Serena Williams Racquet Specifications: What Racquet Does She Use?

You don’t have to be a die-hard fan to know Serena Williams. You don’t have to follow sports regularly to recognize this living legend of the sports arena. But reaching there was not easy for her. Serena Williams did not grow up in a happy world where everyone would respect her. She didn’t get equal opportunities.

Like many other black females, she endured adversity throughout her life. She had to fight with race and gender from the very first day she decided to play tennis. Serena is regarded as a role model. She is such a popular woman and a living inspiration.

She fought, she revolted, she challenged herself every day to reach here. She shed many tears of sadness to shed some tears of joy. But this is not my story today. Today I want to talk about the racquets that were always with her. Today I want to talk about the Serena Williams racquet.

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What Racquet Does Serena Williams Use?

Serena Williams’ career has been one of the milestones after milestones. She has been the first, the fastest, and the most successful. She is dynamic, and she is insane. She has enthralled our attention and baffled our ability.

Serena is known for her strongest serves. She loves to hit the ball hard and outplay the opponent with pace and strength. Her favorite racquet was always with her to enhance the pace and make it unplayable. And throughout this fascinating journey, a special racquet was always with her. Throughout her career, Serena used the Wilson racquet.

This same racquet has aided her in winning 23 Grand Slam singles titles, 14 Grand Slam doubles titles, and two Grand Slam mixed doubles titles. 39 grand slam titles in all! What a success story of an athlete and her gear! There are many stories about friendship.

But I guarantee you, a racquet can’t be a better friend than this. A story can’t be more romantic or heartwarming than Serena and her Wilson racquet.  Since 2017 Serena is using customized Wilson racquets.

The Reasons for Choosing Customize Racquet

Wilson agreed a few years ago to award special releases to some of their best players to closely imitate what they use on the court. For nearly two decades, Roger Federer and Serena Williams have been at the forefront of their respective tours.

Along with Roger Federer, Wilson decided to honor Serena Williams with a special kind of racquet. Wilson still sold similar racquets to their top players but made a concerted effort to make them nearly identical due to the popular demand in large part. Players have been shouting for the pros to use racquets.

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Serena Williams, a 23-time women’s champion, also received her Serena Williams Autograph Limited-Edition racquet. Serena did not customize her racquet too often at the beginning of her career. Not until she began training with Patrick Mouratoglou in 2012 did she start messing up in some places with additional weight.

That allowed her to get a bit stronger as she grew older, and the results are difficult to argue about. Till now, Serena Williams has used two different types of the customized racquets. One is with Blade SW104, while the other is Blade SW102.

Specs of Serena Williams Racquet

Blade SW104

The Serena Williams Blade SW104 Autograph Limited Edition racquet’s specifications are as follows:

  • Serena Williams has signed a Blade SW104 racket that is individually numbered.
  • This ultra-limited edition style features gold highlights and specifications to celebrate this momentous occasion.
  • On the butt cap, there’s a genuine 24 karat gold trapdoor.
  • Wilson’s stringing team strung Serena’s set-up.
  • Serena Williams’ racket comes in a special package with a certificate of authenticity, a photo collage of Serena’s 23 Grand Slam wins, and a photo of Serena signing the racket.
  • For a limited time, is the only place to get it. If you missed out on buying a Serena Williams Limited Edition racquet, it is also available on

Let’s learn something more about this gear. This unique gear of Sarena has the following features-

Head size104 sq. in.
Length27.7 in.
Strung weight11.7 oz.
Strung balance340 mm
Grip typeWilson Synthetic + Overgrip
Grip sizeL5 (4 5/8)
Swing weight366

Not only does the racquet have a larger head size than other players on tour, but it also has one of the heaviest swing weights in the women’s game. Serena Williams hits the ball flat and hard with an Eastern forehand grip.

She may not have a lot of finesse in her game, but her ball-handling timing is unrivaled. She is a fierce warrior on the court, and you don’t win 23 grand slam titles without that kind of mental toughness.

