Best Tennis Racquets Under $100: Stay On A Budget

Every year millions of viewers enjoy the US Open live. People around the world eagerly wait for their favorite player to rock the 78-foot court. 

While watching Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal battling for the championship, the next generation often dreams of playing in the US Open someday.

But people often discourage them by telling them it’s a costly sport. That leads to players interested in tennis often asking a common question – “can I afford to play tennis on a budget?

Yes, of course, you can. 

It’s not like Polo or Formula One. Though tennis equipment often comes with a wide price range, it doesn’t mean you can’t afford it.

I know, you’re probably worrying too much about the quality of the tennis racquet. This article might have all the answers for you.

This article includes a list of the top 7 best tennis racquets under $100. I did the research not based on price only; quality assurance was my priority.

In a hurry? Here are my top three picks:

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Buyer’s Guide: How To Pick Best Tennis Racquets Under $100

Best Tennis Racquets Under $100

If you’re buying a racket for the first time, you might face some difficulties. Don’t worry; this a guide to help you understand what to expect from a tennis racket. 

Whether you plan to buy something from the list or select any other rackets out there, You’ll need to keep some factors in mind before buying a racket.

To ensure a racket will serve well, here’s the list of factors you need to consider while buying a racket.

1. Length

The age generally selects the length of the rackets. For kids under 11 years old, the recommended sizes start from 18 to 23-inch.

For teens 23 to 26-inch and for regular full-time players, the standard size range is 26-inch to 29-inch.

Around 98% of tennis players are comfortable with 27-inch rackets.

The player with long rackets has the advantage of covering more grounds. The smaller ones can use more techniques and maneuverability.

2. Head Area

One of the most important factors to study carefully is the head area size. There different sizes of head areas available for different rackets.

The size you will need depends on the level of your playing.

Head sizes have a wide range of choices that covers from 85sq. inch to 135sq. inch. Oversized heads offer more power, and midsized heads allow more control.

As for beginners, I recommend them to use rackets with large head areas. 

The more balls you’ll hit back, the more confidence will grow. You can shift to the rackets with a smaller head area once your accuracy improves.  

The intermediate level player should use smaller head area rackets.  

3. Grip Size

Grip size is more of a feeling testing than testing by size. Go to your local tennis store and try some sizes; whichever one fits perfectly will be your comforting size.

A loose grip or tight grip of either one of them can cause various problems. If you overlook those problems more, in the long run, they can turn into injuries. 

4. String Pattern

Lastly, the string pattern of a racket is also something you should carefully look into while buying a racket.

The String Patterns control the durability of the string, power, and spin. 

There are two types of string patterns available out there,

  • Open String Pattern 
  • Closed String Pattern

While you’re checking out the racket’s features, you’ll see something like an 18×20, 16×18 string pattern.

What does those specifications mean?

Well, an open string allows fewer intersecting cross strings. They’re usually 16×18 type patterns. 

Open string pattern will enable players to use more power and spin while hitting the ball. 

On the other hand, a closed string pattern comes with more intersections in strings, which helps the string to last long but sacrifices extra power.

7 Best Tennis Racquets Under $100 (Reviews)

Putting the racket’s quality first, I bring you the list of best tennis rackets available for you under $100

This list includes rackets from world-class racket producers like Wilson, Babolat, and others. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. HEAD Ti.S6 Strung

The tag of the best selling tennis racket doesn’t come easy. Ti S6 holds that title for so long that it’s considered the best selling tennis racket ever. 

If you want speed with many lobbying and technical advantages, HEAD Ti S6 Strung will help you the most.

It’s an ultra-light tennis racket weighing only 8 ounces.

Under $100, having a titanium body is a big plus. HEAD Ti S6 Strung also allows four different grip sizes available in the store. 

Its head allows 115 sq inches area that will hardly leave any balls untouched on the court. 

The overall length of this racquet is 27.75-inch. This large size will help you cover a wide range without running.

In terms of string pattern, Head Ti S6 Strung uses a unique Head Synthetic Gut. It’ll not only allow you to enjoy some top blow over the net. 

This string is famous for its long-lasting quality. So, before repairing your strings, you’ll get a whole lot of matches using this racket. 

If you love something durable, big, and lightweight, HEAD Ti S06 is probably an easy winner.

