WELMEE Men’s Knit Breathable Tennis Shoes Review (2020)

Many top shoe brands are now providing knit upper shoes tailored for many different sports, adapting these technologies to a variety of applications.

But do you really need to pay top dollar to get the features of knit shoes from the premier brands? Or can you get a knit shoe at a lower price without sacrificing any of the latest features?

Today, we’re taking a look at the WELMEE Men’s Knit Breathable Casual Sneakers to see how the knit upper affects these shoes, and also to see how they stack up to other knit shoes on the market.

WELMEE Men's Knit Breathable Casual Sneakers

But first, let us understand knit upper meaning and why they’re so popular.

What Are Knit Shoes?

The knit upper is the latest technology to change the way we think about athletic shoes. Knit technologies combine layers of woven fibers to provide incredible features that enhance the game in multiple sports.

Knit uppers have several important features in a tennis shoe:

  • They are lightweight
  • They are breathable and reduce moisture buildup inside the shoe
  • High-tech fibers stretch and flex as needed, to fit perfectly without losing strength
  • The fibers interlock to provide structural support throughout the upper

These fibers can be woven more densely or cross-woven on the parts of the upper that need more structure and strength, or more loosely in other parts of the shoe to provide ventilation and flexibility.

With that said, let’s now take a detailed look at WELMEE Men’s Knit Breathable Casual Sneakers.

Top Features

  • Made of fabric and synthetic materials
  • Their MD rubber sole is flexible and non-slip
  • These shoes feature responsive cushioning
  • They have a knit, breathable upper
  • Offer a comfortable fit
  • One of the best adaptive support
  • They have durable stability
  • These shoes are anti-collision
  • They are available in three stylish colors
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  • Engineered upper vamp with smooth line design provides breathability and durability
  • Sweat-absorbent breathable material with deodorant inside prevents moisture and odor
  • Soles are shock-absorbent and adapt to impact
  • Comfortable design conforms to feet
  • Easy to clean
  • Shipped from the US


  • No midsole support for the arch of the foot
  • Not very durable
  • They only come in full sizes, not half sizes
  • They don’t offer much cushioning or impact resistance in the sole


WELMEE Men's Knit Breathable Casual Sneakers Review

These shoes are stylish and very comfortable, with lightweight stability and breathable uppers. They don’t have internal support, which many people address with the use of an insert.

The lack of reinforcing structure makes them less than ideal for high-impact athletic activities, but the comfort, cushioning, and style makes them great for daily wear.

Cushioning in this shoe is focused on the heel, rather than the toe, making them unsuited for running, but perfect for walking, and many people use them as an all-around gym shoe.

These shoes also collapse down to a very small size, making them convenient for travel.

Due to the lack of sole reinforcement, they are not very durable, but most people are happy with the longevity of the shoe at this price point.

They are not available in half-sizes, and they generally don’t have a lot of toe space, so some people find fit to be a bit of a challenge. The best solution is typically to order them slightly too large and then wear thick athletic socks for improved comfort and fit.


The most frequent comparison most users make is to the Nike Flyknit line of running shoes, for obvious reasons.

Nike Flyknit Review

When compared to the Nike, both shoes are:

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Hold their shape over time
  • Laces are held with loops tethered directly to the outsoles for extra structure and fit
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Some reviewers for both brands of shoes have expressed a wish for greater arch support, and for more durability. However, when a shoe is designed for sock-like comfort, fit, flexibility, and low weight, it is reasonable to expect that it won’t be durable with rough wear.

Fit is also a frequent complaint in both shoes: the Nikes seem to run a bit narrow, while the WELMEE are only available in full sizes.

The Nike Flyknit Running shoes are available in a much wider range of colors and patterns and have that trademark swoosh.

But the WELMEE are a fraction of the price, with many of the exact same features, and the WELMEE also has an internal deodorizing material.

Final Words

WELMEE Men's Knit Breathable Tennis Shoes Review

Knit shoes are an important innovation, providing many of the benefits of barefoot running without some of the drawbacks. Knit uppers provide flexible, cradling comfort, advanced breathability, and a whole new take on fashion.

People who want to experience many of the advantages of knit athletic shoes don’t have to spend big money on Nike or Adidas versions; the WELMEE brand of Men’s Knit Breathable Casual Sneakers offers many of the same benefits (and some of the same drawbacks) for a much lower price.

These shoes are designed for casual wear, walking, light running, and all-day comfort. They do not have an impact-resistant midsole, lateral structural support, or internal arch support that would make them a good choice for high-impact, high-stress athletic activities, and are not durable enough for extended, tough wear.

But they are extremely comfortable, conform beautifully to the foot, look great, and offer a lightweight versatility that makes them an excellent choice for daily wear. These shoes are deep enough for inserts, if they are required for additional support or comfort, but are small and flexible enough to stow easily in carry-on luggage.

Most people find that the price is attractive enough to compensate for the lack of half-sizes. If you are sized in between, it’s better to order a half-size larger, and compensate with thicker socks to achieve a good fit. Reviewers who have gone down a half-size generally wish they had more room in the toe.

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For men who want all the features and fashion of casual knit shoes without paying for a premium brand, the WELMEE Knit Sneakers are an excellent choice.

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