Blade SW102

The Blade SW102 Autograph is a unicorn with a length of 28 inches, a mid-plus head height, and a swing weight of about 350 grams. There aren’t many frames of the exact dimensions and level of difficulty. It provides otherworldly strength and plows through if you can handle the obstacles.

The frame’s huge swing weight is the first thing that stands out. I’m not sure if there’s a frame on the market that can compete with its high price. Although the racquet has a light static weight, the way it’s proportioned and the extra inch of length makes it difficult to swing.

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The 18×19 thread structure is capable of producing enough topspin to ensure protection, bringing a lob down into the court, or generating an angle to open up the court. Overall, a Blade SW102 Autograph is a monster of a frame-worthy of smashing serves and forehands.

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What Strings Serna’s Racquet Use?

Serena Williams uses Luxilon 4G and Wilson Natural Gut at 29 kg (64 lbs) on both crosses and mains. It is around 5kg (11 lbs) tighter than Madison Key’s go-to stress on a combination of Luxilon Alu Power Rough and Natural Gut.

Serena’s Racquet vs. The Regular Version

The weight and swing weight are the most noticeable differences between the stock product and the actual racquet. The stock option’s swing weight is 341, but Serena prefers to be in the 355 to 360 range.

The best way to describe it is that her racquet feels more like a heavier, head-weighted club than the stock alternative, which is more balanced. Wilson should be praised for making a racquet with a length of 28 inches.

Serena has used an extended racquet in her career, which is a departure from the standard. Going from a standard 27-inch racquet to a 28-inch racquet takes some getting used to, but it does help with a little more reach and a much more effective serve.

If this racquet is modded, it can be set up almost identically to Serena’s. However, what works for her will not work for every player, so each racquet should be changed with the player in mind.

Customization of the Serena Racket

Serena tweaks her racquet’s swing weight to 355-360 grams by adding a few more fractions of an ounce. This gives her shots a little more depth and strength. The racquet should be strung in the 50-60 pound range when it comes to strings.

Despite the advice, Serena Williams prefers to string her racquets in the mid-sixties for the majority of the year. This may vary depending on the weather, surface, and how she is currently playing, among other factors.

In her racquets, she uses a Wilson Natural Gut/Luxilon 4G hybrid rig. Many professional players prefer hybrid strings because they have the best feel. Serena Williams’s big adjustment to her racket increased her face size.

How does Serena Williams Racquet Play?

I highly encourage anyone thinking about buying the Wilson Blade SW104 to try it out first. It certainly plays differently than many other professional racquets on the market, so there will be some getting used to it. There is something you have to consider before purchasing it.

  • Because of the extra length on the racquet, hitting consistent groundstrokes can take a little longer. The timing can be off at first. But the 104 square inches of hitting space is reasonably forgiving.
  • The extra inch allows for a better reach. It can be challenging to maneuver the racquet on hard balls struck at the body. This is where the racquet is most likely to fall short. It is not recommended for players who are still having trouble with their volleys.
  • Volleying can be more difficult with such a long racquet. However, the trade-off is a much better serve. These are among the finest racquets on the market for people who would like to serve reliably and powerfully.
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Can you Buy Serena Williams Recquet?

Almost every tennis store in the world offers Serena Williams’ iconic model. Wilson is a prominent manufacturer, and they have been actively promoting these models since their publication.

There is the standard model available and a few limited-edition options. The Wilson Blades, like most signature tennis racquet choices these days, cost around $200 and $250. It comes in all standard grip sizes, depending on the size of the player’s hand. You can search Amazon’s current price here 


Serena Williams’ play has captivated audiences around the world over the past two decades. She will be remembered as one of the greatest players of all time when she retires. Many people wonder what racquet she uses because she has played with it. That’s why I tried to talk about Serena Williams Racquet. I hope it was enjoyable for you.

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