Best Tennis Strings for Control: My Top 7 Picks

Tennis is a very competitive game. Players from all around the world compete and only the best of the best manage to find a spot at the top. They have to show an incredible feat of their skills, techniques, and also how well they can maintain control. Without control, no one could win a tennis match properly or they could not play it in the way they intended it to.

Maintaining control in tennis requires a high level of skills and years of practice and experience. But there is more. The racket and its strings. Believe it or not, the strings in your tennis racket play a much bigger role in maintaining control of the game.

Over the years, not only the game rules have evolved, but also the techniques and equipment the players wield have changed. If you want to survive in this competitive game, you must adapt to these new changes in the game.

Now, if you want to get an upper hand in the match by maintaining control, you must pay attention to the strings used in your racket.

There are strings made by different manufacturers that are dedicated to controlling the tennis ball. Which one should you choose and buy? For that, here is a list of some of the best tennis strings for controlling.

Top 7 Tennis Strings for Control

1. Solinco Hyper-G Tennis Strings

Solinco Hyper-G Tennis Strings are the best choice for strings with control properties. These strings mainly focus on control rather than spin. But overall, it checks out in the four basic string qualities. Power, comfort, control, and spin. The shape of it is square, which gives it much potential for spins.

Technically speaking, Solinco has used a newly developed chemical formula in these Hyper-G strings. The material is co-poly. Another factor is comfort.

These strings are surprisingly comfortable to be focused on spins. Players who have faced arm injury can easily use these strings and yet generate many spins.

So overall, this set of tennis strings is a great choice for controlling the ball when hitting.

Things We Like

  • Bright green-colored strings
  • Square shaped strings generate much spin
  • Better control and also comfortable
  • High tension strings also generate high power
  • Comfortable enough for elderly players and players with arm injuries
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2. Luxilon ALU Power 125 Tennis Strings

Luxilon ALU Power 125 is one of the most unique sets of tennis strings. These strings are made of aluminum traces fused with co-polyester. It is made with co-polymer aluminum fibers.

These fibers are extremely durable and have high tensile strength. This provides more elasticity. The high-tension rating is what gives the player more control over the ball. The elasticity of the material also provides power and spin.

If you are looking for something that balances well around the four aspects of tennis strings, then be sure to try out these Luxilon ALU strings. If you want to do better, then we would suggest you tie this in a hybrid style with a set of natural gut strings.

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Things We Like

  • Aluminum fibers
  • Well balanced in all aspects
  • Excellent spin potential
  • Gives you better control over the ball
  • Excellent power in every hit
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting
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3. Babolat VS Touch

Babolat is one of the oldest tennis string and equipment manufacturing brands. With their years of experience and knowledge, they have mastered the production of tennis strings. They are now leading others into the way of perfection.

Their VS Touch strings are well-known for being exceptionally durable and long-lasting natural gut strings. We know that natural gut strings are good for power and comfort. They have the potential for control, but not good enough. Babolat has fixed that imbalance with BT7 technology.

Babolat takes the highest quality of cow intestines or serosa to stretch and process them. After they are processed traditionally, they are processed with a BT7 machine. It puts on an additional layer on the strings.

This layer not only enhances the durability and elasticity of the strings but also protects them from humidity. This layer also increases the tensile strength of the strings, making them good enough for controlling the ball.

Things We Like

  • Increased durability
  • Coated
  • Humidity protection
  • Comes in 16 gauge
  • A balance between power and control
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4. Babolat RPM Blast Strings

Babolat RPM blast string is one of the best tennis racket strings for both control and spin. But it is not balanced. Even though it is not a well-balanced tennis string, it does put its focus on spin and control.

These two are the essential elements a professional experienced tennis player looks for in their racket strings. It gives away power and comfort. You must be prepared to give those up if your focus is on control.

The strings have an octagon shape with unusual curves on each side. It brushes the ball very effectively on contact and gives the player much better control for spinning the ball.

Things We Like

  • Black-colored strings
  • Excellent control over the ball
  • Higher spin potential
  • Comfortable enough
  • Extremely durable
  • Spare length strings in package
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5. Wilson Champions Choice Duo

Wilson has partnered with Luxilon to bring you this wonderful set of strings that balances well in power, control, spin, and comfort. The package comes with 20 feet of Wilson’s finest natural gut strings and 20 feet of Luxilion’s ALU power strings.

This duo covers each other’s disadvantages and comes in a full circle. The natural gut provides power, spin, and comfort. The aluminum strings give you control and comfort. It is a must-try so be sure to check it out.