Things We Like:

  • The ultra-lightweight racket weighs only 8.9 ounces.
  • A bigger head area with 115 sq. inch.
  • 27.75-inch long body
  • Titanium body
  • Comes with standard lightly padded cover
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2. Babolat Boost Drive Pre-Strung Tennis Racquet

While making this list, one thing I never considered is to bring everything for professional players. The beginners are the heart of future tennis. 

Just because some people find it expensive doesn’t mean it’s a costly sport. 

So, I covered some of the best beginner’s Racket out there, and the runner-up of this list is one of them.

Babolat Boost Drive Pre-Strung Tennis Racket is probably the best tennis racket for beginners under $100. The 105 sq. inch head is easy to handle. 

It gives beginners comfort and helps them swipe as they like. It could be your solution before trying big-headed rackets.

A 16×19 string pattern will help you to put some extra punch on the tennis ball. You’ll have a lot of topspin with this one. 

The 9.8ounce weight won’t get in the way if you try some lobbying once in a while. Babolat Boost Drive is an ideal racket to practice and master your techniques.

The graphite body and the sky-blue design will attract anyone. As for its size, both genders feel comfortable using it.

Things We Like:

  • Comforting head size for beginners
  • Graphite body with pure drive colors
  • Comes in four different sizes
  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Comfortable for both genders
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3. Wilson Adult Recreational Tennis Racket

Not everyone wants to play competitive tennis. A lot of people use sports for recreational purposes. 

When it comes to recreational use, most of us don’t expect the racket manufactured by a large company. Well, we’re wrong.

Wilson, one of the most heard names in sports, brought something we don’t usually expect from a recreational tennis racket, and there’s more to it.

The graphite body makes it 11.2 ounces in weight, which is not light. This list might include some of the lightweight weight rackets under $100. 

But not everyone wants a lightweight racket. The extra stability and momentum always come with heavier rackets.

The use of V-Matrix technology provides more area for playing power shots. 

While playing for a long time, every one of us has to deal with one common problem – hand sweats.  Well, it offers a perforated grip, which is a luxury in rackets under $100.

The perforated grip absorbs moisture that will give you comfort in high-performance matches.

If you’re picky about colors, let me assure you that this one offers some of the coolest colors and designs. 

So, pick your favorite color up with all these features under $100.

Things We Like:

  • Pre-strung racket
  • Perforated grip aids
  • More sweet spots with V-Matrix technology 
  • Stability comes with Volcanic Frame Technology
  • Comes in many color choices
Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

4. Head Ti Instinct Comp Tennis Racket 

Another one for the beginners and this time it’s from Head. It has everything a beginner needs for starting a career. 

It’s not that big, which can be hard to handle for a starter. It is also not that small like a jr tennis racket. 

Head Ti Instinct Comp Tennis Racket is something in between to start on your career.

You can start with this one and keep improving. Head Ti Instinct uses a titanium-based body, which makes it lighter and durable. 

It weighs only 10.2 ounces. The lightweight build quality will help you have more control in court.

You will be able to spin it at your wheel. The 22mm beam and the light body will cut through the air without any major resistance.

The 105 sq. inch head area makes it a better option for both men and women. And 27-inch standard length will help you keep your range wide while playing.

Moreover, Extreme Grid technology of Head Ti Instinct will keep the stability even if you cannot hit the ball in the center.

The strings are set in a 16×19 pattern, which allows you to have a large sweet spot. 

Things We Like:

  • 105 sq. inch beginner-friendly head area
  • High-quality titanium and graphite mix body
  • Extreme Grid Technology offers better stability
  • Lightweight and easy to control
  • Offers head light balance helps to reduce vibration
Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

5. Wilson Energy Extra Large Tennis Racquet

Developing skills is one of the crucial points for a tennis player. If you start playing with a professional level racket, you might probably face more obstacles. 

So, when you outgrow your beginner’s challenges, you need to upgrade yourself with something that’ll help perfect your techniques and master your skills. 

For its wide variety of customers, Wilson made something that’ll help a player outgrow himself at the intermediate level.

Wilson Energy Extra Large Tennis Racquet will give you the big opportunity to master your skills. The 112 sq. inch head area will allow you to send back more balls to the other side of the court. 

Wilson Energy Extra Large Tennis Racquet is not ultra-lightweight and also not that heavy. 

In the beginning, you might face some challenges if you’re not familiar with little weight. But it’ll make you grow a lot better. 

The Stop Shock Sleeve feature will help the racket to reduce vibration and help you get more control. I also liked its aluminum-based body that offers a lightweight design.

