7 Best Tennis Ball Hoppers: Collect and Hold Balls Together

Looking for a place to store all the scattered tennis balls? In this article, we will review the best tennis ball hoppers of 2021 available in the market. We’ve also discussed what to look for in a perfect tennis ball hopper at the end.

In a hurry? Here are my top three picks:

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Tennis ball hoppers are amazing in piling up tennis balls. You might have experienced the scattered tennis balls here and thereafter each play. It’s hard to store so many balls in one place.

Again, if you don’t put them together aside, it will be a hassle for you to play tennis the next day. So, here’s when you’ll need a tennis ball hopper to make your life easier. 

They come in different designs and sizes. Each of the brands competes with different features and promises. You just need to find one according to your requirements. 

You might ask, how will you understand which ones are the best? For this, you can follow my guideline below so that you can make a great investment. 

If you don’t have much time, feel free to go through the listing I made on best tennis ball hoppers. You can just read the reviews in a few minutes and pick your favorite one. Sounds easy enough?

Best Tennis Ball Hoppers for The Money

Top 7 Best Tennis Ball Hoppers of 2021

Let’s kick off the list with my favorite tennis ball hopper:

1. Gamma Sports Tennis Ball Hopper

Gamma is a leading sports brand. You can rely on its tennis equipment without worrying much. Speaking of the ball hopper, you’ll find it one of the best products of Gamma. 

It has a gold plating coating on the outside of the metal. That’s why it’s highly durable and resistant. Forgot your tennis ball hopper outside in the rain? There’s no need to worry at all!

It also comes in various sizes. The largest basket is able to fit in about 140 balls at a time. So, it’s perfect for you if you have a big tennis ball machine! 

Again, the lightweight support makes it suitable for everyone to use. You can even assemble it quite easily. 

Things I Like:

  • Consists of diamond clad that makes it weather resistant
  • Heavy-duty, gold-plated steel frame
  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes in various size
  • Warranty included
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2. Wilson Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper

Wilson is one of the trusted brands in the tennis world. Their Ball Pick Up Hopper is among its greatest products of all. 

It comes with a classic cage design with a capacity of 75-90 balls at a time. You can be totally assured about the durability. It is wholly built with plated steel. Also, you can be tension free of balls spilling out from the hopper. The amazing lid handles that very well. 

Well, the hopper might be slightly heavier than the previous product we discussed. However, you won’t have too many hard times handling the basket. 

Things I Like:

  • Comes with a “no-spill” lid
  • Plated steel ensures durability
  • Easy to set up
  • Holds enough capacity
  • Perfect length in height
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3. Tourna Pete Sampras Ballport

Pete Sampras was a legend in Tennis. You can understand how famous he was seeing the name of a hopper after him. Well, this Tourna Pete Sampras Ballport truly acts a legend itself. 

The Tennis ball hopper is intricately designed ensuring durability. It is made from polypropylene which gives itself an edge above the steel and wire made hoppers. So, you won’t have to worry about it for a few years. 

It has a capacity of holding up to 80 balls which is enough for practice sessions. The handles perfectly secure the hopper. You won’t feel a thing while moving the hopper around. 

Things I Like:

  • Large capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Highly durable
  • Easy pickup system
  • Secured handles
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4. Hopparazzi Pro Elite 125 Ball Hopper

Hopparazzi might not be a popular name. However, it has some cool tennis ball hoppers that people don’t know about. Hopparazzi Pro Elite 125 is such an invention.

It has a wide capacity of holding 125 tennis balls. So, you can consider it great for teaching sessions. The sturdy wire makes it more durable. You’ll find it in many colors. 

The most fantastic feature is the wheels at the bottom. It makes transportation smoother and easier. Note that it also comes in an adjustable height. You don’t have to worry about carrying the tennis balls anymore!

Hopparazzi features a unique characteristic in this tennis ball hopper. The handles can be converted into legs, securing the hopper while standing with the balls. 

Things I Like:

  • Adjustable handle height
  • Wheels on the bottom
  • Easy transportation and movement
  • Sturdy body
  • Capacity up to 125 tennis balls
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5. Gamma Ball Hopper Pro 90

Gamma made my choice list again! I couldn’t think of anything better than this tennis ball hopper because it itself is a gem. This product is absolutely perfect for coaches and tennis teachers. 

I’ll tell you why:

The body is wholly made from carbon steel wire with a diamond clad coating. Call it a weather resistant coating because it will serve you well in any season.

You’ll find it much lighter than other tennis ball hoppers in the market. The handles can be folded, providing you ease in standing position. A secured lid protects the balls from slipping down. 

A floating wire design is also incorporated while manufacturing. It makes ball picking much easier than before. You can blindly rely on Gamma, I tell you. It’s one of the best in the market! 

Things I Like:

  • Weather-resistant coating
  • Highly durable
  • Firm handle
  • Easy to transport
  • Highly secured lid
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6. Oncourt Offcourt Tennis Multimower

Now, this is one fabulous piece tennis ball hopper that is best suitable for regular players. It is shaped like a lawn mower and has a capacity of holding 350 balls simultaneously. So, you can understand, this is for users who need large capacity hoppers.

The arms are 47 inches which indicates a great length at picking up balls. The width enables you to gather more balls in a limited span of time.

