Babolat Pure Aero Vs Pure Drive: Which Is Best for Me?

Babolat has been making tennis equipment for well over a century now. Founded in France in 1875, the company initially made strings for racquets.

As time went by, the company got itself more integrated into making tennis gears and since 1994, they went into the concept of total tennis, making almost all types of tennis gears in-house.

Over the years, Babolat has been hailed for the consistency and quality of its product. The company has always stood up to the ever-changing landscape as well as adapting to be better.

Babolat has introduced Pure Drive and Pure Aero as part of their signature professional series of racquets.

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So, which of these are the best? And which one should you get? Read this detailed Babolat Pure Aero Vs Pure Drive comparison to find out.

Babolat Pure Aero 

We will start this comparison by talking about pure aero. This is one of their later models and you would be surprised to know that it wasn’t designed to be a commercial product. The Babolat pure aero was specially made for Rafael Nadal in 2004.

Since then, neither Rafael Nadal nor Babolat had to look back. The popularity of the racquet combined with the performance and popularity of Rafael Nadal saw Babolat launching it for the masses in the same year. 

Many sports enthusiast calls the pure aero as a paradigm shift in the game and that it had a significant contribution to the market share Babolat holds now. 

The key point of this racquet is its raw power. In comparison to the power it can generate, the Babolat pure aero is significantly lightweight.

This helps the player to have better control over the racquet and play shots that would otherwise not be possible with a heavy racquet in a highly intensive scenario. 

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The head size of the pure aero is 100 sq inches. The 27-inch racquet is graphite-made and has a strung weight of 320 grams.

As you can probably tell, it is one of the lighter ones out there. The grip is powered by Babolat Syntec pro which gives it an amazing hand feel and greater control over shots. 

Now let us talk about how it feels to play with the pure aero. As always, the first thing you notice is how sturdy it feels in the hand. For the weight, the power it can generate is commendable. It takes quite some time to get used to the power output. But once you do, it’s a smooth sail. 

Another important feature of the pure aero is the insane spin and drive it offers. You will be amazed to see how well and consistent the spin is on this one. 

Players like the Babolat mainly for this reason. You get insane control over your shots like no other. The aggressive spin that the pure aero offers is also something that gives you a huge competitive advantage. But that doesn’t mean this racquet is suitable for professionals only.

The pure aero is something that even beginners can consider for themselves. Sure enough, it might require some extra effort to get the hang of things, but when you do, it’ll be a smooth sail.

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Babolat Pure Drive 

Unlike the Pure Aero, the Pure Drive is one of the first tennis racquets from Babolat. The company started mass-producing this racquet with intermediate to professional level players in mind. 

The Babolat racquet, since its inception, has been the star of the Babolat line. It has been the pioneer for the other lines of racquets.

Almost all the innovative technologies that made Babolat what they are today, have been implemented on the pure drive first. You can understand very well now why this line is still a fan favorite after all this time. 

Let’s talk about the design of the pure drive first. Even though it was made with intermediate and pros in mind, it still held an appeal to beginners. The design of the head of the pure drive is elliptical.

This gives you maximum space area which is ideal for beginners. This also means you can better control your racquet in extreme situations. There is an innovative technology included in the pure drive called Evo beam which gives you a better response to racquet swings.

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This is achieved by changing the thickness at different places of the frame which helps with the overall aerodynamics. 

Though the pure drive is comparatively a heavy racquet, it is still well manageable. You get a good grip and the weight distribution in this racquet is simply amazing.

Due to the superior weight distribution, it doesn’t strain your hand or wrist at all.  The added mass helps to make more forceful swings and make better assists in rebounds. 

Babolat has been very creative as well as innovative with its design. We aren’t talking about the spin and swing only.

The head has a highly responsive contact spot which Babolat developed through their FSI technology. This has significantly increased the hand feels as well as control over the shots for the players. 

The increased weight of the pure drive helps with the baseline power of the racquet. This means that the aggressiveness of the racquet can be controlled by you. This is unlike the Pure Aero where you get an over-the-top swing force and spin.

This is one of the sole reasons many ATP, as well as WTA players, adopt the pure drive. It is fast but you can control the speed as well as your shot, increasing your chances of winning 

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Babolat Pure Aero Vs Pure Drive – Which One’s Better? 

This is very much a subjective matter. Pure Drive and Pure Aero both have certain characteristics that set them apart from the rest. You get features with both the racquets that will give you a distinct advantage over the other. 

If you are someone who likes to swing fast as well as want greater maneuverability from their racquets, the pure aero should be an easy choice for you.

But that is about it, you get greater control and aggressive spin from your racquet. This is better designed for players who want exactly these two features in their bat or are highly reliant on them. 

On the other hand, the Pure Drive draws much of the power from the baseline as well as its added weight. This makes the pure drive an overall great racquet that gets all things right. 

Given how skill-oriented the pure aero is, it is only recommended that beginners to intermediate level players should stick with the pure drive as it is much more controllable compared to the pure aero. Pure aero, however, is best for professionals looking for power and spin.

But as we have mentioned, it ultimately comes down to personal preference and personal choice. If you think you are comfortable with the pure aero regardless of your skill level, you should go for it.

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The same goes for Pure drive as well. The point being, as long as you are choosing the right racquet that best fits your playing style, you will be set. 

Babolat Pure Aero Vs Pure Drive: Buying Guide 

Babolat Pure Aero
Photo by William WEST / AFP

Spin or No Spin 

This is a bit advanced-level concept. How well you can control the spinning will determine whether you should go for the pure drive or pure aero.

If you are someone that has already mastered the art of spin, you can easily go for the pure aero, if not, you can stick with the pure drive. 

Swing Force 

This is another aspect that you need to consider while choosing between pure aero and pure drive. The pure aero is an amazing and lightweight racquet that packs a serious punch compared to its weight.

However, the pure drive does better in this aspect, thanks to its Evo technology and z power. 


The pure drive offers you better control over the racquet and your shots compared to that of the pure aero. The aero is amazing for spin and swing but it grossly falls short of the control offered by the pure drive. 

Hand Feel 

You may have already understood that the pure drive has a higher weight compared to the pure aero. And as such, it is only normal that the pure aero will feel better at hand. But the case is a bit different.

The pure drive is an overall balanced racquet that feels great in the hand. On the other hand, the pure aero is simply lightweight and as such, it doesn’t create much hassle as well. 

Final Words

The comparison shows that each Babolat Pure Drive and Pure Aero has distinct advantages. One may be suitable for players looking for more control, other for players looking for more power.

What surprised us is how close they are in comparison. We believe, Pure Drive is a good choice for beginners and intermediates whereas Pure Aero is more suited for professionals.

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