Top 5 Best Tennis Bags With Shoe Compartment

Tennis bags are a quintessential item for any tennis player, whether they are professional or hobbyist. Without a good bag, a tennis player would be incomplete.

Besides, it is necessary because they do come with multiple compartments and sturdy zipped pockets to keep your belongings safe and sound, especially keeping them from getting misplaced or lost. Additionally, it’s always a plus if they can store shoes too.

There is a range of tennis bags out there on the market making it harder to dig through the dirt to find the gold. In this article, I have listed the top 5 best tennis bags with shoe compartment you can buy right now!

Tennis Bags A Shoe Compartment

5 Best Tennis Bags With Shoe Compartment

Let’s start with my favorite product:

1. Tecnifibre Tour Endurance RS Rackpack L Bag

Here is a handy-dandy tennis bag to keep all your necessities in one place! The compartments here are amazing. This has the main chamber with two others with netting on the inside. And a surprise for you all, it has a shoe pocket and a little section for all your daily accessories.

The straps are adjustable and can be carried like a backpack. However, this has no thermal lining but it can keep up to 4 rackets. It is heavy-duty yet lightweight. It is a steal compared to the features it has and the price that it is sold on the market!

Things I Like:

  • Manufactured using premium quality materials
  • Can be carried like a backpack or sling
  • Value for money
  • Stores 4 racquets
  • Has several compartments
  • Great design
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2. HEAD Radical 12R Monstercombi Tennis Racquet Bag

The HEAD Radical is known for always exceeding customer expectations with its exquisite sports gear, and this bag is no exception.

Its main pocket provides room to keep twelve rackets comfortably and the bag contains three spacious compartments to keep all other necessities. An integrated shoe bag to keep soiled shoes is the prime attraction here. Just like our last recommendation, this one too has modifiable straps.

It is integrated with climate control technology (CCT+)  saving racquets from extreme temperatures. Give it a go if you’re a regular tennis player. 

Things I Like:

  • Can carry a backpack or shoulder bag.
  • Has CCT+ integration
  • Made of Sturdy materials
  • Stores a lot of racquets
  • Best for professional uses
  • Backpack with adjustable straps
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3. Fila Ultimate

The next one on our list is the Fila Ultimate tennis backpack. Though it’s on the expensive side, it is worth every penny.

It has encased pockets on the side, graciously spaced main chambers, and media accessory compartments with tricot lining. There are zippers in multiple pockets, and a dual tennis racket sleeve inside the bag.

The selling point here is the shoe compartment which will keep your shoes protected from any damage. However, the durability of this one is a concern.

Things I Like:

  • Spacious
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • Has back panel with air mesh
  • Available in two different color combinations
  • Designed like a backpack
  • Can fit 3 racquets
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4. Dunlop Sports FX Performance

The Dunlop Sports FX Performance is budget-friendly but packed with lots of features. The dimension is 30 x 14 x 13 inches and can hold up to 8 rackets. 

There is additional storage which features two flexible dividers and holes for ventilation, and a place for accessories on the front. The shoulder straps have an ergonomic design.

With thermal insulation to protect rackets and strings in case of any extreme temperature spikes, this one on our list is a runner-up! 

Things I Like:

  • Moderately large racket capacity
  • Lots of pockets for everything that you need
  • Budget-friendly
  • Can hold up to 8 racquets
  • Trending black-blue color combination
  • Has 5 options including a duffle bag
  • Lightweight
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5. HEAD Tour Team Tennis Backpack

Lastly, we have another product from HEAD, and let’s just say that HEAD does not lie when it comes to its product integrity. Since this bag is designed as a backpack, it has limited space for keeping rackets unlike the previous product from  HEAD that we mentioned.

However, it does give ample space for other essentials that one may need in court. It has all the basic features, including the shoe compartment along with durable zippers for accessory pockets. The size is 14 x 7 x 22 inches. This one can hold up to 2 rackets. 

This affordable option can be a go-to for people who hit the ground once in a while. 

Things we like:

  • Has adjustable padded straps 
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable fabric for long-lasting capacity
  • Hass a backpack style
  • Comfortable for all ages
  • Protects all types of equipment
  • Great organizer
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Buying Guide for Best Tennis Bags with Shoe Compartment

If it’s your first time buying a tennis bag, here are a few important factors to help you choose a value for money product.

1. Size

Duffel bags are essential for any athlete to keep their personal belongings safe, no matter what sport they play. Tennis specifically requires bags that can carry multiple rackets as it is a volatile sport and the rackets may get damaged due to spikes in temperature.

2. Experience

For all you professionals out there who play tennis regularly, whether it’s in a sports club or tournaments, you will need tennis bags that have adequate space to keep more than 2 rackets at your person in case any of your rackets get destroyed.

You would also need to look out for bags that are substantial so you don’t have to deal with much wear and tear and it does not create much mess.

3. Brand Value

Like I mentioned before, there are many fakes and cheaper models but which one is the one for you is hard to determine. From the list here, I would like to recommend HEAD, Dunlop, and Technifire.

They assure quality and reliability which will ensure that you have a smooth experience. These tennis bags have adjustable straps and lessen pressure on your shoulder. What else do we want from a bag, right?

4. Compartments

As I am suggesting to you some great tennis bags with shoe compartments out there, I’d say it again- check if the shoe compartment fits your preference.

The shoe compartment should be spacious, having enough room for a pair to fit. Besides, you must see if it is covered and segmented from other compartments.

This way your shoe and other accessories will be separated and protected from any damage. 

5. Price

The price of duffel bags varies a lot. Hence you should not only look at the price but also look at the features that the bag offers. These include durability and the availability of space for rackets.

Usually, tennis bags with shoe compartments are a little on the expensive side compared to other tennis bags.


What size tennis bag should I get?

Depending on your purpose, you need to choose a bag. Let’s say you’re a coach, you’d need to have more than 6 racquets. For that, you need a 9-15 pack bag. But if you are a player, a 2-3 racquet pack bag would do.

What should I keep in my tennis bag?

You should keep all your belongings and accessories in your tennis bag. Like tennis balls, racquets, shoes, towels, and personal belongings. You can also keep some first aid. 

Are tennis bags worth the money?

If you are a professional in this sport, it is a must to invest in a good tennis bag. So, yes, it is worth the money. 

What tennis bag does Roger Federer use?

Legendary tennis player Roger Federer uses the Roger Federer DNA 12 Pack Tennis Bag. It has his signature embellished on either side of the bag.

Final Words

All of the tennis bags here are for professional use, but they can be used by anyone playing tennis. They all feature spacious compartments and ergonomic details so it is comfortable to use for the user. 

The cushioned straps will be packed with the bag, so no additional charges are paid by you, the customer. However, should the straps get ruined or lost, these brands do have options to replace them for you, with an extra fee.

It is an absolute breeze to choose the best tennis bag for yourself, and you do not have to get it right the first time because, like the best things in life, it starts with an experiment.

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