Babolat Pure Aero Review: Best for Modern Players?

Not all the racquets will have the power and spin to let you enjoy the tennis match. For this Babolat has produced the Aero line that is rich in these two benefits. When I started surfing more, the features of Pure Aero drew my attention. 

Endorsed by Rafael Nadal, the Babolat Pure Aero 2019 is the updated version and the latest addition to this family. Not only the racquet feels fast but explosive too to impress you. That is how it has easily lived up to its reputation.

Starting from the design to its performance, the racquet has everything that you look for. To help you make an informed buying decision, I have come up with a Babolat Pure Aero review so you can know about this super-racquet.

About Babolat

Babolat is a French sports equipment company. In 1875, Pierre Babolat founded the company. It usually constructs equipment such as squash, tennis, and badminton.

Because of the long-lasting tennis racquets and strings, Babolat has earned great popularity. You will find numerous top players who love to use the company’s equipment due to its performance and quality. 

While surfing the net, I have found out that Babolat emerged with the making of strings when Babola produced the first-ever strings with material natural gut. 

Note: If you’re a beginner, we’d recommend Babolat Pure Aero Lite tennis racquet to you. It’s lighter, affordable, and suitable for new players.

Babolat Pure Aero Review: Features

Babolat 2019 Pure Aero Tennis Racquet - 4 1/2

1. Design 

Babolat has always appeared as one of the most groundbreaking racquet producers. Such a factor is evident in their Pure Aero model too. It features Aeromodular beam construction that offers driving force to give you increased head speed and reduced wind-drag. As a result, you can get more effortless access to power and spin.

Its bright yellow and deep black is a classic combo that can entice you. You will love its matte-finish too that makes the racquet look more high quality.

When it comes to the technologies, the brand has used three of them. 

One is the Cortex System that is an exclusive dampening technology that Babolat developed to lessen ball-contact vibrations. The brand has installed the technology into the head of the racquet. With this, you can feel the ball more precisely as you strike it and enjoy better control. 

To add more, the Pure Aero range is popular due to the massive spin potential of the racquets too. It has Frame String Interaction, another technology that works to give the ball more spin. The distinct factor is that the grommets at the tip and throat of the racquet boast an elongated shape. 

Such feature is the reason why Pure Aero’s strings get more freedom of movement and help the string-bed be more grippy. And consequently, it makes the ball stay longer on strings letting you generate more spins. 

The racquet includes Woofer Dynamic System too. It is another technology that helps strings and frames interact so you can move the racquet spontaneously. 

2. Materials

Babolat has partnered with Chomarat to produce the Pure Aero racquet with exclusive material. Both have installed Hexagonal multiaxial carbon into the core of the racquet to augment stability. 

I feel this has made the racquet more rigid that helps bring more stability at the ball impact. And as a result, you can enjoy increased control. 

Besides, the quality and reinforcement of the carbon fiber lie in its stitching thread which ensures super-durability.

Apart from better control and stability, this material can help make each strike accurate. However, some users feel that the racquet is still tough to control flat shots. But this is a small downside. 

Speaking more about the con, there is another one which is the weight of the material. Carbon can come slightly heavy despite the reduction of the weight. So, you may find it a little tricky to maneuver the racquet.

Also remember, such weight can drain you down fast as well. And you may feel pain in your forearms and wrists if you play for a longer period. But these could be there for the initial stages only. 

3. Weight

Babolat Pure Aero weighs around 318 if it comes pre-strung. Such weight typically falls on the heavier side. As I have highlighted the downsides already, it is time to know the benefits. 

Since Pure Aero is heavy, it can benefit you with powerful clears and smashes. Not just that, because of its heaviness, the racquet can produce more power. And you may notice less twisting and torque. Plus, the implement will not slow down too after striking the ball. 

4. Size and Length

Babolat has designed the racquet with a midsized plus head. It comes in 100 square inches with a decent sweet-spot. Albeit it will not be as big as the one with an oversized head, you will love how effectively it strikes the ball. 

