Sofia Kenin Racquet Specifications: What Racquet Does She Use?

Sofia Kenin, also known as Sonya Kenin, is an American tennis player who competes professionally (USA). After Serena Williams in 2002, she is the second-youngest American woman to win a Grand Slam women’s singles title. Kenin was born in Moscow, Russia, and her family moved to Pembroke Pines, Florida, shortly after she was born.  

Sofia Kenin has been regarded as one of the world’s most exciting next-generation players for some time. Sofia had a strong debut performance at the Australian Open 2020, reaching the semi-finals. Following her breakthrough, she has become the focus of the tennis universe. Given her current talent, I wouldn’t be shocked if he became the world’s best player.

With her success over the years, many people have begun to inquire about Sofia Kenin’s Racquet. Many people want to know what kind of racquet does Sofia Kenin use? That is precisely what we will be discussing in this article.

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What Racquet Does Sofia Kenin Use?

When Sofia Kenin plays at the top level, she relies on the Babolat Pure Drive USA. You cannot distinguish it from a common racquet. In terms of usability, this is very similar to the standard Babolat Pure Drive. This racquet’s design is inspired by the American flag.

Kenin tennis racquet strings are Babolat RPM in the mains. While she depends on Babolat Natural Gut in the crosses. Kenin picked this racquet primarily for two reasons: its ease of use and appealing power levels.

It gives you the feeling of crushing the ball, and it has been chastised by some for its high friction levels. Babolat uses SWX Pure Feel, a substance that helps to minimize vibrations.

Specs of Sofia Kenin Racquet

It’s difficult to locate an official document on the internet that illustrates Sofia Kenin’s tennis racquet alteration. Here are some of the design details of the racquet are described below-

Length 27 inches
Head Size100
Weight318 gm
Balance Point12.99Inch
String Tension 50-59 Pounds
String Pattern 16 Mains/19 Crosses

Technical Specifications

This racquet features an American flag style for tennis fans who want to display their patriotism.

The Babolat Pure Drive USA is 27 inches long. It has a 100 square inch head and weighs 11.2 ounces. It has a swing weight of 321, a stiffness of 71 RA, and a balance point of 12.99 inches with a four-point headlight.

It has a string combination of 16 Mains/19 Crosses with a string tension of 50-59 pounds. This racquet’s compact 16/19 string pattern significantly increases shot accuracy.

This racket has a well-balanced weight distribution (11.2 ounces). That is, it is both light and strong enough to enable a realistic swing as well as the strength needed to strike the ball. 

The racquet’s mass is distributed toward the handle, with a four-point distribution. This feature helps you to move the racquet’s head around with ease.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Sofia Kenin’s Racquet

Advantages of Babolat Pure Drive USA –

  • The racquet’s architecture gives it a sturdy and secure appearance. As a result, you’ll get a better drive when playing tennis. And the racquet will last longer. Furthermore, the racquet’s color schemes make it appear sleek and appealing.
  • The racquet provides an excellent amount of power. You will be capable of hitting hard with that kind of racquet.
  • It has a great spin that allows us to control the nearly limitless strength.
  • Since the racquet is simple to use, it opens up a lot of maneuverability. This merit allows it to be used in a variety of situations. That is, it is appropriate for all levels of players, including beginners, intermediates, and advanced.

Disadvantages of Babolat Pure Drive USA – 

  • Some players, particularly beginners, have trouble controlling the force of such a racquet.
  • The resistance of this racquet makes it uncomfortable to handle, especially for players who have an arm, wrist, or shoulder problems.
  • This racquet is very costly due to the high-quality materials used in its construction and functionality.

