7 Best Tennis Vibration Dampeners: Shock Absorbers for Your Racquet

Whether tennis vibration dampeners are for you or not, is a very subjective matter. As a beginner, you probably won’t notice much of a difference while playing recreational tennis but things tend to heat up when you are playing professional or competitive tennis. 

When you are hitting a ball or trying to block it, the speed of the ball causes your bat to vibrate hard. To minimize this vibration, you can use vibration dampeners.

Vibration dampeners are a type of small clip that clings to your racquet strings. So, should you get a tennis vibration dampener? And if so, which one should you get? Let’s find out. 

7 Best Tennis Vibration Dampeners

1. ADV Tennis 

The first one on our list is ADV tennis. They come in a set of three with three different functions. The distinct feature of these is that it doesn’t look much like the other vibration dampeners.

The design is somewhat boxy shaped compared to the usual round designs. However, the dampeners do an amazing job of staying put and reducing the vibration. The proprietary lock mechanism helps them to stay secure no matter how intense the game gets. 

The three sets of dampeners have three distinct features. Depending on the one you use, they will either range at 6, 4, or 2 strings. 

Depending on the string coverage, vibration will increase or decrease. This is ultimately a personal choice and you need to play with all of this to understand which one suits you better.

In our testing, we have found that for beginners, you can try the sorb. The sorb is a balance between reducing vibrations as well as ensuring that you have appropriate control over your racquet. To top things up, these dampeners come with a lifetime warranty. 

Things We Like: 

  • Distinct design. 
  • Shock absorption 
  • Stays securely in place. 
  • Engineered for durability. 
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2. Tourna Sampras 

The next one in our list is the Tourna Sampras, and as you may have guessed from the name, this is a homage to the tennis legend Pete Sampras. These dampeners from Tourna were used by the legend during his tours and as such, they have decided to rename it. 

The pack comes with two dampeners that are round-shaped. Tourna didn’t try to do anything overcomplicating with this one and that shows in its design and functionality. You can get a decent amount of vibration resistance from this one.

The classic O shape does an amazing job of staying securely fit on your racquet. One of the distinct features of the Tourna Sampras is that hole in the middle.

The hole helps to increase the grip more on the strings. It also helps to dissipate the vibration even throughout the racquet so that you won’t have to face any type of sudden shock to your wrists. 

The dampeners are built with quality and professional competitions in mind and to this day, it is one of the more common dampeners seen to be used by the players in tours. 

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Things We Like: 

  • Traditional design 
  • Secure fit 
  • Easy switching 
  • Balance. 
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3. Wilson Pro Feel 

When it comes to tennis accessories, Wilson is a very common name as well as a fan favorite. The company has been making tennis gears for well over a century now. The Wilson pro feel is a testament to Wilson’s commitment to quality and brand value. 

The pro feel is made in the shape of their iconic W which stood the test of time and made Wilson what it is today. If you follow ATP tours, you have probably seen this iconic W in many player’s racquets. 

Wilson pro feel retains many of the features similar to the Tourna Sampras. The company didn’t try to do anything over innovative with this one and stuck to the basics and perfected them. You get the same easy-to-install, vibration dissipating mechanism with this one just like the Tourna Sampras.

The pro feel, however, gives you a few color choices. The W-shaped dampeners need to be pushed on the bottom cross string of your placement area. This will ensure that your dampeners will stay in place and won’t wobble at all.

Overall, the pro feel can be a good choice for beginners and pros alike. This one’s an easy recommendation from us. 

Things We Like: 

  • Iconic W shape 
  • Secure fit. 
  • Shock absorption and dissipation. 
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4. Coolrunner Tennis Dampener

Coolrunner is a relatively new brand in the tennis gear landscape, but don’t let that fool you in any way. The company makes some of the best tennis accessories including the dampener. If you want maximum dampening on your racquet, then this one is an easy choice for you. 

Coolrunner deviated from the traditional design scape of vibration dampeners. Instead, they have gone with a cylindrical shape design that looks like an elongated pill. 

The commonly used silicon is a design material for these dampeners and as a result, they are very satisfying to use. You can use them in any situation and be guaranteed that they won’t break or create any issue for you.

Moreover, these dampeners produce a satisfying click sound when it hits the right spot. Much of it is due to the shape of the dampener itself. 

Coolrunner has given much thought to the in-hand feel of these dampeners and it shows. The dampeners don’t wobble at all in their place and this helps you to have better control over your shot. Overall, this dampener can be an excellent choice for you regardless of your proficiency level. 

