12 Best Tennis Forums Every Fan Should Join

Tennis, in many parts of the world, is a very niche activity. Therefore many individuals resort to the best tennis forums on the internet to discover others who are passionate about the game.

This is a means for users to communicate with other fans across the world, and the finest ones provide a lot of useful information.

To help you find a comfortable community, I’m listing the best tennis forums. These are the forums greatest worth checking right now to help you avoid a few of the ones which are a little juvenile or inactive at the time. 

Before you register for a tennis forum or several, take a look over and study to get a sense of how people behave. These are all the forums I attend the most, but if you know of any others that should be included in the list, please let me know in the comments.

These sites provide a unique method to stay up to date on the latest headlines and connect with other admirers of your favorite players.

You can meet some fantastic skills and understand a lot about the subject if you participate in the communities.

Best Tennis Forums On The Internet

Let’s get started with the list!

1. Tennis Warehouse’s Talk Tennis

Tennis Warehouse with their discussion forum is unique in that they are affiliated to one of the largest shops across the country. 

It distributes products from all of the biggest brands on the market right now, and most of them don’t have a very active discussion board. 

There is some surveillance that some people may not like, but it is necessary to defend specific business interests. 

Anybody who posts leaks regarding new racquets or clothes that will be released in the future, for instance, may have their thread removed at the request of a company. On the plus side, active administrators keep things somewhat calm and orderly.

This is also among the best places to pick up some tennis knowledge. People will share movies, provide in-depth critiques of equipment, and much more in various sections. 

Moreover, there are even brand reps who will occasionally speak up, which is wonderful for individuals who have specific queries.

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2. Tennis Subreddit

With millions of members worldwide, Reddit is a place for community, discourse, and interaction. Tennis news and conversation may be found in this r/tennis subreddit.

This subreddit, which is part of the larger Reddit website, is the most popular for discussing all forms of tennis. 

Everything about the ATP/WTA tours to individual questions is covered. The discussion heats up during the slams, but the subreddit remains active throughout the year. 

Several people complain regarding the subreddit since there is a lot of discussion regarding the current big three here on ATP Tour. 

Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic are all mentioned frequently on a daily basis, but other competitors are mentioned from period to period as well.

This is among the greatest subreddits for finding trending news and films that have the potential to go viral and are tangentially related to tennis. 

Some people are merely casual admirers, and that is precisely what they seek. Because the monitors aren’t as stringent as those at Tennis Warehouse, have a look off before choosing sides. 

While others may prefer a little more liberty, but this comes at the cost of having to deal with unpleasant off-topic discussions.

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3. TennisForum.com

Tennisforum.com’s tennis network is still highly active, and there are a few true, passionate lovers of the game that encourage others to join in the discussion. 

It can be scary to join a new site because many individuals can be nasty towards newcomers, but that does not appear to be the case at Tennisforum.com. 

There are a lot of relatively conventional venues for a conversation on this message board, just like on any other message board. 

Other people, on the other hand, take the time to conduct an extensive study and post intriguing topics that are not available anywhere else. 

There appear to be a number of teaching professionals on the board who are eager to share some courtside advice.

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4. TennisPlayer.net

Tennisplayer.net may not have as much activity as most of the others, yet John Yandell manages the web forum and offers ideas and information among readers. It is intended not only for the player but also for the audience. 

Players can seek information and obtain advice from someone who has played tennis for a long time, or they can simply talk about anything they want concerning professional tennis. 

It becomes more heated during the grand slams, though people will weigh in throughout the year. Although there is still a very active user population, don’t expect inquiries to be addressed as rapidly as some of the other possibilities.

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5. Talk About Tennis

Talk About Tennis is a discussion board dedicated to tennis. With fellow tennis fans, you may discuss and share your thoughts on anything relating to the beautiful sport.

People can find the sort of coverage and content they need in one place by visiting the Talk About Tennis boards.

There are also plenty of categories that allow individuals to chat about whatever they choose, whether they are elite tennis players or recreational players. It’s also involved in other sports and, sometimes, foreign news.

Talk about Tennis does a lot of contests even during four majors, which is one of the fun things about it. This encourages individuals to stay competitive by attempting to anticipate who will win and who will succeed in the major. 

Overall, it provides a lively environment in which visitors can feel welcome and pose questions.

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6. MensTennisForums.com

Since its inception in 2002, menstennisforum.com has remained largely unchanged. Even if the forum’s setup is a little out of date, it’s still a very active community. 

People, on the other hand, aren’t searching for fancy designs in order to learn about tennis. It is a forum dedicated to men’s tennis at various levels, as the title suggests. 

Men’s Tennis Forums is a terrific method to learn about the ATP tour or some of the greatest college teams in the United States. 

It truly does provide some up-to-date information for folks who may be unable to watch particular matches, since they will occasionally make special match threads.

There still are WTA fans on the site, and there is some conversation now and then, but it appears that the focus is still on the men’s tournament. If you’re looking for more WTA-friendly stuff, keep that in mind.

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7. YouTube Comments

Some may consider this a little bit of a stretch in terms of forums; however, the YouTube comment section may occasionally be really informative.

Sure, there are more than enough videos with a slew of irrelevant comments beneath them. Even Nevertheless, the more skilled channels offer some interesting discussions from which viewers can learn and connect with other fans. 

Browsing YouTube is, of course, all about seeing the video that goes along with the remarks. Again, it is mostly dependent on the video’s subject matter. 

The discussions are usually pretty informative if it’s a technical video with a teaching pro giving pointers.

If the video is aimed at players, the comment thread may be a little toxic. Use caution when browsing, however, there are some excellent debates that rival those found on standard message boards.

8. Tennis Frontier

Tennis Frontier is the most popular tennis community on the internet. You can subscribe to get the latest tennis news, conversations, and more!

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9. Betfair Tennis

Tennis-related ideas, insights, and analyses are discussed in this section of the Betfair community. The forum has a daily posting frequency of one post.

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10. Punters Lounge

This is where you should post all of your tennis predictions and betting suggestions. We have some excellent tippers on our team. 

The forum publishes three times per day. It’s something for the bettors out there, and it’s a treasure for statisticians.

The main goal is to share betting recommendations, and you may put virtual bets on any ATP or WTA match, although there is always some interesting discussion about the day’s games. 

They have a large database of player statistics, and their algorithms identify intriguing trends in each game.

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11. Global Tennis Network

A comprehensive tennis resource- Tennis leagues, clubs, and tournaments can all be created. 

Find a tennis companion or a tennis court in your area. In the tennis forum, you can talk about tennis and participate in discussions.

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12. TennisW

TennisW is an interactive tennis community that offers information about tennis tuition, tennis lessons, tennis schools, learning tennis, sports camps, tennis supplies, online tennis, and how to kick serve, among other things.

Bottom Line

There are remarkably few tennis blogs that are prominent enough to be worth visiting for one of the world’s most popular sports. 

Best tennis forums can be a terrific location to uncover the newest headlines about your favorite teams because they give a different perspective than traditional news and media sources.

Forum members often find interesting things that you wouldn’t find in your normal browsing, and there’s always some interesting discussion regarding players, games, and tournaments that you should participate in.

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