Why Are Tennis Balls Used on Walkers?

While walking around, we often see senior citizens walking with walkers. Did you ever notice that tennis balls are attached at the bottom of their walkers? Strange as it sounds, but it is very reliable to use tennis balls at the bottom of walkers.

While moving around, tennis balls offer increased traction and stability than the regular rubber tips. Often the rubber tips are vulnerable, and regular use makes them slithery, which is dangerous.

Tennis balls are a cost-effective and replaceable solution to this problem. Having a wider surface area enables increased traction and makes it easier to slide rather than lift.

Tennis Balls on Walkers: Who Are the Users? 

Usually, walkers are used by children and senior citizens whose movements are challenged.  Older adults with relatively strong legs might find it helpful to slide through the walkers when they have a long day to walk. It consumes less effort to glide through the surface rather than pick it up.

Similarly, children who still have not mastered walking around might find it helpful and convenient. Rubber tips might confine them, whereas tennis balls will allow them to slide through the surfaces, which is fun and sportier for them.

Tennis Balls on Walkers: Is It Worth It?

Using tennis balls instead of rubber tips on walkers is highly recommended. Because having a broader surface area and the availability to slide through uniform surfaces provides increased safety and convenience. 

Usually, tennis balls are pretty durable. Besides, they are cost-effective. Although there are chances of them getting ripped, torn, or worn out, it only happens if the user is trying to glide through a rough surface.

Nevertheless, with the right amount of support and steadiness, it is always better to use tennis balls instead of rubber tips. 

Why Use Tennis Balls Instead of Rubber Tips on Walkers?

Generally, rubber tips are used at the legs of the walkers. But the surface area of those tips is confined. Besides, they tend to be a little bit slippery. As a consequence, they are a little unstable.

Moreover, it becomes convenient for older people if the walker slides through a specific surface, for instance, cement or tile. Hence, putting on tennis balls is a better option. Its wider surface area has increased stability, gliding facility, and traction than rubber tips. 

Furthermore, the rubber tips might ruin your floor with scratches and make disturbing noise. But tennis balls will free you from noises and scratches. Another big reason why you should give tennis balls a try. 

Whether you use tennis balls or rubber tips, it needs to be replaced after using it for a few days. Rubber tips cost approximately $20, whereas tennis balls cost $1 each.

However, it is worth mentioning that it is hard to slide them if the surface is not uniform. The user may have to pick up the walker instead of sliding it. 

Using Tennis Balls on Walkers: Disadvantages

Due to the availability of other sliding components, many people have been arguing about the usefulness that tennis balls provide at the walker’s tip. As the law of nature, nothing is perfect. Tennis balls may provide broader surface area, increased stability, durability, and traction, but they can also carry germs. You can spray disinfectant on the balls to avoid germs. 

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Although germs are a significant issue, you will not find an alternative that will not collect germs. You can also avoid carrying germs by using two different pairs of tennis balls indoors and outdoors. Keep one pair for indoor use and another pair for outdoor strolling. It will keep your house clean, and you can avoid carrying germs this way. 

Furthermore, one of the tennis balls might get worn out before the other. Hence, it is vital to keep checking them once in a while. Tennis balls are cheap, so you can easily replace them. Besides, you can find plenty of them in local tennis centers. So, replacing should not be an issue. 

How to Cut a Tennis Ball to Attach It to the Walker?

Materials required to cut the tennis ball to attach it to the walker is given below: 

  • A sharp utility knife or box cutter
  • 2 tennis balls
  • An object like a vise to hold the ball firmly
  • Metal nail 
  • Hammer


Step 1: Put the ball on something like a vise so that it is held firmly.

Step 2: To cut it perfectly, you should poke a hole in the ball. Although this step is not necessary, it should be done to get a perfect cut. Hold the nail in the ball where you want to cut and hammer it.

Step 3: Remove the nail from the ball and cut it with a sharp knife. Make an X shape. The size depends on the size of the walker’s legs. To cut a perfect length, you can make an X with a marker on the balls. 

How to Put Tennis Balls on Walkers?

Before putting them on the walker’s legs, it is better to keep them near a window or in a place that has good ventilation. It will help to remove the odor and any liquid remaining inside the balls. 

Afterward, open the flaps of the balls that are enough to fit in with the walker’s legs. Lift the flaps to ensure a tight fit. Although this setup alone should suffice, you can choose to tape or glue for more comfort. But it is not required. 

Get Rid Of the Classroom Clatter With Tennis Balls

The most annoying thing for a teacher is probably when they enter the classroom, and the entire class stands up to greet them, making noise from their chairs.

Gone are the days of irritating noises and scratchy floors. Tennis balls can also be used on the legs of the chairs. The process of cutting and putting remains the same. Besides, while doing group work, tennis balls on chairs make it easier for children to slide. 

