecessary exposure.

The 80% polyester material is highly breathable and stretchable making movement and running around in on this one a breeze. Even though it is triangular, the high stretchable factor makes it a perfect choice for people with big thighs. 

Things We Like

  • Highly stretchable.
  • Easy to put on and put off. 
  • Easy movement. 
  • Money-back guarantee. 
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5. Popuid Women Pleated Skorts 

Over the years, there hasn’t been much change with the design when it comes to women’s skirts. However, there has been a tweak here and there to make the skirts more ergonomic as well as serving a specific purpose. The Popuid women’s pleated skorts are exactly like that and their purpose is built for people with big thighs. 

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Most of the time, we see pleats all around the skirt. However, this one has a pleated design at the back only. The high waistband combined with the back pleats makes it a comfortable choice for people with big thighs.

You won’t notice the absence of pleats on the front as the skort becomes completely flushed with your front, making it a breeze to move or run around. You get two pockets as standard. There is a linen mesh inside meaning nothing will be visible in extreme sweating conditions. 

Things We Like

  • Innovative design. 
  • Double layered. 
  • Linen mesh 
  • Ergonomic. 
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6. Hoerev Women’s Short

If you’re someone on a budget then this one from Hoerev is the one for you. This one has a simple and minimalistic design; Hoerev didn’t try to do anything over the top with this one.

You get standard all-around pleats and a 90% polyester material that is both breathable and stretchable. Polyester makes it comfortable to wear as well as easy to clean. What Hoerev has tried to do here is make something that is functional and they nailed it.

The pleated design combined with the high waistband makes it comfortable to wear for people with big thighs. 

You also get a pocket to store your phone or your essentials. The pocket is made to be stretchable so it’s a perfect choice to store any of your essentials without having to worry about displacing them. The skirts also come in a wide range of colors and so you can choose which one best suits you. 

Things We Like

  • Wide color options 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Stretchable 
  • Ergonomic 
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7. Sobrisah Women’s Active Athletic Skort 

The last one on our list is also a skort. This one is the best of both worlds. You get quality performance from these skirts at a budget price. The Sobrisah skirts are made from a combination of polyester and spandex making them secure and comfortable to wear.

The skirts are easy to put on and off. One of the significant aspects of these skirts is that they have fast dry technology meaning you can easily clean and dry them off without a worry.

The wider waistband design makes them perfect for big thighs. Overall, this can be a great choice if you want a mix of budget and functionality. 

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Things We Like

  • Fast dry technology 
  • Dual material design 
  • Wide waistband 
  • Pleated all around. 
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Best Tennis Skirt for Big Thighs: Buying Guide 

Short Liner 

If you are buying skirts for big thighs, one of the things that you need to make sure of is whether the skirts have an inner short liner.

That is where skirts get the name – skort. Most of the skirts for big thighs have a dual liner design. Having an inner liner will not only help you to deter prying eyes, but it will also enhance your range of motion and overall ease of wearing a skirt. 

Pleat or No Pleat 

This is one of the most common design elements when it comes to skirts. Honestly, both the designs work perfectly and it ultimately comes down to personal opinion. But if you’re someone with a big thigh, you might want to consider the pleated design as it provides better movement and fit options. 

Raised or Lower Waistband 

This is also something that comes down to personal comfort level. If you are someone who wants a more secure fit-out of their skirt, you should check out high waistband skirts. They are also the better choice for people with big thighs as it helps with the ergonomics. 


This may seem a bit overboard but functionality also matters when it comes to choosing the right skirts. Not all of us are professional tennis players and not all will have a personal valet taking care of things.

Sometimes you may need to store your essentials with yourself and the best way to do that is having utility pockets in your skirt. Depending on your needs, choose whether to go with a single pocket one or a double pocket one. 


The choices for skirts are endless and it can be quite daunting to choose the one that best fits your needs. When it comes to choosing tennis skirt for big thighs, the choice is even more saturated. You need to consider certain factors before buying a skirt. To your ease, we have outlined a list of the best tennis skirt for big thighs that you can buy right now. 

In our review, we have found the BALEAF women’s skirts to be the best overall. Check out whether it fits your needs and happy acing. 

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