Things We Like

  • Hybrid strings
  • Great balance of power, control, spin, and comfort
  • Comes in 16 gauge
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6. Tecnifibre X-One Biphase Tennis String

Tecnifibre X-One Biphase is a multifilament or we could say synthetic gut-built tennis strings. Although synthetic gut tennis strings are not in favor of any professional players, mainly because of their lack of durability, they do provide great balance in control and other aspects.

This Tecnifibre X-One Biphase is made with high-quality materials. The primary build materials of the fibers are PU400 Elastyl. This material is very good at power transformation and has a high elasticity rating.

This high elasticity is what gives you better control of the ball while playing. This way you will be able to maintain proper control in the game. But the strings are not very durable.

Unless you have not strung any strong durable string with it in hybrid style, we would recommend you refrain from performing power shots with these strings.

Things We Like

  • Use of PU400 Elastyl.
  • High elasticity maintenance
  • A balance between comfort and control
  • Comes in 15, 16, and 17 gauges
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7. Solinco Confidential Tennis String

The Solinco Confidential tennis string delivers excellent control in the player’s hand. Not only that, it has balanced all four aspects of tennis strings. It has power, comfort, control, and spin. All in one string.

You will surely enjoy playing with these strings. Moreover, it is extremely durable. Solinco is famous for maintaining durability in all their strings.

Things We Like

  • Durable
  • Excellent control
  • Well balanced
  • Comfortable
  • Comes in different gauges
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Best Tennis Strings for Control: Buying Guide

The gear and equipment a tennis player wields are as important as their skills and experience. You might have years of experience and the highest skill in your league, but without the right equipment, you cannot live up to the standard.

As you advance in your tennis career, you will realize that the gears you play with become an integral part of your journey.

When you are a beginner in tennis, your gears are mostly power-oriented and they help you get the basic steps right. Then you move into intermediate, amateur, and then pro. Throughout these ranks, your gear gets upgraded and their purpose also changes.

Since the intermediate ranks, your gears are changed and focused on spin and control. This is why you need to buy strings that are dedicated to controlling. For that, consider the following before buying.


First of all, the material that is used to make the strings. Synthetic gut, natural gut, multifilament, polyester, and co-polyester. These are used to make tennis strings and the ones made out of polyester and co-polyester are the best for a spin.

Those also offer control and faster swing strokes. Some of them come with power and comfort too. They are made with mixed materials fused with co-polyester. So, the best material that offers the best control is a co-polyester. Other materials will do too.


After choosing the strings with the right materials, look at their gauge or thickness. The thinner the strings are, the better spin they will provide. But if you want to have better control, then look for the thicker ones.

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But too much thickness is not a good option because the thicker your strings are, the less spin potentials they have. So, try to choose something balanced. Go for medium thickness strings.


The shape of the string does not affect the control of the ball. But it is better to take a look at the shape and choose the non-circular ones. Because non-circular ones provide better spin.

Spin is an essential part of tennis and professional players heavily rely on this technique. That is why you should look at the shape too, even though you are looking for controls.

In this case, pick the ones that have a non-circular shape. Choose from squares, pentagons, octagons, and similar shapes. The more edge the strings will have, the better spin you will have.


Next, you will have to see the tension strength of the string. If you are looking for better control over the spin, buy the ones that have a high-tension rating.

If you are new to this tension thing, then we suggest you buy the ones that have medium tension and move your way up to higher tension. But if you want to focus all your skills on control of the ball, then start with high tension strings.

Full-bed or Hybrid?

Full bed refers to tying one type of string in your racket. Both vertically and horizontally. That way you are getting the properties of that one type of string only.

But often that is not enough because not all types of strings are well balanced. If you want to have a balanced experience, then you should opt for the hybrid.

In hybrid beds, one type of string is tied vertically and a different type of string is tied horizontally. This allows you to tie two types of strings into the racket and get a balanced experience. So, we would recommend you to buy two types of strings and use a hybrid bed.

If you check these four factors before buying a string for spinning, you will be able to get your hands on something better.

Best Tennis Strings for Control: FAQ

Does higher string tension give more control?

Yes, it does.

What are tennis strings made of?

Tennis strings are made of natural guts, synthetic guts, polyester, and multifilament.

Does your game style matter when selecting strings?

Yes. It does by a lot. If you are a power-oriented player, there is little to no need for strings with spin potential and vice-versa.

Final Words

Tennis is a very competitive game. To survive in this game and reach the top, you must have the proper skills and proper equipment.

More importantly, you must have proper control in the game. Otherwise, you won’t be able to move forward. That is why you should choose the right gear and for control, you must choose the best strings.

Strings that have high tension have the best control and also choose from medium thickness because they will provide a balance between control and spin and spin is one of the most essential skills in this game.

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