Unlike walkers, there are fewer chances for the tennis balls on chair legs to be worn out fast. Moreover, they’ll be carrying fewer germs, dirt, and gums. 

In this case, there is no other better and cheaper option than tennis balls. The loud and irritating noise may also hamper children’s concentration. Hence, rooting out these noises will result in a calm and comfortable place to study for both teachers and students. 

Precut Walker Tennis Balls

If you are having a hard time cutting the tennis balls correctly, then we have a solution for that too. You can check out the precut walker tennis balls available on Amazon. They come in a lot of vibrant colors besides neon green. 

Nevertheless, questions might arise about why you should buy precut tennis balls where you can get them for free? Cutting and putting the raw tennis ball has to be done in a certain way to attach to the walker’s legs.

For people who are elderly, have compromised vision, and compromised strength, the experiment might be tiring and sometimes dangerous.

If not done correctly, the user may also experience a hard time walking. Keeping these in mind, we present a list here of some precut tennis balls with links for your convenience.

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1. Top Glides Precut Walker Tennis Balls

Product Description 

The quality of these precut tennis balls is outstanding. They come in many vibrant colors, for example, green, blue, yellow, grey, purple, pink, indigo, and eight other different colors. They are ready-to-use products and universal fit for any walker length. The size of the cut is 2.5 inches in length. 

2. Startop Deluxe Precut Walker Tennis Ball Glides

Product Description 

If you are bored of all the colors and want something different out of the tennis balls on your walker’s legs then Startop Deluxe has the right solution for you.

They provide five different and exciting prints on tennis balls: yellow, leopard, zebra, tiger, and cheetah. Usually, each pack comes in a set of two. They will never harm the precious floor of your home. 

3. RMS Walker Glide Balls

Product Description 

These ready-to-use balls free you from the hassle of cutting the tennis balls. They come in four different colors: pink, blue, grey, and purple. They are suitable for most surfaces.

But it would have been better if the balls were cut in a cross instead of a line. Now it requires extra pressure to put the legs of the walkers into the tennis ball. They are fit for almost all walkers. 

4. AMP- Precut Walker Glide Balls 

Product Description 

With 15 different vibrant colors, these walker glide tennis balls are definitely worth giving a try. They are ready to use, so you don’t have to run with a sharp knife to cut them. Besides, they have a cute smiley face drawn on them.

5. The Classics Chair Sox

Product Description 

This product comes in a pack of four neon yellow tennis balls. They are ready-to-put tennis balls for your walker. Just unpack the balls, slip them through the legs of the chairs or walkers, and you will be good to go. They are a universal fit for any walker and chair. 

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What Are the Alternatives of Tennis Balls Available to Use on Walkers?

Walker Coaster mobility aids might turn out to be a suitable replacement for tennis balls on walkers. Simultaneously, tennis balls on walker’s legs cannot glide over non-uniform surfaces such as bumps, cracks, sidewalks, carpeted floors, and even on concrete. 

Unlike tennis balls, it does not absorb liquid and debris from the surface; instead, it sheds the liquid.

Besides, the walker coaster also has a larger surface area built of durable and even plastic. 

They usually come in two vibrant colors: white and yellow.

Comparison Between Walker Coaster Glides and Tennis Balls on Walker’s Legs

The purpose of tennis balls and walker coaster glides is to free movement-challenged persons from the hassle of picking up the entire walker. These options are far better than rubber tips as both are more durable, gliding-friendly, and offer improved traction.

 judgment one is better? Well, it depends on the user experience and preference. Both of these options serve the purpose well. But if you are not concerned about the money, you might prefer walker coaster mobility aids to tennis balls.

One thing that these plastic glides offer that tennis balls do not is the antimicrobial capabilities. These coaster glides can be washed off quickly and thoroughly. 

But if you want to save money and want a cost-effective solution, then tennis balls would be the better option. As far as germs are concerned, it’s unlikely that plastic glides will not carry germs.

They will, but you can wash them. But even if you cannot wash tennis balls, you can always keep two separate pairs of them for indoor and outdoor use. That will also enhance the longevity of the balls. 


Before making any judgement, give tennis balls on your walker’s legs a try. Besides, a bit of color will make your walker unique and vibrant. You can always pop them off and choose your preferred alternative.

If you decide to choose an alternative, you can choose walker coaster mobility aids from the Amazon link attached here. They are a little pricey but will serve the purpose well. Wherever you find a good source of tennis balls, you should collect as much as you can.

Since they collect a lot of dirt, it is better to keep a good backup of these and have different indoor and outdoor use pairs. Moreover, you can also choose precut tennis balls for walkers from Amazon instead of cutting them manually. 

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