Altogether, the hopper comes in a sturdy material aluminum. It indicates how durable it can be. Certainly, it is one of the tennis accessories that are worth buying. 

Things I Like:

  • Ball holding capacity – 350 balls at a time
  • Sturdy design
  • Perfect height
  • Suitable for regular players
  • Saves time in ball collecting
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7. Vermont Tennis Ball Hopper Basket

Vermont is a renowned brand with awesome tennis tools. One of their greatest products is the Vermont Tennis Ball Hopper Basket.

It is a heavy-duty plastic hopper basket that is extremely durable. The aluminum spokes give it a sturdier design. You can collect balls easily in this hopper along with the swift movement. It is definitely a good choice for securing the picked-up balls.

Things I Like:

  • Easy ball collection
  • Speedy delivery option
  • Lockable lid
  • Heavy-duty body 
  • Long-lasting in nature
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Buyer’s Guide: What To Consider with Best Tennis Ball Hoppers

To buy an awesome tennis product, it’s necessary to know about the details. Whenever you are purchasing a tennis ball hopper, you need to keep a few things in mind. I will try to brief them as nicely as possible so that you can make an informed purchase. 

What To Consider with Best Tennis Ball Hoppers

1. Frame Type and Material

The first thing you must notice while buying a tennis ball hopper is the material. The sturdier and high-quality material it is, the more you can ensure durability. Check for the sturdiness. See how reliable and durable it will be.

Make sure the frame type is appropriate for you. Examine the whole basket, the handle, legs, lid, and wheels according to your requirement. If any of these items has any defect, I’ll straight away say these words – Don’t Buy It!

2. Size & Capacity

Size is a common condition that you cannot avoid. Root for the correct size while purchasing tennis ball hoppers. Why does size matter?

You see, not all matches require the same amount of balls. Some may need over 150 balls per match while some may need only 90. It’s up to practice and player’s preference. That’s why you must understand your requirement first. Then choose the appropriate size. 

3. Weight

Along with the size, you might need to check the weight as well. If you’re buying hoppers online, you can check the weight measurements provided by the seller. You can then calculate it with your own weight and see if it’s too heavy or too light for you.

An average tennis ball weighs around 55-60 grams. So, you might also have to calculate the total weight of the tennis balls. It will save you from the extra weight while actually carrying the hopper.  

4. Legs

Legs totally depend on how you like to feed balls in the basket. Some brands offer convertible handles that you can fold and collapse beneath the basket. It provides ease while grabbing balls on serving.

However, basket types can be less durable. If you want hoppers without legs, you still can find some amazing deals. You just need to look for the right one. 

5. Lid

I personally love lid on top of tennis ball hoppers. It is a great system to prevent your tennis balls from slipping off the basket.

If the balls fall off from the basket once you’ve collected them, it can be the most frustrating thing ever.

So, use the protection tool, the lid. Try to find a good tennis ball hopper with the lid on. It’ll definitely save a lot of time.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Tennis Ball Hoppers Reviews

1. How do you use a tennis ball on a hopper?

While playing tennis we tend to start playing with one tennis ball. When the ball gets hit out of the court, we use another new ball to save time. So, what happens to the old one? 

The old ones are picked and stored in a basket for next play. That basket is actually a tennis ball hopper. It might appear to look like a regular basket but it is specially designed to contain and carry tennis balls with ease.

2. How many tennis balls fit in a hopper?

Tennis ball capacity is a crucial measurement for a tennis ball hopper. An averaged sized hopper can hold anywhere from 50 to 140 balls. However, you can count at least 70 to 80 balls as a standard figure.

If you are a tennis coach or teacher, you might need to increase the capacity a bit from the standard size. For you, at least 100 balls will be the right capacity. So, you can see that the tennis balls actually fit according to the size of the hopper. You need to ensure yourself which size you want. 

3. How long does a tennis ball take to lose its bounce?

Actually, it’s all about the air inside. In tennis balls, the inside air maintains pressure for about 27 pounds per square inch. The outer air pressure is 13.7 pounds per square inch.

After playing for a week, the ball tends to release the air pressure and starts flattening down. You might not notice at the beginning but with time it really loses its bounce-back tendency. 

4. What are the dimensions of a ball hopper?

Tennis ball hoppers actually vary in size. It’s pretty much obvious that the dimension of one hopper will not be similar to the other unless they are exactly the same. So, yeah, they actually don’t have a standard dimension.

However, to help you understand the ratio, I can provide you with some examples. 

Say for example, the Wilson 75 Tennis Ball Hopper comes in 29 x 12 x 3 inches. On the other side, Gamma Sports Tennis Ball Hopper has a dimension of 12 x 16 x 26 inches. Can you see the difference?

You can calculate the dimension easily by knowing how much capacity the hoppers hold. This way you’ll get an idea how many balls will fit in your preferred hopper. 

Final Words

It’s true, tennis ball hoppers do seem to be the less important thing in a tennis game. Without this tool, you might have wearied out picking tennis balls and storing them in a safe place. Otherwise, you might have to empty your pocket buying balls regularly.

That’s why choosing the right tennis ball hopper is a must. To save some time, I’d recommend scrolling up and checking out my list of best tennis ball hoppers and see if you can find your favorite pick. You won’t regret buying one of these hoppers. I promise!

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