Things We Like: 

  • Unique design 
  • In-hand feel. 
  • Control overshot 
  • High vibration dissipation 
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5. Head Djokovic 

If you are familiar with tennis, then you have heard of Head. The company which is almost nearing two centuries in existence has primarily made skiing and swimming gears before venturing into tennis gears. 

The Head Djokovic is one of their signature dampeners made in collaboration with the great tennis player Novak Djokovic. The dampener is also part of their performance series which are made for the pros by the pros. 

The design of these dampeners is a mix of traditional and modern looks. The traditional O shape is topped with unique designs to make it more distinct and modern.

Head has done an amazing job at increasing the vibration dampening feature even though it stuck to a traditional design. With significantly less vibration going on, you get better control over your racquet and your shot.

In addition to that, Head has also incorporated what they call an arm protection mechanism. The dampeners absorb the vibration equally so that your wrist remains shockproof. Overall, this can be a good choice for you if you want quality and brand assurance.

Things We Like: 

  • Ease to setup 
  • Ergonomic design. 
  • Quality material 
  • Warranty 
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6. Sorbz Tennis Dampeners

If the design of the tennis dampeners isn’t interesting for you, then you should check this one out. When it comes to the design, ADV tennis has gone all out with their Sorbz line.

You get dampeners that come in all sorts of designs and sizes. From popular cartoons to logos to shapes like hearts, you name it, there is something for you. 

However, it’s not the design only on which they have focused. The dampeners are also top-of-the-line ones. Most of the designs are round-shaped ones which means that they are still following the traditional design shapes. However, they have made some internal tweaking that makes them securely fit in their position. 

Overall, if you are someone who is a fan of fancy designs in their dampeners, you can check these out. 

Things We Like: 

  • Customized designs. 
  • Hand feel. 
  • Even distribution of vibrations. 
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7. Babolat Custom Damp 

Another well-known brand in the world of tennis is Babolat. These customized dampeners are part of the performance series from Babolat. The company is very well known for making quality tennis gear and racquets

The best thing about the Babolat customer dampener is the variable dampening. This is not something that we usually see on other brands.

Let’s say the dampening that you are getting is either too little or too much for you. With other brands, you are stuck with what you are getting but, in the case with Babolat, just some minor tweaks here and there will help you get your desired dampening.

The dampeners stay secure in their place so you will have no problem in high intense situations, your dampeners will stay stuck no matter what. 

Overall, this one can be a nice choice for you if you want something secure and you can customize it to your liking. 

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Things We Like: 

  • Custom dampening. 
  • Brand reliability. 
  • Secure fit. 
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Best Tennis Vibration Dampeners: Buying Guide 

oppum Adult Carbon Fiber Tennis Racket


The first thing that you should sort out is your budget. How much are you willing to pay for the dampeners? Depending on that you can choose from a range of budget options. The end brands like Babolat and Wilson are priced higher compared to lesser-known brands, but you can get them if they fit your need. 

Vibration level 

How much do you want the vibration to be dampened? This is also something that comes down to personal choice. Someone might prefer a high amount of dampening and some might prefer less. You can get as per your choice or you can get a set to see which one works best for you. 

Size and Shape 

Up until recently, O shape dampeners were all that you could find in the market. Now you can find different design dampeners. Some even come with customized designs. No matter which one you choose, make sure the dampening level is matching your chosen level. 


This is something that is directly not related to the performance itself yet something that you need to consider. Depending on your usage, you might have to change the dampeners.

One of the important factors you need to consider is how easy it is to get in and out of your strings. I mean seriously, who wants to get stuck with a dampener? There are a good number of options that have easy on and off features, you can check them out. 


Do professional tennis players use vibration dampeners? 

Yes, professional players use vibration dampeners. Vibration dampeners are more commonly used in professional tennis matches than amateur ones. The high intensity and speed of professional matches mean having a jump and it will help the players to have better control over their racquets and perform better. 

Do vibration dampeners reduce power? 

No, vibration dampeners do not reduce power at all. The power of a racquet depends on the stiffness of the frame, and the tension on the strings. Vibration dampener does not alter any of these factors so that it could reduce the power of a racquet

How do you use a vibration dampener?

Using the vibration dampener is pretty simple. All you have to do is to get a dampener of your choice. Take it out and place it firmly on the strings near the handle of the racquet.

Make sure that you are getting a secure fit because that is an important factor when it comes to vibration dissipation. There you have it, you are all set with your vibration dampener. 

Final Thoughts 

It may look small, but vibration dampeners are an important part of any tennis racquet. The importance exponentially increases if you are into professional games.

Different types of dampeners differ in vibration dissipation. We believe you should try them all out to determine which one works best for you and how you should go about it. 

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