Wilson Federer Team Collection Tennis Bag Review

They say if you look and act like a pro, you can play like a pro. 

If that is true, wouldn’t you want a tennis backpack that is endorsed by one of the best players to ever play the game?

That’s what you will get with this Roger Federer Wilson Team Tennis bag

If you want a name brand, stylish backpack for an affordable price, this is the best Tennis backpack for you.

And in this article, I'm going to share my review of Roger Federer Wilson Team Tennis bag and thoughts on whether you should buy it or not!

Let's get started.

Quick Overview

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What We Like

  • RipStop Nylon main body fabric
  • Clean, professional-looking
  • Exterior pocket for personal effects

What We DON'T Like

  • Lack of additional racket space

Roger Federer Wilson Team Tennis Bag Review

Roger Federer Wilson Team Tennis Bag

As stylish as it is convenient, the Wilson Federer Team Collection Tennis Bag is a tennis backpack with a minimalist design that looks clean without being boisterous.

It comes in a dark gray nylon fabric, with black and red-orange accent colors on the stitching and accessories, as well as a Roger Federer signature and Wilson logo screen printed on the face.

The bag comes with compartments for gear, rackets, and other smaller things like keys and your phone.

It can be worn as a backpack with its padded backpack straps, thrown over your shoulder, or carried by hand making it versatile for frequent traveling or just carrying gear around.

Who Is This Product For?

Wilson Fed Team Tennis Bag

This backpack is targeted towards men, however the simplistic and low-key style makes it a great choice for men and women alike. It is well-priced for a tennis backpack, falling in between more luxury backpacks and standard tennis bags.

This makes it viable for new players on a budget or intermediates who need to travel or want to comfortably carry their gear from home to the court.

The ideal user of the Wilson Federer Team Collection Tennis Bag is someone who will be able to take advantage of the mobility a tennis backpack offers, as well as the storage options that are available.

A backpack is often smaller and holds less than a tennis bag because it is built to fit comfortably on your back.

However, while it does not necessarily have the same total storage space, this bag has many smaller pockets and a separate racket compartment, keeping the main storage space open for balls, towels, shoes, and more.

While the bag can be used by any player, one of the primary limitations is a lack of additional racket space. If you need to carry more than 1-2 rackets, this may not be the bag for you.

Its storage space is more focused on accessories rather than larger gear and racket space, so keep that in mind when considering this backpack.

What’s included?

When buying this product, you will receive the backpack along with all of the features that are included on it.

There are no additional pieces or assembly required. It is usable right out of the box!

Overview of Features

Wilson Fed Team Tennis Bag 12 Pack Features

The Wilson Federer Team Collection Tennis Bag is a backpack-style tennis bag made for users of all skill levels and style preferences.

With a cool nylon gray and black design, it doesn’t stick out but still looks stylish.

Coming in at 11.8” by 9.1” by 18.9”, it is large enough to house 2 rackets in its racket compartment with the ends hanging outwards, which are secured by a special zipper to keep them in place.

It also comes with a main compartment that has small pockets to keep accessories and smaller gear, leaving more room for larger gear like shoes and balls and saving you the trouble of rummaging through to find your keys.

As an added perk, the bag has exterior mesh pockets to keep water or extra balls on hand which is a feature not very common on tennis backpacks.

This backpack is a mid-tier tennis bag, meaning that it is cheap enough for all users, but it also does not have many additional bonus features or as much storage as larger tennis bags.

A higher-priced tennis backpack will likely have more storage, more compartments, and other features like earphone ports, zipper tags, labels, and more.

Additionally, a similarly priced tennis bag may offer more storage space, with the tradeoff of less mobility than the backpack.

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How to Get the Most Out of the Tennis Backpack

In order to justify the price of the product and choosing a backpack over a bag, mobility should be one of your highest priorities. A backpack is easier to carry around than a bag because it can be carried on your back.

This lets you hold more, reduces the chances of injuring your shoulder or hand, and makes movements like getting up, running, and sitting easier.

You would also benefit more from this bag if you do not need to carry more than 2 rackets, or have more accessories than you do larger gear like clothes, shoes, towels, and more. This lets you take advantage of the racket and accessory pockets.


If you want an alternative to this backpack that has more features, storage, and perks, you could consider the Babolat-Pure Tennis Backpack

It has a racket compartment and extendable handle cover to protect your rackets from the weather, as well as vented compartments.

These are great for storing used gear without it stinking up the rest of your pack. Unfortunately, this bag costs about 50% more than the Wilson Federer Team Collection Tennis Bag, but the bonus features make it worth it for semi-pros and frequent travelers.

If you are looking to spend less and don’t need a tennis backpack, you could get the Wilson Advantage II Tennis Bag

It is cheaper than most backpacks, and is large enough to fit 2 rackets in its main compartment entirely. 

It has smaller pockets inside for additional storage of accessories, and a padded shoulders trap for easy transport. 

However, sadly it does not compare to a tennis backpack in terms of mobility.


If you want a clean, professional-looking tennis backpack that can hold 2 rackets, some balls, a towel, a water bottle, and your accessories without a problem, this bag is for you. 

It is not the most advanced or spacious model available, however it will hold more than enough for many tennis players who are only lightly traveling.

If you want to spend more or save money, you could opt to go with a more luxury backpack like All for Tote Tennis Bag or cheaper bag. 

If you are unsure of what works best for you, you can’t go wrong with the Wilson Federer Team Collection Tennis Bag.

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