The midsized plus head can give you more control and spin for an efficient hit. A lot of my friends have been able to accurate their shots with this racquet. 

As for the Pure Aero’s length, you will find it 27-inches long. I would call it a perfect size since you will get more power as well as reach to enjoy effective strikes.

5. Head Balance

Babolat has manufactured the Pure Aero with head-heavy balance. This signifies that the weight will be more in the head of the racquet.

Since Pure Aero holds weight in the head, it can boost the power of smashes as well as clears. You can produce consistent clears too because of this feature. 

6. Grip and Its Size

My favorite part of the racquet is its grip. It has a smooth feel so you can hold the shaft comfortably. The brand has used solid Syntec Pro material for the grip.

Not only it gives you durability but delivers terrific ball feedback too. Not just that, the material is super grippy. So, you do not have to worry about it slipping through the hands if they ever sweat. 

As for the size, the grip measures 4 1/2inches for the US and 4 for the Euro. If you are someone who has medium-sized hands, then this can best suit you.

Certainly, you can customize or replace the grip for more comfort. 

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Who is Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet Best for?

Babolat 2019 Pure Aero Tennis Racquet - 4 1/2

I feel Babolat has designed the Pure Aero model for the ones who can strike mostly from baseline. If you are someone who has a modern playing style, then this can be an excellent pick for you. From baseline, the racquet can support a topspin forehand as well as powerful shots. 

All in all, I find it outstanding for different players regardless of the skill level.

Babolat Pure Aero Review: Summary

I have found out that the Babolat Pure Aero comes with even more power and spin than its predecessor. It features lots of technologies that have improved the performance and feel of the racquet.

Not just that, the weight of the racquet is decent too to help you better your skills and techniques. 


  • You will get to enjoy satiating shock absorbency
  • The smashes and clears will be powerful due to the heaviness
  • Terrific trampoline effect
  • Great vibration-dampening technology
  • String and frame interaction can make the head effortless to move
  • Carbon fiber will be solid and durable
  • Perfect for intermediate players with unique play styles
  • Midsized plus head means you can get control and spin with an effective strike
  • Heaviness can give you stability and control
  • You can handle the shots with ease
  • Best suit the one with medium-sized hands
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Outstanding grip quality


  • The sweet spot is not as big as the racquet of the oversized head
  • Heaviness can give you fatigue and pain in your wrists and forearms
  • Tricky to control flat shots
  • Decent string quality (you can buy a better string here)
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Babolat 2019 Pure Aero Tennis Racquet - 4 1/2

1. Can You Provide Detailed Specifications of the Pure Aero 2019?

Sure. Below you will find all the detailed specifications of the Pure Aero racquet. 

  • Size of the Head: 100 square inches
  • Length: 27 inches
  • Strung-Weight: 318g
  • Balance: Head-heavy
  • Swing Weight: 324
  • Stiffness: 67
  • Width of Beam: 23 mm / 26 mm / 23 mm
  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Power-Level: Low to Medium
  • Stroke-Style: Full
  • Speed of Swing: Fast
  • Type of Grip: Proprietary Syntec Pro
  • String Pattern: 16-Mains / 19-Crosses
  • String Tension: 50lbs to 59lbs

2. What Do You Mean by Aeromodular Technology?

Aeromodular technology uses a frame with different beam profiles at the head, shaft, and throat of the racquet. All of these are shaped strategically so the raquet can amplify swing speed and lessen wind-drag. This allows for more effortless access to spin and power.

In the Pure Aero 2019, Babolat has introduced Aeromodular 3. This integrates the grommets as well as the bumper and an optimal design so it can amplify spin and racquet head speed.

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Final Words

Babolat Pure Aero 2019 is all about spin and power. These two can be a big reason to improve you and take you to the top. 

Not only the intermediate and pro players, but beginners have given the racquet a big thumbs up. And if I need to rate the racquet, I would give it an 8.5 out of 10.

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