7 Best Tennis Strings for Spin and Powerful Performance

Tennis is a great sport for both indoor and outdoor. Anyone can play it of any age. But not everyone can be the best of it. It requires a great feat of skills and dedication to be a competitive tennis player. That’s what most people think of but there is more to it.

You will also need to be knowledgeable about the equipment you use. Does that equipment aid you in your skills or does it act as a barricade? That is what you must understand.

Now speaking of skills and equipment, the equipment that is directly related to your skills is the racket strings. There are different types of strings with different properties and appearances, but they focus on four core aspects and spin is one of them.

Spin is a necessary trick in tennis. Most technical-oriented players heavily rely on spins. The primary requirements of spin are the player’s skill and the string used in their racket. Equipped with the wrong racket strings will ultimately prove no good.

So, now that you are ready to buy some spin strings for your tennis racket, let us recommend to you some of the best tennis strings for a spin.

Top 7 Best Tennis Strings for Spin in 2021

1. Babolat RPM Blast Strings

Babolat RPM blast string is one of the best tennis racket strings for a spin. You cannot expect to create a list of best tennis strings for a spin without this famously known string. It is the top choice of many of our generation’s ATP players.

Even though it is not a well-balanced tennis string, it does put its focus on spin and control. These two are the essential elements a professional experienced tennis player looks for in their racket strings. Sure, it does give away power.

That is why it should not be used by beginners. Professionals and experts only. And when it comes to experts, these strings will deliver up to their expectations.

The strings have an octagon shape with unusual curves on each side. It brushes the ball very effectively on contact and gives the player much better control for spinning the ball. Also, it is very comfortable on the hand, which makes it useful for elderly players.

Things That We Like

  • Black colored strings
  • Excellent control over the ball
  • Higher spin potential
  • Comfortable enough
  • Extremely durable
  • Spare length strings in package
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2. Solinco Hyper-G Tennis Strings

Solinco has brought us this wonderful string that fits all-purpose. Power, control, spin, comfort? Whatever you name it, these strings have got you covered. It has a well-balanced profile in all four aspects of tennis racket strings.

As it focuses on power, beginners can use them with ease. And even power-oriented players can make use of them and emphasize building skills of spinning without giving out power. How is it possible? Well, that is because the Solinco Hyper-G strings are made of a different material.

Unlike the usual, the hyper-g strings are made with co-polyester and a new chemical formula. This newly developed material is what made these strings focus on all aspects of tennis strings together. And it is surprisingly durable.

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Things That We Like

  • Bright green colored
  • Square shaped strings generate much spin
  • Better control and also comfortable
  • High tension strings also generate high power
  • Comfortable enough for elderly players and players with arm injuries
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3. Wilson Luxilon ALU Power 125 Tennis Strings

The Luxilon ALU power 125 from Wilson cannot be ignored when it comes to the spinning of the ball. It is a ridiculously good tennis string that also covers the four aspects of tennis strings.

Power, control, spin, and comfort. That is because it is a set of hybrid strings. The build material is also hybrid. It is co-polyester fused with traces of Aluminum.

This aluminum mixture gives the strings more durability and high-tension ratings. High tension leads to better control over the ball. And as it is durable, players can perform power shots at any moment of the match.

The shape of the strings is a different story. The shape is a bit unusual and that is what helps in brushing the ball in contact so that it would spin. This hybrid string set sure has a lot of potentials. But there is one downside and that is the package. The package includes enough strings to cover only one racket.

Things That We Like

  • Silver-colored strings
  • Great potential for spin
  • Well balanced in all aspects
  • Aluminum fibers included
  • High tension strings
  • Extremely durable
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4. Solinco Tour Bite Tennis Strings

The Solinco Tour Bite is a significantly low-profile tennis string. But if you are just looking for a string with great spin potential, then this one makes a great choice.

It is ideal for those who need great control and spin over the game but do not want their racket to be highlighted as their source of skills. Also, it is a very affordable set of strings. It is made of co-polyester and the shape gives it high spin potential.

Surprisingly, for its price, it is way too durable. Any level of tension can be applied. You can apply low tension for power but won’t get any spin. You can also apply high tension for greater control and spin but have to give up power. Ultimately free to choose whichever you want with these strings.

Things we like

  • Silver colored
  • High spin potential
  • Made of co-polyester
  • Durable
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5. Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour Tennis Strings

Babolat tennis strings are a must in the conversation of spin strings. These Pro Hurricane Tour tennis strings are solely focused on control and spin. As a result, it has little to no power in itself. All the power must come from the player’s hand. Otherwise, it’s no good.

