Top 7 Best Wilson Tennis Racquets in 2021

There are a handful of manufacturers when it comes to tennis equipment, but Wilson always managed to maintain a position among the most beloved ones. What makes Wilson tennis racquets so good?

For once, the products from Wilson are endorsed by giants like Roger Federer and Serena Williams. However, that doesn’t mean that the products aren’t great. Wilson keeps offering the best products through major innovation and strict quality control.

Today, we’ll take a look at the best Wilson tennis racquets that you can get right now, and we’ll discuss how you can choose the most suitable racquet from the lot. 

Top 7 Best Wilson Tennis Racquets in 2021

1. Wilson Blade v7 98

Made of graphite and carbon fiber, the Wilson Blade v7 98 not only boasts a robust build but great handling also. This racquet is made for professionals and it was tweaked by professionals. 

The FeelFlex feature proprietary to Wilson offers improved flexibility and helps the players connect to the ball more closely with every stroke. 

The lime green accent mixed with the grey and black color on this racquet makes it look amazing. It also offers parallel drilling, and this helps in providing a better bed response that is more consistent. 

Things We Like:

  • FeelFlex offers better flexibility and helps the player connect with the ball
  • Reduced weight for better consistency
  • Graphite and carbon fiber composition makes it solid
  • Tri-color combination gives it a beautiful look
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2. Wilson Clash 100

If you’re looking for a powerful stroke and great control out of a slightly flexible racquet, then you should definitely consider the Wilson Clash 100. Unlike the FeelFlex of the previous Wilson Blade, this one comes with the FreeFlex feature.

The FreeFlex feature makes it one of the best racquets out thereby allowing it to bend with any swing style. This will allow you to play all sorts of shots with great power. 

To provide further value, there’s the StableSmart feature. This feature provides improved stability that will help the players maintain their precision while playing the shots. 

Once strung, these racquets will weigh around 11 ounces based on the strings. The head is 100 square inches, and the string pattern is 16*19. The racquet features a beautiful color palette that features grey and black flats with red accents.  

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Things We Like:

  • 100 square inches of headspace provides ample hitting surface
  • FreeFlex technology will bend the racquet no matter how it’s swung
  • StableSmart feature will help maintain the stability of the racquet
  • The racquet weighs around 11 ounces, which is standard
  • The Dynamic Stability X-Section helps maintain great stability while providing dynamic flex
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3. Wilson Blade v7 104

The Wilson Blade v7 104 is a slightly wider variant of the v7 98. The v7 98 variant was almost perfect, but some people found the surface area a bit too thin. Wilson fixed that in the v7 104, and this one provides considerably more surface area than the v7 98. 

Just like the 98, you’ll get the FeelFlex feature which will provide a better connection with the ball as well as additional flexibility. The tri-color design is also present in this one, and you can select a grip size from four variants. 

The weight of these racquets is a bit cut down. You’ll find these lighter than standard racquets by 5.5g approximately.  The reduction in weight offers better consistency with every stroke, and the braided graphite construction provides a classic feel. 

This one also comes with parallel drilling which makes the bed response more consistent across the surface. Overall, it’s a great choice for those who are looking for features similar to that of the v7 98 but are looking for a wider surface. 

Things We Like

  • FeelFlex feature helps the players connect to the ball better
  • Parallel drilling helps provide better bed response across the string surface
  • The triple-color palette provides a great outlook
  • Can be bought in four different grip variants
  • Braided graphite construction offers a classic feel
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4. Wilson Clash 108

The Clash 100 from Wilson was a great racquet, and the 108 belongs to the same series and provides similar features but is greatly oversized. This model offers a great combination of playability, comfort, and flexibility. 

Just like the Clash 100, the Clash 108 comes with great power and control while maintaining optimum comfort and stability. Doing so was definitely a tough job, as these are polar opposite traits. Still, Wilson has managed to provide that in these racquets.

