Dominic Theim Racquet Specifications: What Racquet Does He Use?

Dominic Theim is a unique identity that hardly requires acknowledgment when you’re a frequent observer of tennis. Recently, this international tennis player demonstrated his supremacy. His commitment and love for the sport made him one of the game’s champions. And he doesn’t appear to be slowing down in recent years.

So, you’re probably curious what Dominic Theim Racquet is. That’s exactly something I’ll dig at in this post.

Dominic Theim
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What Racquet Does Dominic Theim Use?

Thiem selects a Babolat Pure Strike 18 x 20 with extra lead tape.

He’s a gigantic lefty, and the Pure Strike enables him to strike big while still keeping the ball in play and launching tremendous momentum and strength.

It’s easy to understand why Dominic Thiem prefers this one as his preferred racquet. You have to observe him playing for several minutes to notice how much energy he expends.

Specs of Dominic Theim Racquet 

Dominic Thiem, like most other professional players, has extensively changed his racquet. Babolat or Thiem have never said precisely what sort of changes he’s made to his racquet. But I’m guessing he’s gained a little weight. Let’s look at his racquet specifications now.

Head size98 sq inches
Racket length27 inches
Strung racket weight:11.4 ounces
Balance13 inches
Swing weight334
String pattern18×20
String tension50-59 pounds
Grip Size2.5
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What Strings Dominic Theim Racquet Use?

Thiem has played extensively with strings. He constantly changed them. He was using Babolat RPM Blast’s complete bed ever since he first switched to the Pure Strike. Then he switched to the RPM Blast Rough, ostensibly to increase spin and control.

The mains are strung with softer strings. When the crossed are strung with the darker. Theim selects cross Babolat VS Touch 16g and Babolat RPM Blast 17g strings, accordingly.

The use of lighter strings makes it easier for the racket to generate spin. The thick thread structure controls the ball when the string mixture determines the force and turn.

Dominic Theim Racquet’s Exclusive Capabilities

Dominic Theim is a fantastic representative for this sport. He is prosperous and still hungry for more. And there ought to be some distinguishing characteristics when he only responds to a specific racquet. I attempted to identify three distinctive features. Let’s take a look at it.

Flexibility is Fantastic

The Babolat Pure Strike 18×20 tennis racket is commonly considered an excellent tennis racket. It gains an advantage due to its unusual string patterns and small head size. As a consequence of this mixture, the total amount of energy generated is decreased. As a result, it becomes a low-power racquet. 

This racquet is geared toward accuracy, power, and balance. It is due to a blend of the following characteristics.

  • Swing weight is heavy.
  • Balance of headlights
  • Frame flex is reasonable.

First, we get a swing capacity of 334, which is exceptionally high for a tennis racket. Anything above 325 is labeled strong, and 334 is considerably heavier than that.

This racket will be more difficult to turn due to the heavier swing mass. Fortunately, it also prevents the racquet from being knocked down by fast-moving balls. As a result, while trying to deflect attacks, this leads to good balance. Aside from that, it improves the game’s extraordinary potential to slow the speed.

Simultaneously, the head-light balance can marginally improve the racket’s stability and survivability.

Ultimately, there’s a racket design that can be adjusted. This tennis racket is moderately stiff, with such a flex score of 66. It isn’t too rigid or too elastic. It decreases energy and gives you a percentage of authority.

Aside from that, the Pure Strike racket’s frame features a flexible grip to help with pocketing.

High Levels of Support and Shock Absorption

The racket’s modest flex decreases its strength. However, it enhances relaxation and impact absorption. This racket would be pretty flexible and provide a smoother, even more, comfortable feel. As previously said, this will lead to improved racket performance in the game.

Low Spin Rate

Because of the racquet’s thicker 18×20 thread design, it has a revert capacity. You get a much more consistent shot because more threads come into the touch of the ball. Aside from this one, strings arranged in this design will last longer as they will scatter little.

Is the lower spinning, on the other hand, a disadvantage? It is dependent on your tastes as well as the strings you’re using.

