Babolat Pure Tennis Backpack Review: Perfect for Beginners?

If you’re looking for an amazing tennis backpack that is worthy of hanging on your shoulder, this backpack is for you. The Babolat Pure Tennis Backpack is a travel backpack that is a part of the 2018-2019 Pure Line from Babolat.

This product was built specifically for tennis players looking for the perfect mix of style, comfort, and convenience.

It is available in 4 colors and boasts a variety of compartments, perks, and more that set it apart from the competition.

Babolat Pure Tennis Backpack: Quick Overview

Babolat Pure Tennis Backpack Review





What We Like

  • Large main compartment for shoes and gear
  • Side accessory pockets
  • Plush padded straps

What We DON'T Like

  • Lack of racket space

Babolat Pure Tennis Backpack Review

Babolat Pure Tennis Backpack

Are you tired of carrying your tennis gear in an old, dirty, or just plain ugly bag?

Have you fallen victim to the wrath of dirty tennis shoes sitting in an unvented compartment? 

If so, it’s time to elevate your gear-game to the next level with the Babolat Pure Tennis Backpack.

Who Is This Product For?

Designed for pros but built for everyone, this backpack will make travel easier than ever for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re carrying it to school or toting it around the world, the comfort, style, and convenience makes it a great choice for any tennis player.

While the product has a variety of great features and boasts exceptional storage space, these backpacks are primarily built for competitive tennis players.

Players who need to protect and carry 1-2 rackets and who will use the storage and extras that make this backpack more expensive than a standard bag would benefit more than casual players with minimal gear.

What’s included?

The backpack is a relatively inclusive product. Many of the features, such as the straps, compartments, and label window are attached to the backpack itself.

Therefore, the product contains just the backpack and no additional pieces to add-on or install.

Overview of Features

Babolat Pure Tennis Backpack Features

The Babolat Pure Tennis Backpack is a luxury tennis backpack that is available in 4 different colors: black/red, black/yellow, black/grey, and blue/white.

It is 17 inches tall, 12.5 inches wide, and has a depth of 10 inches, and comes with an extendable racket handle cover to keep up to 2 rackets safe and secure on the move.

The storage doesn’t stop there though – it comes with an additional large compartment to make sure it can fit extra balls, water, towels, and other gear without sacrificing racket space.

Perhaps most importantly, there are two vented compartments to keep your used gear from stinking up the rest of your pack, saving you from secondhand stink!

What makes this backpack special are the included extras. From a headphone slot for tunes on the move to reinforced straps and handles, the backpack is the perfect travel companion for players on the go.

Add in the ability to display a personalized label and it becomes the perfect backpack to make yours for years to come.

Where this backpack can fall short for some customers is in the racket compartment.

Because the extendable handle protectors are slightly narrow, you may have trouble securing 2 rackets in the extension. This can lead to stretching and possibly cause the zipper to split, requiring you to fasten it another way.

It can also only carry up to 2 rackets, making it a worse choice for those who need to carry more rackets when traveling and may require an additional backpack or carrier to accommodate the lack of racket capacity.

How To Get The Most Out of The Babolat Pure Tennis Backpack

Babolat Pure Tennis Backpack Review

The best way to make use of the Babolat Pure Tennis Backpack is to take advantage of the multiple compartments offered. There are two main compartments – one for the rackets, and one for general storage that make up the majority of the space.

However, nobody wants to root around the main pocket to find something, which is where the multiple smaller pockets throughout the backpack come in.

The two vented compartments are also incredibly useful, making it great for both before the match and after.

Apart from the storage space, this backpack excels for tennis players on the go who want an easy way to carry their gear around. The backpack sits comfortably on your back, allowing you to carry more gear more comfortably.

You don’t have to worry about hurting yourself toting around a larger bag in your hands, and you can get up and go at will.

Babolat Pure Tennis Backpack Alternatives

Babolat RH12 Pure

To make up for the lack of racket space, you could opt to go for a larger bag such as the RH12 Pure series by Babolat.

These bags can hold up to 12 rackets and include a wider opening for easier access, a rigid shell to protect the gear, and insulated compartments to keep the rackets from damage.

However, they do not have the same level of maneuverability, additional features, and numerous pockets that the Babolat Pure Tennis Backpack does, so be sure to consider your storage needs before making a choice!

Final Words

The Babolat Pure Tennis Backpack is a professional-grade tennis backpack for players of all skill levels. While it lacks space for more than 2 rackets, it has a variety of features that make it one of the best and most stylish tennis backpacks available.

These include an extendable racket handle compartment, vented compartments, and more.

Players who need to carry around a variety of gear but fewer than 2 rackets can greatly benefit from this backpack and look good while doing so.

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