While these are definitely great to play with, it was found that the Clash 108 doesn’t perform as well as it’s supposed to when playing underhand strokes. This is why we wouldn’t recommend these as racquets for advanced players. Rather, these can be considered as intermediate-level racquets

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Things We Like:

  • FreeFlex provides dynamic flex
  • An oversized version of the Clash 100 and provides more surface area
  • Provides great stability despite being overpowered
  • Doesn’t weigh that much despite being oversized
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5. Wilson Pro Staff 97L

The Wilson Pro Staff 97L is the one that was used by Roger Federer for a long time. If you’re an advanced player who’s capable of swinging heavy racquets with great force and accuracy for bringing the best out of them, then you should consider this one.

The entire racquet is made out of high-quality carbon fiber. This makes it quite robust while maintaining an optimum weight. They also feature the Braid 45 construction. This helps users braid the fibers at 45-degrees which results in a better pocketing feel.

Due to the excellent string mapping of these racquets, each stroke feels precise. These also feature modern ergonomic end caps, and these caps provide the classic feel of Wilson Pro racquets. 

Things We Like:

  • For advanced players
  • Robust carbon fiber build
  • Braid 45 construction for improved precision
  • Excellent string mapping provides precise strokes
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6. Wilson Burn 100LS

If you’re a novice who’s looking for a lightweight and affordable tennis racquet, then you can surely check the Wilson Burn 100LS out. This one costs a lot cheaper than most other tennis racquets out there. 

Despite being cheap, this racquet is capable of providing some great features. For starters, you’ll get a great bed response due to parallel drilling. Then again, the spin effect technology will help you increase ball rpm effortlessly. 

Things We Like:

  • Affordable and lightweight tennis racquet
  • Parallel drilling provides better bed response
  • The carbon fiber build provides great power
  • Helps increase the ball rpm effortlessly
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7. Wilson Ultra 100

Last but not the least, we have the Wilson Ultra 100. This one provides a great blend of power and stability. The racquet is made of carbon fiber, and this makes it quite light. For improving the torsional stability of this racquet, there’s the inverted power rib. This plays a great role in reducing the frame twist.

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Overall, this is a great mid-tier racquet for those who are looking for great performance out of an affordable racquet. 

Things We Like:

  • Inverted power rib throat geometry for better torsional stability
  • Sweet spot channel increases grommet movement
  • Stable and offers great control
  • Carbon fiber build for a lightweight
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Best Wilson Tennis Racquets: Buying Guide

Choosing the best Wilson tennis racquets can be quite challenging. In this section, we’ll try to simplify the factors that you’ll have to consider for getting the right product for yourself. 


Frames have a direct impact on the experience, which is why it’s highly recommended that you consider the frame while getting a racquet for yourself. The frame can either be narrow or wide. The wider the frame is, the higher the weight will be, and the more power will you get out of the racquet.

Swing Type

You can have either slow, medium, or fast swing type. The faster you swing, the more power will you be able to put into your strokes. This is why it’s recommended you get more powerful racquets if your swing is slower, and vice versa. 


There’s no specific balance that we can recommend, but it’s a preference. We recommend checking out a few racquets so you can find a suitable balance. 


Wilson Tennis Racquets

What Type of Racquets do Professionals Use?

Professionals tend to have faster swings. This is why they prefer taking less powerful racquets that can provide great control. 

What Type of String Tension should I Choose From?

If you’re looking forward to getting more distance from the strokes, then you should keep the strings at low tension. On the other hand, high tension will provide better control over the ball. 

Is Getting a Light Racquet Beneficial?

While some players prefer light racquets, others prefer heavy ones. No matter which types you’re using, try to ensure that the head of the racquet is lighter than the body.  

Final Words

These were the best Wilson tennis racquets that you can purchase right away. Before getting a racquet for yourself, we highly recommend that you go through the buyer’s guide. This will help you choose a better racquet for yourself, and it will also help you minimize the wastage of money.

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