Top 7 Best Tennis Stringing Machines

The most important part of a tennis player’s arsenal is their racket and like any other sports equipment, it needs to be maintained and taken care of if it is to perform at its best. 

Originally, wooden frames and animal intestines were used to make rackets. However, with the invention of newer technologies and driven by the need to innovate, frames and strings have started to be made with newer synthetic materials.

Constant play and impacts against the shuttle or ball loosen the strings, which can lead to a loss of accuracy and control midgame.

Professional players usually have their rackets restrung after every game. In the early days this was done by hand, but today it is done with the help of a tennis stringing machine.

Today, I will share with you some of the best tennis stringing machines of 2021.

Top 7 Best Tennis Stringing Machines

1. Gamma 7900-ELS

Gamma has been making tennis accessories and equipment for a long time. From the 70s they have provided excellent quality and continue to innovate to create some of the best equipment for racquet sports.

Other than the equipment, they also manufacture maintenance tools as well. One of these is the Gamma 7900-ELS, a top-of-the-line stringing machine for professional use. 

Equipped with an adjustable stand, a 6-point self-centering, and easy-to-use clamps with smooth transitions, the 7900-ELS stands out above its competitors’ heads and shoulders. 

Things We Like:

  • The electric crank system ensures the most accurate string tension.
  • Pedal tensioner lets users adjust without interrupting their primary task.
  • Includes toolset and ample storage space – the adjustable stand allows it to work from either sitting or standing position.
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2. Gamma 6004 Hand Crank Stringing Machine

The second item on our list is Gamma’s 6004 Hand Crank stringing machine, and like their digital models, they have done nothing but innovate the industry with their bold moves and cunning ideas.

This stringing machine will fit just about any racket that’s put into it with no problem, the crank can be adjusted up to 90lbs of string tension for super stiff strings, and is also spring-loaded so that the crank stops when the desired tension has been reached. It makes for an intuitive easy-to-use machine.

Not only that, it ships with a good set of tools and a custom cover. The adjustable stand ensures that it can be used either sitting or standing. 

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Things We Like:

  • The universal self-centering mounting system can hold badminton and tennis rackets. 
  • Simple, easy-to-use quick-lock swivel clamps on 360° turntable for faster stringing times.
  • The patented roller guide ensures consistency and accuracy when stringing.
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3. Tourna 600-ES

Tourna has been making sports equipment for a long time. On our list, this stringer is the best price for a function stringer. Making use of a digital crank, the 600-ES is accurate and able to precisely detect string tension.

Going on with the trend of accuracy the 600-ES has a 6-point self-leveling clamp system that is able to accommodate a variety of rackets. It also includes an adjustable stand like many of its contemporaries.

Several tools are also included in the package as well. Something that is to be noted is that the swivel clamps on the turntable are some of the smoothest on this list.

Things We Like:

  • Cost-effective electronic crank stringing machine.
  • Electronics are highly sensitive to provide best-in-class accuracy and consistency.
  • Uses constant pull tensioning which does not wear or stretch the string out.
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4. Tourna 300-CS

Once more we have another of Tourna’s stringing machines. This one here is a hand crank machine and for the price, it includes a whole host of different perks and features that make it our favorite stringing machine.

Built to last, the Tourna 300-CS is one of the most reliable stringing machines on the market. The machine comes with a stand and includes that 6-point, self-leveling quick mount clamp system from its previous electric model.

It uses a spring-loaded crank lockout system, making it ideal for speedily stringing rackets. Another thing that Tourna machines are known for is their exceptional smoothness when it comes to the rotation of turntable and swivel clamps.

Things We Like:

  • Includes different features of its contemporaries for less cost.
  • The machine is made for speedy stringing and endurance. 
  • Unrivaled crank strength and smoothness during use.
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5. Gamma Progression II 602

Gamma’s stringing machines are top tier, even when considering their price and type. If you’re new to stringing rackets, then this machine is for you.

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Of the different types of tensioning systems, the 602 uses a drop weight tensioning system which is one of the most basic methods of adding tension to strings.

Whilst it seems low tech, the simplicity makes for a low-maintenance machine that is perfect for novice and expert alike. The 6-point clamp system allows the machine to grip the racket safely and securely so the strings can be mounted with ease.

