Why Do Female Tennis Players Wear Skirts?

As someone highly interested in tennis, I have always wondered a few things. The first thing was why the players would always wear loose clothing. It also peaked my concern on why female tennis players would wear skirts. 

So, I did some digging to figure it out. If you are curious to know about this just as I was, I will be explaining very shortly. There is a cause behind everything in the game, just like this too. So read on to find out why do female tennis players wear skirts. 

Various Causes

Here is a gist for those of you who are short on time. The main causes behind why female tennis players wear skirts are comfort, style, dress code, and sponsorships. This will probably not be enough for you to get a good understanding of the topic. 

Proceed below to get a proper understanding of the reasons I have mentioned in more detail. This is a highly subjective topic, so note that when reading this. Let me start with how skirts have gotten so popular in the game of tennis!

The Popularity of Skirts

Women have worn skirts in the game of tennis since their very early days. I was surprised to have found out that this goes back more than a hundred years, back in the 1920s. There are obvious reasons why women started to wear skirts during playing back then.

Initially, people did not take skirts in tennis too positively. However, it would survive the test of time. What was initially a lengthier piece of clothing, grew shorter, as the years kept passing.

Seemingly, skirts are popular even today despite having been around for more than a century in tennis. The cause behind this is actually nothing too complicated. It’s unrelated to the market or any dress codes, but actually just boils down to a few simple factors.


Skirts are very comfortable to wear, this goes without explanation. You can ask anyone who has worn one in their life, and they will agree. Moreover, playing tennis requires a lot of movement from the legs. To my understanding, this is one of the more important reasons.

Mobility and agile movements are essential to the game. So, the players will probably not choose skin-tight jeans for this, right?  Most women will choose to wear some kind of spandex below their skirt to allow even more motion. This lowers restriction further and lets the player move even more smoothly.

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I once thought that shorts and skirts work similarly, but that is far from the truth. Most shorts are sized in a way to restrict the joints that connect your abdomen to your legs. In reality, they function very similarly as full-length jeans pants or alike. 

Mobility is of the utmost importance when playing the game, as I can tell you from personal experience. If you do not have comfort or mobility during the game, you will probably be a bit too late in taking shots. 

That is not a result any of us want, right? Unless you like losing, of course! This is why female tennis players consider skirts so comfortable.

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Skirts are not just comfortable, but they are also extremely appealing to the eye. With the right combination of color and length, a tennis player’s attire may radiate with confidence.

Obviously, this is a matter of preference, but many women in the game still love skirts. I initially thought that by now, most female tennis players would have grown out of wearing skirts, but I was far from right. 

Even some of the highest ranked female tennis players choose to wear skirts just because of their style. A pair of shorts simply does not have the panache that a skirt does. Let me also remind you, that women are not the not only ones wearing skirts.

Men in Ireland have worn skirts for centuries as a part of their culture and that is still going on today. This is clearly not just a gender issue, but a lot more to it than that. Skirts are supposed to represent freedom and flexibility in the game. 

The right color and proper length can convey to the crowd that the individual is ready to play the game. It is indeed very subjective and may differ from player to player. 

Dress Code for Female Tennis Players

Female Tennis Players Wear Skirts

Years and decades have passed, but tennis remains widely popular. I always wondered, how is it possible that most tennis players wear a specific type of clothing? Women in tennis wear skirts as an unspoken dress code in the game. 

Now you are probably wondering, why would I use the word “unspoken” in this context. Well, the harsh reality is that this dress code issue is more a belief than it is an actual thing. There is no rule in the game that suggests that female players must wear skirts, but there is obviously more to that right?

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Have you wondered how pancakes usually follow a fixed recipe? Let me explain. When you are making a pancake, what are the items that you can “choose” to put into it? Probably sugar, milk, and eggs, right?

I have once tried making a pancake without adding any baking powder to it. I did this believing that it is not a mandatory item to add to it. When I made my friends try it, they were not too disappointed. 

However, when they found out I had skipped on the baking powder, they had the most surprising reactions. They liked what it tasted like, but they were still displeased. They did not like the fact that I had not added a commonly used ingredient!

This is what the dress code in tennis is like. It is not a fixed rule, but it is still followed to avoid any unpleasant reactions – by most players at least. Due to women always having worn skirts in the game, this dress code rule is a reason why they still do it. 


This came to be a surprise when I learned about it. It turns out that a lot of brands are willing to pay the player if they wear clothing made by them. This includes skirts, obviously. 

Who would have thought that a reason behind wearing skirts was just the sheer appeal of money? I sure did not. Brands like Nike and Puma have provided sponsorships to female tennis players for almost a decade now. 

So the next time you see your favorite tennis player wearing a branded skirt on the court, take notice. They are likely being sponsored by that particular brand. By doing this, brands can probably keep players wearing skirts for many more years.

Not only does this maintain the popularity of skirts, but it also makes sure to add more female tennis players to the list. I will be honest, if I was a female tennis player and I learned my favorite player wears skirts by Nike, I would want to do the same.

This is the situation for most amateur tennis players around the world. Let us also not forget that these branded products are usually made to satisfy. Branded skirts will provide comfort, brand value, and last long. 

The Future of Skirts in Tennis

It sure is not possible to come up with a statistic in this case. No survey can tell you exactly how many female tennis players wear skirts. However, it has reduced over the years significantly, but slowly nonetheless. 

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The biggest factors here are just the sheer number of options that are available to the players. Why would a female tennis player wear a skirt when they have experienced more comfort in something else? This is probably the most significant reason for this gradual reduction.

Skirts are still widely popular amongst general women, but that is just not the same for tennis nowadays. From what I understand, skirts are not going to go away at all in the future in tennis. 

There will always be a lot of women who find great comfort in wearing skirts. This will cause companies to continue making more fashionable and innovative designs. It’s just difficult to top the tennis skirt for what it is. 

In the modern era of the game, the best players still wear skirts very frequently. Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova were seen wearing skirts with various looks throughout their whole careers. Female tennis players will likely be seen wearing skirts for many more years to come.


To conclude, there is no specific reason why female tennis players wear skirts. However, these were the causes I found relevant. This topic is highly subjective, making it a difficult one to narrow down to. 

However, with the causes given above, tennis will likely have female players wearing skirts for centuries. I hope you have found this article useful and it has been able to give you some insight. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

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