Special Features of Sofia Kenin Racquet 

Because of its unique features, the Babolat Pure Drive tennis racquet is among the best rackets used by tennis players and helps for excellent results. Some of these features are – 

  1. The FSI Technology found in the string bed of the Babolat Pure Drive racquet is a significant and special feature. This feature increases the perfect spot in the frame, resulting in improved strength and stability when initiating contact with the ball.
  2. The Cortex Device Technology, also known as the Cortex Pure Feel Technology. It is another special characteristic of Sofia Kenin’s tennis racquet. SMAC is the driving force behind this technology, which improves vibration dampening.
    This function entails the incorporation of new material into the racquet’s graphite, resulting in an excellent sound and a much more precise feeling during play. This one-of-a-kind feature eliminates vibrations and shocks caused by the racquet’s handle and shaft.
    As a result, when managing and playing tennis with the racquet, this option allows you to get a clear and firm feel.
  3. When hitting, the Elliptic Design prohibits the racquet from spinning, bending, or being too heavy. Finally, with a 20% increase in flex, this racquet has greater torque tolerance.
  4. The Babolat Simple Drive Tennis Racquet’s EVO Beam feature allows you to customize the beam widths. In the neck, head, and throat, the beam measures 23.5mm to 26mm to 23mm. This design aids in the elimination of force when striking the ball, resulting in a more natural feel and more tactical shots.

Sofia Kenin’s Playing Style 

To understand Kenin’s racquet, we must first understand her playing style. Her offensive playing style is based on her ability to incorporate a variety of shots. She prefers to play from the base and has a forehand and backhand that can both hit players. 

She’s great at hiding whether her backhand is going cross-court or straight down the line. Kenin’s backhand down the line and her inside-in forehand are two of her best shots.Kenin can bring the slice to her backhand effectively. She can use it to strike well-hidden drop-shot winners. 

She can even smash slice forehands on sometimes, which is a unique shot in contemporary tennis. Kenin can strike her forehand just as high as shoulder level on the defensive side. Continuity is one of Kenin’s strengths, particularly when it comes to redirecting shots.

How Sofia Kenin Racquet Play? 

It is a major part of the Babolat series. And it’s among the most durable rackets out there.

This range is almost always associated with American Andy Roddick. But it is now most often seen in the hands of Sofia Kenin. Let’s talk about its strengths. 

Grandstrokes- On the groundstrokes, it was instantly apparent that this racket has a lot of strength and spin. It has excellent maneuverability, which allows you to use all of its capabilities. Overall, I give this racquet an 8.5 out of 10 ratings.

Volley- It doesn’t have the same level of stability as a strong volleyer. It’s hard to control the force when the ball comes strongly. I also considered it tough to cope with the 16 x 19’s launch angle. So I was continuously floating long balls. For volleys, I rated them a 6 out of 10.

Serve- This racket is lightning-fast. That You can produce a lot of racket head pace to hit the ball.

It has some qualities that I like in terms of power and spin. But I believe that a good player generates his own speed and spin. So it’s more of a beginner to an intermediate racket. That doesn’t make it any less of a good racket for those searching for an increase in force and spin, but it does restrict its strengths.

How Should One Use This Racquet? 

This racket is possibly the best enough for the exceptional pace, strength, and spin. You can tell just by feeling it in your hands that it’s all designed for easy control.

Although Pure Drive gives clear topspin, I had to concentrate most of my energies on getting topspin. Shooting with spin comes so naturally to me. So once I found out what I was required to do with the Pure Drive, it proved out to be a very good play exercise.

It is ideal for a very destructive baseliner. Control can be difficult since you don’t bring anything through the ball. Although it has a lot of spin power, you have to use it all to hold the ball on the court.

Can you Buy Sofia Kenin Recquet?

The very first thing to remember is that the Babolat Pure Drive USA is without a doubt the best racquets for tennis players that play at a higher level and want a racquet that is spin comfortable and has a control-oriented feeling. 

Because of its widespread success, Pure Drive USA can be found almost anywhere in the marketplace. While Babolat Pure Drive USA is available online, it is a special run and thus difficult to locate. However, the pricing of the racquet can differ considerably on where you purchase it. But based on my study, Amazon is currently the cheapest marketplace. 


Sofia Kenin’s racquet, the Babolat Pure Drive USA, is without a doubt an outstanding tool. It enhances a tennis player’s success on the court. This racquet’s innovative nature and high-quality materials enable it to provide exceptional strength and control.

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