Head Revolt Pro 3.0 Review: The New Generation of Premium Performance

If you coach tennis and are on your feet all day, you know your comfort is as important as that of your athletes. If you are comfortable you can focus on what needs to be done to help your athlete reach their peak.

The Head Revolt Pro 3.0 Tennis Shoe is made from a combination of textiles and synthetics.

It has a rubber sole and comes with a lightweight and seamless breathable mesh upper. The upper is also made with memory foam for added comfort. The Head TPU energy frame provides stability and support.

These shoes are available in 8 color combinations in loud and bold colors, including red and neon yellow, green, and gray or white and blue options.

Head Revolt Pro 3.0 Tennis Shoe is a shoe designed for stability and support.

In this review, we will take a look at the pros and cons of these shoes and give our verdict. You can then make an informed decision when you need to buy new tennis shoes whether you are a coach or an avid player.

Head Revolt Pro 3.0 Features

Head Revolt Pro 3.0
  • It is made from a combination of textiles and synthetics
  • The shoe has a rubber sole
  • It has a lightweight and seamless breathable mesh upper
  • The shoes are available in a green and gray combination, red and neon yellow or white and blue
  • It comes with a memory foam upper
  • The Head TPU energy frame provides stability


  • These shoes are a good fit for narrow feet
  • The shoes will work as walking shoes, tennis shoes, or basketball shoes
  • The shoes are good quality
  • They offer good stability
  • This is a good compression shoe that offers good support
  • Available in 8 color combinations that are loud and bold



Head Revolt Pro 3.0 Review

This is a good compression shoe with a snug fit. The Head Revolt Pro 3.0 Tennis Shoe will work well for aggressive action on the court and offer good support for quick random movements or if you spend your day coaching different players with varying styles.

They breathe well and will work as walking shoes or for other court sports like basketball or racquetball.

These shoes have a solid construction and good traction. The colors are loud and bright and depending on your sense of style might either be the perfect option or a little too much.

They are a good fit for narrow feet and high arches so you won’t have to shop around for insoles with better arch support on top of trying to find a good shoe.

On the negative side, the sizes do run a bit small and the fit is snug and narrow. These shoes will be too tight for wider feet and might not work well if you have flat arches.

The soles have good durability but don’t last long if used daily. They squeak a bit and fit tight against the heel and they may cause blisters here depending on the fit and your feet.


Head Revolt Pro 3 Comparison

The Head Revolt Pro 3.0 Tennis Shoe is a good stability shoe. It is narrower than some other shoes and fit snug and tight.

Those shoes will be too tight and narrow for someone with wide feet or flat arches and other shoes on the market with a wider toe box will suit you better if you need more room.

However, those shoes will work well if you need longer shoes and good stability, especially if you have high arches. Also, you might be able to find comparative shoes that are available in much brighter colors than most other shoes and not in a very large variety, but that will not be a problem if you are happy with comfortable shoes no matter their color.

You can also find tennis shoes available in a white and blue combination if you are looking for a bit calmer style.

They are well ventilated, but not as light as other shoes with a larger area in the mesh as part of the upper construction.

These shoes compare well to other shoes in the stability range and are better quality than other brands. The memory foam uppers also give more comfort and if the narrow fit works for you, you won’t need to add insoles.


Head Revolt Pro 3.0 Tennis Shoes Review

The Head Revolt Pro 3.0 Tennis Shoe is an excellent, high-quality stability shoe. It will be perfect for the coach, tennis, or basketball player with higher arches and narrow feet.

If you need a good walking shoe to support you during long days on your feet these shoes will give you the stability and support you need.

But you will need to decide if you like to stand out from the crowd with loud bright shoes. If you are also a bright loud tennis player these will suit you perfectly.

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