How to Beat a Pusher in Tennis? 5 Tactics to Improve Your Game

In tennis, pushers are part of the defensive mechanism of a team. The pushers of any team are experienced players. They are agile and consistent. They rarely make errors. Hence, we need to know how to beat a pusher in Tennis.

The pusher’s strategy involves aim deep, angle shots, and even psychological attempts. So, it is important to learn and adapt techniques to defeat the pusher. You need to know the weakness of their game and hit there.

Weaknesses of A Pusher

We have given out some points for you:

  • Pushers always play their game out of their net. You need to try strategies that will get them in the net. This will disrupt their rhythm and throw them off the game. 
  • Pushers have average serve. So, you can take this as an advantage for you. Follow strategies that will let you take charge of the opponent’s service game. 
  • Pushers do not like to be rushed as they have their own pace and techniques. You can take the ball on the rise or you can just back off your shots, wait for the ball to drop, and then hit. The pusher will not hit heavy topspin. 
  • For receiving a kick, back off and wait for them all to drop or expose to a more advanced serve. Since the pushers do not have a more advanced type of service, they won’t do anything about it or there is a chance they will get caught in the middle for this type of kick. 
  • Look for angles in the court and pull the opponent as much as possible. But make sure to not risk your own game with pace. The pushers are fit players but they do not hit the ball as it requires coordination and technical ability. 
Beat a Pusher

5 Ways to Beat a Pusher in Tennis

We have mentioned five strategies based on the points mentioned above to beat the pusher in tennis. Check them out. We hope this will help you to improve and win more games.

1. Breaking the Window

When to Strike

The pushers always maintain their strategies and get into a steady flow. Then they start making the damage. The pushers like to stay in their lane and play in their time. They don’t like to be rushed. But that’s where you strike.

By this strike, you won’t give the pusher to get in their usual flow. You take the point in your control and make a strong return.

Strong Return

You will need to swing aggressively above the net. With your strong return, the pusher will be in a defensive position. There is your advantage. But there are challenges sometimes. The pusher can make a move against you with your strategy.

The pusher may adjust itself more deeply into the baseline. In that case, make sure to have a return strategy that will mess with the pusher’s head.

2. Second Serve

Why the Second Serve

The second serve is a great way to score points against the pusher. It is one of their weaknesses. If you can manage to attack the second serve properly, you will be able to put the pusher on the defensive.

The pusher will then make mistakes as you have thrown them off their game. Then you can score the points according to your terms. 

Aim Target Properly 

Always focus on the place you will hit the return. Make sure that you have a certain target before you return. If not, you may miss it and it will do more harm than good. While making moves against the pusher, always be sure and then strike. 

3. Redeeming the Weak Second Serve

Get the Pusher Out

If you have shot a weak second serve, then don’t worry. We have got a way for you to redeem your weak serve through the Short Angle Returns. After the weak serve, the pusher will move more behind the baseline. You gave them the chance.

The pusher behind the baseline is a negative point for you. You won’t be able to make strikes against them. You will need to get them into the net where they are vulnerable.  

Topspin Angle

You can get them out in the court by hitting in topspin angles. Through your sudden aggressive topspin angled shot after your weak serve, you will surprise the pusher.

The pusher at that point will likely be prepared for a deep return. This is a smart strategy to trick the pusher and have the game in your points. 

4. Backhand Slice Short Crosscourt

Safety Zone

The Backhand Slice Short Crosscourt is a technique to move pushers from their safety zone. The pushers stay behind the baseline. They work on the opponent’s offensive shot from this position.

They can run down the balls while having plenty of time to get back. This is truly a perfect position for them. Making the move from this position will be a perfect shot against them.

How to Play

Play this technique short and low over the net. This will prompt the pusher to move forward in the court. The main motive is to get the pusher out of its comfort zone. The pushers don’t prefer coming to the court for low-sliced balls. 

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5. Angle Approach Shots

The angle approach shot is an effective way to beat the pusher. This shot will force the pusher to come out in the court. There is a down-a-line approach shot. This works fine with other players but not with the pusher as it doesn’t force the pusher to come out of the court like the angle approach shot. 

Comfort Zone 

For the angle approach shot, the pusher will need to run across the court. This means leaving its comfort zone. This is adding a surprise element to trick the pusher. 


To play against the pusher, you must know when and where to strike. The pushers have planned strategies and techniques in their head. They are fast and always prepared to block the opponent.

For this reason, you will need tactics and moves that you can use against the pusher. We hope the techniques we have mentioned will be helpful. You can practice these strategies and improve your game. 

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