How Much Do Tennis Umpires Get Paid?

A tennis match needs umpires to ensure that the results are fair and the players do not violate any rules of the match.

Each year, more than 100 tennis tournaments take place. When a tennis match takes place, there will be two umpires watching over the match, the chair umpire and the line umpire.

Tennis is a widely popular sport that is followed by people from all parts of the world and it is a business with a huge annual cash flow.

With that arises a common question, “how much do tennis umpires get paid?

As a tennis enthusiast myself, it was one of the most interesting question that I used to ask in my early days of matches. And if you’re on the same page, this article will help you get an answer.

How Much Do Tennis Umpires Get Paid?

How Much Do Tennis Umpires Get Paid

According to records from 2020, the average fee of professional tennis umpires is £1500 per match.

If they are umpiring grand slams, they are paid around £5000 per match. On average, the yearly salary of a tennis umpire is around £350,000.

Shockingly, there’s a wide disparity in the salaries of male umpires and female umpires. The average per match fee of a female umpire is £750. If they umpire grand slams, they are paid £1500. The average annual salary of woman tennis umpires is £200,000.

For entry-level umpires, the match fees they are paid is around £350 per match and they receive an annual salary of £50,000. Entry-level umpires are not given the charge of grand slam events.

Although the line umpires have got a lot of work, they are paid less than the chair umpires. A line umpire is paid £500 per match and if they are umpiring a grand slam event, they are paid £1500.

All the salary details provided in this article are based on the reports released by the International Tennis Federation.

Gold Badge Umpires And Salary

Gold badge umpires are appointed for officiating the WTA World Tour, ATP World Tour, and Grand Slam tournaments.

The umpires that come in the Gold Badge category have many years of experience and are highly skilled. They are paid a significantly larger salary than umpires that do not come in this category.

However, the salary gap between male and female umpires is evident in the Gold Badge category too. When the male umpires are paid £1500 per match, the female chair umpires are paid £750 per match.

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Tennis Umpire Salary 2021

Let’s quickly sum-up what we discussed so far:

Tennis Umpire TypePer Match Fee
Professional Tennis Umpire (Male)£1500
Professional Tennis Umpire (Female)£750
Professional Tennis Umpire (Male) – Grand Slam£5000
Professional Tennis Umpire (Female) – Grand Slam£1500
Entry-level Umpire£350
Line Umpire£500
Line Umpire – Grand Slam£1500
Annual Salary of Professional Tennis Umpire (Male)£350,000
Annual Salary of Professional Tennis Umpire (Female)£200,000

What Are The Duties Of A Tennis Umpire?

The umpires have the full responsibility of ensuring that a tennis match is played fairly with all the rules correctly followed. The assistance of technology helps umpires in their job.

Tennis Umpire Salary

1. What Are The Duties Of A Chair Umpire?

A chair umpire has greater authority than a line umpire in a tennis match. Ensuring that all rules of tennis are properly followed and the players maintain the code of conduct is the duty of the chair umpire.

He/she has the authority to make decisions that overrule the decisions of the line umpire if the latter makes a mistake. The chair umpire has the final word when it comes to all questions of fact that arise during the match. 

2. What Are The Duties Of A Line Umpire?

Line umpires watch every movement of the players and call the lines. They are offering assistance to the chair umpires in ensuring the game is played fairly.

Line umpires have to concentrate for long periods of time and should have great eyesight. 

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