Also, it is not comfortable at all. But it does deliver great performance in spinning and controlling the ball. The shape of the strings is octagonal. It brushes the ball very well and generates spin.

Things That We Like

  • Extremely durable
  • High spin potential
  • Greater control over the ball
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6. Head Sonic Pro Edge 16

These strings are made of polyester. It is very durable and high tensions can be applied. Because of that, you are getting high control over the ball. The shape of the strings is a pentagon.

These pentagon shapes can brush the ball very well. You will get good control over the ball and also spin it. The brand may be a little under-appreciated, but the products are worth talking about.

Things That We Like

  • Pentagon shape
  • Polyester build
  • Grey colored
  • Durable
  • High tension resistant
  • Better spin control
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7. Tecnifibre Black Code 4S

The Tecnifibre Black Code 4S is a better version than its other brand products. These strings are mainly focused on the spin of the ball. The square design of the strings gives you a better grip on the ball and pushes it into any direction spinning.

While it dedicated all its focus to the spin, you can still get better control over the ball and it is also surprisingly durable and long-lasting.

Things That We Like

  • Square design
  • Spare strings in the package
  • Durable
  • Simplistic design
  • Black colored
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Buying Guide

Tennis players are very selective of their gear. If you are new to this extreme sport, then you better learn the basics.

In tennis, your skills come first. Then the equipment and then your vision of which way you want to push it. Based on your skills, you are ranked as beginners, intermediate, and pro. Beginners are new, so their focus limits on getting the hang of the game, not the skills.

As a fact, their equipment doesn’t need to be technical. They are introduced with strings that are focused on power and comfort.

When beginners move to the intermediate rank, things start to become more technical. They are introduced with the spin and control strings. From here, you have to choose what you want. Do you want your strategy to be power-oriented or do you want to be a technical player?

If your focus is on technical, then go for spin and control. Not all strings come with balance, so you might have to give up comfort and power.

Now in the case of buying spin strings, you will have to take a look at a few key factors.


First of all, the material that is used to make the strings. Synthetic gut, natural gut, multifilament, polyester, and co-polyester. These are used to make tennis strings and the ones made out of polyester and co-polyester are the best for a spin.

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Those also offer control and faster swing strokes. Some of them come with power and comfort too. They are made with mixed materials fused with co-polyester.


After choosing the strings with the right materials, look at their gauge or thickness. The thinner the strings are, the better spin and power they will provide. But if you want to have control and spin at the same time, you should look for strings with a medium thickness.

But don’t go for the thicker ones, they don’t have spin potentials. In this case, we would recommend you tie two types of strings in your racket. One thick string vertically and one thin string horizontally. This will give you a balanced experience of power, control, and spin.


Before you purchase a string for a spin, check its shape. Is it round and plain, or is it squared or octagon? Choose the non-circular ones. They are the key factor in making a ball spin.

These edgy parts of the string get a better grip on the ball upon contact and brush it into a direction for spinning. The more edge the string will have, the better it will be capable of spinning the ball.


Next, you will have to see the tension strength of the string. If you are looking for better control over the spin, buy the ones that have a high-tension rating. If you are new to this tension thing, then we suggest you buy the ones that have medium tension and move your way up to higher tension over time.

Check these four factors before buying a string for spinning and you will be able to get your hands on something better.

Tennis String


What kind of players should use control strings?

Those who are experienced and can generate their power of hitting the ball.

Does higher string tension give more spin?

Higher string tension gives you control. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it will give more spin.

Does the shape of the strings make a difference?

Yes, it does. The more edge the strings will have, the better the grip it will have on the ball to brush it for spinning.

What strings do ATP players use?

ATP players tend to use strings that are moderately thin and have a non-circular shape. They use strings focused on spin and control.

Do tennis strings make a difference?

Yes, it does.

Final Words

Spin is an essential part of tennis. Professional players use this technique rapidly and quietly often to gain an upper hand in the game. To achieve that result, players need to be equipped with the right strings.

But keep in mind that the strings are not the only thing that matters, nor the racket. It is your skills which is the key element.

You may choose the best of the best strings from our recommended list, or choose a multiple of them and tie a hybrid bed in your racket but that still won’t be enough if you don’t know how to spin and that is to slightly move your bet upwards and downwards or likewise when the ball is in contact.

That being said, keep on practicing with the right equipment and you will be able to push your skills beyond your imagination.

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