Things We Like:

  • Price is criminally low
  • Comfortable for beginner and intermediate level players
  • Absorbs more shock with Stop Shock Technology
  • Extra-large sweet spot
  • Maximum impact with low effort
Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

6. OPPUM Adult Carbon Fiber Tennis Racket

Next on our list is OPPUM, the US-based company, brings Adult Carbon Fiber Tennis Racket. 

The durability of the racket comes from its aluminum and carbon-based materials. The use of these materials has made the racket lightweight and easy to handle.

Are you having problems with shock and vibration? Well, this racket uses a triangular structure and comforting handle, which absorbs shocks and reduces vibration.

Any beginner to the intermediate level player will feel comfortable using all these features for under a hundred bucks.

Though it has a limited grip size of 4 ⅜”, which might not meet some of the player’s preferences, the customer service of OPPUM is very helpful.

They can promptly help you with any problems you face while playing with Adult Carbon Fiber Tennis Racket.

It comes with attractive colors and design options. So pick your color and start playing.

Things We Like:

  • Offers a carrying bag with the racket
  • Customer service
  • Comes at a lower price
  • Available color options
  • Triangular shockproof structure
Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

7. Wilson Youth Roger Federer Recreational Tennis Racket

Last but not least, on my list is something for the next generation players. 

The young blood needs some high quality but affordable racket for their practice. This one will help them get started. 

The five times US Open champion Roger Federer worked with Wilson and engineered recreational tennis rackets.

Wilson Youth Roger Federer Recreational Tennis Rackets brings something that young people will love to start their career with.

If you’re here to select a racket for your kids, this might be the best possible solution. 

Lightweight and stability was the main concern during the manufacturing of this one. The length is around 25-inch long, which a better suit for 9 to 11years old players.

The classic black and white design will surely attract anyone’s eyes. Airlite alloy frame offers not only lightweight quality but also assures durability. 

There are bumper guards available to protect the racket from any accidental damages.

Things We Like:

  • Classic black and white design
  • Suited for 9-10 years old kids
  • Bumper guard protection
  • Alloy-based lightweight frame
  • Extra stability for young players
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Related Questions

Best Tennis Rackets Under 100

Here are brief answers to some of the commonly asked questions related to finding the best tennis racquets under $100.

If you have got a question that’s not covered below, please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you with an answer.

1. What size of tennis racket do I need?

The size of a tennis racket depends on some factors. For standard 78-foot court size, I recommend you use a 26-inch racket. 

But if you’re looking for someone younger like 8-10 years old, there are variations of length from 19 to 25-inch racket. 

In terms of grip size, juniors will be comfortable with 4 ⅛” and 4 ¼” and 4 ⅜” for women and men prefers 4 ⅜” and 4 ½” sized grip.

You can read more about tennis racket sizes and what size is suitable for you in this article.

2. Is a heavy tennis racket better?

A heavy tennis racket will allow you to apply more force and absorb shocks during a match. So, a heavy tennis racket will help you fight the battle with more stability. 

But it’s only a better choice if you’re comfortable with a heavy racket. Lightweight rackets allow players to move freely and gives you a better advantage with speed

So, yes, if you are satisfied with a heavy racket, it’s the better choice. 

3. Can tennis rackets go in hand luggage?

The answer is close to a NO! 

If you want to carry around your racket in hand luggage, it might not be possible. Most of the airlines allow around 22-inch in length size hand luggage. 

At the same time, a standard size tennis racket is 27-inch in length. So evidently, it won’t fit. 

But if you’re carrying a junior tennis racket, it’s possible to take a 19/21-inch in hand luggage. 

Don’t worry. International flights allow tennis players to bring rackets onboard.

4. What size is a full-size tennis racket?

Tennis rackets are available as long as 29-inch. 

If we talk about world tournaments around the world, they allow rackets ranging from 26.5-inch to 29-inch rackets.

However, if we talk in general, a standard full-size tennis racket means it’s 27-inch long.

Final Words

To sum up, whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate player, the more you’ll play, the more you’ll understand your needs. 

Hope my article has helped you understand the factors that need considering while buying a racquet. 

While any of our 7 best tennis racquets under $100 in 2021 will make a decent gear, we highly recommend HEAD Ti.S6 Strung tennis racket.

It is a standard-sized racquet made of high-quality material, therefore, offering a brilliant game.

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