Prince Men’s T22 Tennis Shoe Review

The Prince brand has been associated with professional and amateur tennis for many years and this shoe is one of the stalwarts of the company.

Keen tennis enthusiasts and weekend Wimbledon trainees need good supportive shoes that can handle different court surfaces.

Even if your arches are not constructed by the Romans and you need some more support in your shoes the Prince Men’s T22 tennis shoes could provide just that. These shoes have rubber soles and uppers that are made from breathable mesh and synthetic materials.

They have shock erasers at the midsole to absorb impact and have improved stability with the TPU forefoot straps.

They come with a RASH toecap to protect against the abrasion of the court, especially if you play on clay. They are also available in a range of different color combinations.

In this review we will take a look at the features of these shoes, we will take a look at their positive aspects and take you through the negatives, as is expected of any good coach.

Take a look at our summary of these shoes so you can make the best choice for your feet and your game.

Top Features

  • It has a rubber sole
  • The uppers are made from breathable mesh and synthetic materials
  • Comes with a shock eraser midsole to absorb impact
  • Available in a range of 7 different color combinations
  • It has TPU forefoot straps for improved stability
  • It also has a RASH toecap to protect against the abrasion of the court


  • The shoes provide good support
  • These shoes are durable and well made
  • The grip works well on the clay court and has a long lifetime
  • Provide good support for the lateral movements on the court
  • Comfortable and has good arch support for flat feet
  • They have a wider toe area which suits wider feet
  • The material and craftsmanship is good


  • The sizes may run a bit smaller than other brands and sizing could be challenging
  • It is a little heavier than other shoes
  • The toe straps do not have any give in them and won’t mold to larger foot sizes with the use
  • The fit is tight and may pinch
  • Laces are short


The Prince Men’s T22 tennis shoe is a good supportive and very durable shoe. It has a sole with a grip that works well on different types of surfaces and lasts well even on clay.

It has good lateral support for all the sharp movements you may need to test out during a difficult match.  It has a good wide toe box that suits wider feet or toes that need a bit more room.

The sizes do run a bit small and this is a heavier sturdier shoe. The toe straps do not have any give and these shoes won’t mold to different foot sizes or shapes, they are stiff and firm and may pinch wider feet.

The laces are short and will not allow for much play when you need to adjust the fit.


Compared to other tennis shoes, the Prince Men’s T22 is a bit heavier but also very durable. The sole grips very well and is more hard-wearing than lighter tennis shoes.

These shoes have excellent traction to help you get to the position on the court you need to be. It has very good lateral support but this might be too stiff and tight and other shoes that also offer lateral support are more flexible allowing more natural movement.

The laces are shorter than most other models and the sizes run a bit small. They do however offer very good arch support as well which will help you if have flat feet and need to avoid unnecessary pain.

The toe box is wider than most tighter-fitting shoes. It is available in a good range of color options where other brands do not offer any choice or only offer neon colors.


The Prince T22 Men’s tennis shoe is a newer version of a well-known classic. It has a bit more ventilation but is still essentially a sturdy stable heavier shoe with good grip and a lot of traction.

It is durable and has stiff lateral support as well as good arch support for flat feet. If you want a top-rated tennis shoe that is stable, secure, and strong this addition to the Prince catalog will work well.

It is however not a very lightweight shoe and it is not as flexible as some other models. If you want a stiffer shoe that will support your arches during every match this will be a good choice as you continue to enjoy your tennis.

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