Something that often plagues low-end stringing machines is the smoothness of the swivel clamps and rotation of the turntable, but in the case of the 602, it does not matter.

Things We Like:

  • Simple design makes for easy, and intuitive use for beginners. 
  • Able to be used with different rackets.
  • Up to 90lbs of tensioning strength.
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6. Gamma X-2

The X-2 is Gamma’s answer to the call of needing a stringing machine for the smallest of budgets. This machine delivers amazing gamma quality for a fraction of the price of larger, complex machines.

Once more, to keep it simple, a drop weight tensioning system is used. The simple construction makes it approachable to be used by beginners and gives it a longer lifetime.

To keep the racket in place 2 composites, floating clamps are used. 

Things We Like:

  • Simple construction and easy-to-use functionality.
  • The intuitive function makes it easy for novices to use.
  • Accurate tension delivered by drop weight tensioner.
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7. Klippermate Stringing Machine

Finally, we have arrived at our last entry. Since 1967, Klipper USA has been making high-quality stringing machines for a long time and this model is one of their best.

They focused on making the machine as useful as they could whilst also making it as cost-efficient as possible.

Featuring a very barebones look, the machine features two simple clamp style grips to accommodate rackets and features a drop weight for tension.

The most attractive feature of this stringing machine is the fact that it is made for both beginners and experts.

Things We Like:

  • Good for beginners to use.
  • No assembly is required – Made to be used right out of the box.
  • Space-saving design is good for at-home use.
  • Works just as well as high-end machines.
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Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Tennis Stringing Machines

When you look at tennis stringing machines, the first thing you will notice is that there are so many out there and that may, at first, completely overwhelm you, but fret not because we have put together a little buying guide just for you.

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How To Choose The Best Tennis Stringing Machines


Let’s start at price. So, what kind of price should you be looking for? Whilst there are high-end and low-end machines, it is better to find a happy middle ground since the main drawback of buying a low-end machine is quality. If you can find a machine that is between $300 and $1000, then it is definitely for you.


Moving on, let’s look at its usage. Whilst this is dependent on your preference, it’s better to use a simpler machine as the learning curve is much flatter, then it all falls down to where you’re going to use it.

An electric tensioner machine would be good for a professional setting as you can string rackets with speed and consistency.

However, for home use, it is better to buy a simpler machine as machine maintenance is easier. Machines made for home use are smaller and usually take up little space. Whilst it may take a while to get the hang of it, you will be saving on fees and time if you did it at a shop.


Before we get on with the buying guide, let’s answer some questions you may have about tennis stringing machines.

1. How do you use a stringing machine?

After securing your racket to the machine and measuring out your string, you are ready to start stringing your racket. Now, for the first step, we begin with the vertical strings and run them through the appropriate holes, and knot them off.

Next, we thread the horizontal strings through their holes and knot them off. It should be noted that you maintain equal tension on the string whilst threading.

2. How does a tennis stringing machine work?

Stringing machines are essential harnesses that allow you to restring your rackets with relative ease. The main task of a stringing machine is to keep constant tension on your string in order to bring out the highest performance from your racket.

Usually, a crank, drop weight or electric motors are used to keep tension on the string.

3. Should I buy a tennis stringing machine?

Yes, you definitely should. If you’re an avid tennis player and seem to be going to a tennis shop a bit more often than you’d like, then purchasing a stringing machine is definitely for you. 

4. Is it worth it to string your own rackets?

Stringing your own racket allows you to customize your racket to your strengths and your playstyle. It also saves you money from having it done in a shop.

5. How much does a tennis stringing machine cost?

The cost of a machine depends on what use you bought it for. Machines can range from $2000 to $250 at the lowest. 

6. What is the best tennis stringing machine under 1000?

Coming in under $500, the GAMMA Progression II 602 is one of the best machines for its price. It combines the 6-point clamp system with a simple but effective tensioning method. 


A tennis stringing machine is very useful when it comes to maintaining rackets, but buying one is complicated as there are so many designs on the market. However, with our buying guide and list, the options should be narrowed down a little.

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