This racket’s movement ought to be perfect for you only when you prefer power and expect your tennis racket to become more reliable. You might consider using elevated strings to maximize the spin capacity.

However, I do not believe that the lack of momentum is a disadvantage. On the other hand, the revert capacity emphasizes balance and renders this racket to be more efficient and reliable.

How Does This Racquet Play? 

I knew the Pure Strike might be a good fit for me when I decided to pick that up. It didn’t let me down. It will be the racket for you if you want possibly the best racquet that gives you plenty of power while still emphasizing control.

This racket has a glamorous appearance. But I was ecstatic to discover that the Babolat Pure Strike is as powerful as it is appealing. 

Babolat claims that their racket is made for aggressive players. Dominic Thiem is an excellent spokesman for them. These elements compel me to attempt this racquet. Here’s what I’ve discovered.


The Pure Strike seemed incredibly strong and well-balanced from the first shot I struck. In my hands, this just sounded right. I was motivated to smash through my hits to have the best out of my hits by the headlight control.

It was especially beneficial on my backhand. I sensed like I was having my non-dominant hand right towards the ball and producing a lot of control. When I use a slightly heavier racquet, I have a lot of trouble with this. But it was different. 

I was able to produce more power thanks to the lightweight frame. The Babolat Pure Strike effectively reduced my weaknesses. The one area where I suffered was getting the turn off the forehand, which I am used to. 

For groundstrokes, the Pure Strike receives a nine from me. It was created for aggressive groundstroke, and it delicately checks the box.


If you’re used to smashing big serves, the Pure Strike can take some time to get used to. But you cover for it in balance and feel.

As for myself, I believe that if I improve my methodology, I can get an additional 10-15 mph out of my serve. As a result, I wouldn’t be concerned if the racket lost any control.

The Pure Strike’s serve receives a 7.5 out of 10 ratings. It has incredible feeling and power. However, this doesn’t ensure simple control that some players may love to have on their serve.


It does have a nice feel for those vital moments if you want to turn on a dime with your volley. Even if a ball is hit at you, it still seems solid. When you’re rushing about at the net, this same headlight adjustment seems lovely in your hands. Even when you prefer doubles, the Pure Strike is indeed a fantastic buy. 

On volleys, I give the Pure Strike a clear 8.5.

Who Should Consider Purchasing This Racquet?

The Babolat Pure Strike 98, including an 18×20 thread design, is Dominic Thiem’s racket. The instrument is a high-quality tennis racket that will hold your game at its peak. And, as you might imagine, the racquet is perfectly tailored to your aggressive, dominating playing style.

This instrument will be a perfect choice for people who can’t quite understand a quicker ball grasp as it emphasizes balance.

It is also suitable for athletes with a powerful swing. As this is a close to zero racquet, you didn’t need to think about it, regardless of how hard you strike it. Additionally, you won’t even control this racket’s heavy swinging weight and unlock its full capabilities except if you get a solid swing. 

If you’d prefer to perform like Dominic, you’d like to pay attention to the features of this racket. It places a greater emphasis on ball handling, and one must always play the match at one’s own speed.

This racquet is not for newcomers in terms of skill standards. The majority of newcomers would lack the strength to lift this type of gear successfully. You might not want to spend in the best tennis racquets when you’re a novice. However, if you have a steady hand, you might try it regardless of your skill level.

Can You Buy Dominic Thiem Racquet?

Dominic Thiem isn’t the only one who uses the Babolat Pure Strike. And at a competitive level, it’s probably amongst the most common racquets.

Dominic Thiem’s racquet is among the very few common globally, and you can find it almost anywhere. If you’d like to purchase Thiem’s racquet, ensure you have the appropriate 18×20 thread pattern edition.

The cost differs based on how you purchase it. Evaluate the present value and make a comparison, as the market is continually changing.

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This analysis was about Dominic Theim’s Racquet. It isn’t your typical powerful racket, either. This has several one-of-a-kind functionalities. Give this a try if you want to get a future like Dominic Theim.

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