Wilson Pro Staff 97 Review: Solid Overall Performer

My first experience of the Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13 is that it’s a commendable successor. Although there were sturdy frames for the Countervail versions, I had mixed feelings about those.

There is something about the matte finish that gave a sleek look, given the Pro Staff is a player’s racquet, yet the string-bed was uneven and the control was a little off. But it felt amazing to play with the new Pro Staff 97 v13 and I felt at ease from the baseline.

For the aggressive player who wants to move into the net to leave their mark, the Pro Staff line is ideal. Also, you can call it crisp accuracy. Just look at the way Roger Federer plays tennis with his customized Wilson Pro Staff and you will get the point.

About Wilson

In the history of sports, Wilson has been a very prominent and profoundly active name in defining the game of tennis. Their products are known for being breakthrough court innovations across the globe.

As one of the tennis industry’s leading innovators, and supported by living giants such as Roger Federer and Serena Williams, the Wilson brand provides different racquet lines with their distinctive qualities. 

For almost a century, Wilson Tennis Racquets is one of the top names in the tennis industry. It all started with the Jack Kramer Autograph Model and has maintained its place ever since. 

Wilson tennis racquets can be used very frequently, not only on small suburban fields and tennis courts in different leagues but also on the main stages of the sport. 

Many former and current tennis stars have won several tennis tournaments on the court with Wilson tennis racquets in their hands, such as Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Pete Sampras, and so on.

About the Pro Staff Lineup

Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13 Tennis Racquet (4 3/8

In the Wilson brand, The Pro Staff is one of the most legendary lines. Roger Federer even has his own Autograph version, the Pro Staff RF97.

Fun fact: Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13 tennis racquet is a lighter-weight version of Roger Federer’s Pro Staff RF97 Autograph.

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The Pro Staff 85 was used by players like Pete Sampras, Jim Courier, and so on. The Pro Staff Classic was a highly sought-out racquet as well.

For intermediate and advanced players that value precision and feel, Wilson Pro Staff rackets are pretty options. The family of Pro Staff appears to have more versatile beams than the families of Burn and Ultra, allowing them to give a smoother response. 

Pro Staff rackets have head sizes that are 97 square inches or smaller to improve control. You can find different versions of the Pro Staff, from the famous RF97 Autograph to the 97L.

Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13 Tennis Racquet Specifications

Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13 Tennis Racquet (4 3/8

A new Braid 45 concept features the Pro Staff 97 v13 that improves accuracy by changing the angle of the double braided fibers for a better feel. A more robust string bed that increases accuracy on any shot is included in two more updates to this racquet.

The inclusion of red and yellow pinstripes around the collar, an ode to previous designs of this famous series over the years, is perhaps most enticing to loyal fans of the Pro Staff franchise. The style also incorporates exclusively exposed carbon fiber weaving for a slick touch with a gloss finish above the frame.

The continuous braided graphite and Kevlar structure of the Pro Staff is the basis of the performance and feel of the racquet. To create their frames, most racquets cover smaller sheets of graphite, which, while a completely reasonable solution, affects how the racquet works.

They’ve changed the construction for the new update of Pro Staff 97. For increased feel and ball pocketing, the graphite and Kevlar fibers braid together at a 45-degree angle.

New developments include a Braid 45 construction for improved feel and stabilization, string mapping for a more controlled, accurate response, and a slightly flared butt cap for a denser hitting field. I found an enhanced feel, with the increased ball-pocketing in the string-bed.

A quick rundown of the Pro Staff 97 v13 tennis racquet:

  • Grip Size: 4 3/8
  • Racquet Weight: 332 grams
  • Racquet Length: 27 inches
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Head Size:97 sq. inches
  • String Pattern: 16 mains (19 crosses)
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Wilson Pro Staff 97 Review (v13): My Experience

Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13 Tennis Racquet (4 3/8

With Pro Staff 97 v13, I noticed that to get the best out of the service, I had to be very accurate in the strike zone. The head height of 97-square-inch made it easier to reach the spots I was after, and my kickers jumped high up on my rival. The amount of spin I was able to impart was fantastic on my slice serves. The racquet has an easy-to-swing frame.

I kept finding a large string-bed crunch, and my slice serving worked well. I could maintain a lot of pace with the Pro Staff 97 and yet get enough spin to keep my serves inside the lines. I felt there was a strong grip in the racquet, which was supported by the excellent sweet spot.

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To help me hit a hardball with massive force, I really enjoyed the Pro Staff 97 racquet with a great plow-through. On my first serve, the control was outstanding. The spin didn’t come too naturally, but the plow was good enough to rebound at a respectable height for my second serves.

The bright side is that I still felt connected with the ball, and without too much effort, I was able to touch every region with my serve.

For double players who just like to volley, the Pro Staff 97 v13 can be a great pick since it comes with a dense frame and a slender head. The combination makes it easy on the court to handle the racquet.

And I was able to get the Pro Staff 97 ready quickly for its amazing maneuverability. And that allowed my volleys to go right where I wanted, no matter the depth. 

Product Features:

  • Pretty lightweight (lighter than the Pro Staff RF97 Autograph)
  • The Braid 45 structure arranges the double-braided fibers at 45-degree angles for great permanence
  • Ergonomic End Cap provides better playability
  • For excellent accuracy and feel, String Mapping delivers a heavier string-bed 
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Who is the Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13 Best for?

The Pro Staff 97 is ideal for aggressive players who are looking for a lot of feedback and feel that they can handle it with a stiff frame. The stiffness is great for providing power, but you need decent stroke mechanics to hit the full force.

There should be better frames out there if you’re a modern baseliner who likes to hit with a big spin. But if you’re more of a classic player who prefers an all-court-type game, then the Pro Staff 97 v13 is should be your pick.

Players with strong arms looking to get the most out of the excellent feedback would appreciate swapping the synthetic leather grip. You would also get some added weight.

The new Pro Staff 97 v13 would work well for different playing styles, but it is likely that aggressive baseliners who depend on maximum topspin would seek out other options.

The racquet has a higher-end weight, but its head light balance retains excellent playability, which is well-suited for all-court style intermediate or advanced players based on accuracy and control.

Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13 Tennis Racquet Review: Summary

The new Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13 amazed me, providing the feel and accuracy players expect from the Pro Staff family, but with more player-friendly maneuverability.

No one will disagree that on all groundstrokes and returns, this racquet gave superior power and excellent precision. This revised iteration will be favored by fans of the Pro Workers 97 line over previous models. This update would find a decent entry point in the line for beginner to experienced players who want to witness the magic of a Pro Staff.

All in all, I think the Pro Staff 97 v13 is an excellent racket. More control is provided by a strong string-bed, and you can find that it provides a good amount of strength for playing deep balls. The slender head makes for a quicker swing as well, and that is helpful in dealing with bullet-serving opponents.


  • Excellent control
  • High precision
  • Consistent feedback


  • Not as much power
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Final Words

The Pro Staff 97 v13 is a perfect frame and one of my picks for the best tennis racquets this year, built for beginner to advanced players with an all-court style of play that values accuracy and power.

The racquet not only maintains the energetic feeling and efficiency you would expect from a Pro Staff, but the Braid 45 and String Mapping innovations from Wilson are welcome modifications that improve rather than subtract the racquet’s feel.

This racket is, in my experience, suitable for intermediate and more experienced players who want more strong frames. Not just aggressive players, double players that prefer volleying would also love having the Pro Staff 97 in their hands.

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