7 Best Tennis Balls for Practice: Most Durable Balls

Tennis is a very competitive game. Only the best can come out on top. To be one of the best, you will need practice. Tennis practice is a little different than the actual game.

You may or may not pick a different type of racket and string for practice but it is better that you pick a different kind of ball for practice.

Usually, in the tournament and official matches, you are provided with professional tennis balls. These balls are of superior quality but not suitable for practice. The best kind of balls for practice are the Championship balls and the practice balls.

Among these types of balls, the best ones are the pressure-less practice balls. But the other types are also well-suitable.

To help you in your tennis practice, here is a list of some of the best tennis balls for practice. 

Top 7 Best Tennis Balls for Practice

1. Penn Pressureless Tennis Balls

Penn is America’s number one selling tennis ball. These balls come with a solid rubber core. It is the best choice for tennis practice. It has great durability and an extended life span. Over time it will increase in bounce rate. It is a great choice for practicing with the tennis ball machine.

Things We Like

  • Durable
  • Better control
  • Better spin
  • Extra bounce length
  • Low price
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2. Wilson Championship Balls

Wilson has been around for over a century now. They have been aiding us tennis players with reliable gears. Wilson championship balls are a great pick for practicing. They are marked as training balls and they sure deliver.

Things We Like

  • Dura-weave technology
  • ITF approved
  • Perfect for both indoors and outdoors
  • Vacuum sealed package
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3. Tourna Pressureless Tennis Ball

Tourna is another well-known tennis ball manufacturer. Their pressureless balls are an ideal choice of practice balls for a tennis ball machine. These balls are highly durable and can take a lot of beating from your racket. You can practice all day with these Tourna balls.

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Things We Like

  • Highly durable
  • Strong rubber core
  • Bouncy
  • Chew resistant, ideal for playing fetch with your dog
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4. Head Championship

Head is another good brand for tennis goods. Although they are not much heard of, they do make some good products. Their strings are used by some ATP players. These championship balls from Head live up to that reputation. They are durable and long-lasting.

Things We Like

  • Ideal for practice
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Pressurized core
  • Great bounce
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5. Wilson Pressureless Tennis Balls

Wilson has been a true friend of tennis players. They have been providing us with a lot of reliable tennis gear and these pressureless balls are one of them. These balls are extremely durable and can be played on both hard and soft ground.

Over time their rubber core will soften and it will bounce even more. Moreover, these balls are made with Dura-weave technology and these balls were used in an international tournament once.

Things We Like

  • Dura-weave technology
  • Extra durable and long-lasting
  • USTA and ITF approved
  • Ideal for both clay court and hard courts
  • 18 balls in one bag
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6. Slazenger Championship

Slazenger Championship is another great choice for practicing. These balls have a hollow core that is made with Slazenger tour core technology. This pressurized core makes it bounce way higher.

Things We Like

  • Slazenger tour core technology
  • Pressurized core
  • ITF and USTA approved
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7. Wimbledon Slazenger Championships

Another great tennis practice ball from Slazenger. It is the same as the previous ball. Just branded differently. It is also made with Slazenger tour core technology and has a pressurized core.

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Things We Like

  • Pressurized core
  • Slazenger tour core technology
  • Durable and high bounce
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Best Tennis Balls for Practice: Buying Guide

Best Tennis Ball Machines for The Money

When you are serious about your tennis practice, you must consider the type of balls you are practicing with. We often overlook this matter of balls and that is why sometimes hard work and practice do not pay off well. So do not overlook this matter and consider the following factors of buying tennis balls for practice.

Pressurized or Pressureless?

The argument between pressurized and pressureless tennis balls is simple. If you are in a tournament or any match, the balls you play with will always be pressureless and it is provided by the matching authority.

Pressurized balls are used in official matches because they are lightweight and comfortable to play with. As they have a pressurized core, it is easy to hit them and send them flying.

The air pressurized core of the ball makes it bounce higher. It is very comfortable on the other hand, perfect for injured players.

Pressureless balls on the other hand have much more mass and weight in comparison to pressurized balls. They have a similar build as the pressurized balls except for one key difference and that is the core.

While pressurized balls have a hollow core that is pressurized with air, pressureless balls have a solid core that is filled with rubber. As this rubber core is stiffer in comparison to the air core, it generates less bounce.

That is why players need to hit it harder for it to go over the court. It is ideal for training beginners and intermediate players. Also, it is a perfect choice for practice.

Pressureless balls are more durable than their pressurized counterparts. You can put them in a tennis ball machine or do backboard practice. As there is no pressure, there is no bounce to lose.

Surprisingly, pressureless balls get more bounce over time. That is because the stiff rubber core gets softer due to practice.

So if you are looking for a ball for tennis practice, choose the pressureless balls. It is the best choice. But pressurized balls like the championship tennis balls are also a good choice for practice.


Tiers are ratings of the ball by the manufacturer that indicates the quality of the ball. The higher the quality, the more expensive the ball gets. You don’t want to put a lot of money behind the practice, do you? No one does.

That is why for practice, it is better to choose the beginner and intermediate tier balls. It is an ideal choice for recreational play too. They do not have that significant drop in quality and lifespan.

If you are playing in a professional tournament, then you will be provided with the tier 1 balls. They are pretty expensive. But in practice, you will have to get your ball. So make the right choice.


Durability is something you should always consider while buying a ball. You don’t want to buy balls that cannot take a beating.

Although tennis balls are made with attention to durability, they often break down. Especially the pressurized balls. The pressure inside of the ball and the impact put on the ball sometimes cause it to break.

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In that case, pressureless balls are the most durable ones. If durability is your focus, then choose the pressureless balls.

Regular Duty vs Extra duty

It’s not only the purpose of your olay that affects the choice of the balls. The court you are playing on significantly affects the choice of the balls.

There are usually two types of courts in tennis. The clay/ indoor court and the hardcourt.

If you are playing on an indoor court, go for the regular duty balls. They have thinner outer layers. The court won’t go that hard on the balls. But if you are playing on a hard court, choose the extra duty balls. They have thicker rubber layers. The ball will be able to take a beating from the court with ease.


Altitude is another important thing to consider in tennis. It refers to the bounce of the ball. Too much bounce can cause a lot of problems for the game.

So, it is better to play with balls that have minimum bounce but not too little. So pick the right kind of ball with the right bounce length for practice.


Why is tennis ball important for practice?

You will have to hit the tennis ball for practice. As it helps you to improve your power, control, and skill of spinning the ball, tennis balls are an important practice element.

What type of balls is best for practicing?

The best type of ball for practicing is the Championship and Practice balls

Do tennis balls have to be necessarily expensive for practice?

No. The right type of ball will do. It does not necessarily need to be expensive.

Final Words

Practice is a crucial element of any sport. Whoever does their practice in the right way can gain an upper hand in the game. But for doing your practice in the right way, you must pick the right element for practice.

In the case of tennis, tennis balls are a crucial element of practice. Different people have different game strategies. That is why they need different types of tennis balls for practice.

But the best type of practice balls for all tennis players in the championship and practice balls. But if the player has any kind of injury, this may differ.

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