New Balance Men’s MC806 Stability Tennis Shoe Review

The New Balance M806 stability Tennis shoe is a classic white standard tennis shoe. It has no unneeded frills and is designed to keep your feet stable on the tennis courts. It is made from a combination of leather and synthetic upper materials and has a rubber sole.

It laces up and has a reinforced toe to ensure a good fit and durability after thousands of serves. It comes with New Balance’s ABZORB cushioning for some added comfort.

This is a good stable shoe and to channel Henry Ford, available in any color you want as long as it is classic white. This tennis shoe is a workhorse designed for a serious player concerned with his game, not with the color of his outfits.

In this review we will take the New Balance MC806 through its paces, tell you what its features are and how the positives and negatives stack up. We will give you the information you need to decide if this shoe is worthy of your feet.


  • It is made from a combination of Leather and synthetic material
  • It has a rubber sole
  • It is a lace up shoe with a reinforced toe
  • The toe box and sidepanel are perforated for ventilation
  • It comes with ABZORB cushioning
  • It has a C-CAP midsole
  • Available in classic white


  • The shoe has a long tongue and a good loop lacing system
  • The toe is well reinforced
  • The shoe features good stability and firm support
  • The toe box has enough room to accommodate your toes during fast turns and stops
  • The shoes are comfortable and warm


  • The shoe has a poor insole
  • The toe box is narrow and small
  • The sole doesn’t last well with lateral movements
  • They have less cushioning
  • The shoes are only available in white


The New Balance MC 806 stability Men’s tennis shoe, does what it promises in its name, it is a very sturdy, comfortable and stable shoe. These shoes have moderate arch support which works well if you have lower arches.

The toe is well reinforced, which is good to keep the shoe from wearing down during toe dragging when your serve. It has a larger toe box which will stop your toes from cramming together like sardines in a can when you make fast starts and stops during a rough game.

It does however have a poorer insole and less cushioning than most other tennis shoes and the sole does not hold up as well with a lot of lateral movements on a clay court but have enough cushioning for an indoor court.

It is only available in white, which will not concern you if you only focus on your game, but will be an issue if you want a certain look, or need these shoes to function in a workplace and not just a tennis court.


These shoes have less cushioning than other tennis shoes and do not offer much arch support. They have a long tongue and a very good loop lacing system so you can adjust the fit to suit your comfort.

The toe is well reinforced and the toe box is wider than in other shoes and will work well if you need a little more room around the toe area.  It is a less durable and high quality shoe than other models by New Balance and is only available in classic white, where other manufacturers give a larger range of color options.

This might not be such a problem if you are happy with the classic, but if you need a wide range of color options you will need another model or brand. It is however a good stable shoe, with a better loop lacing system than previous New Balance shoes or shoes by other brands.

It is a warm shoe which is suited to colder climates and not as ventilated as other shoes designed for warmer places.


These New Balance MC806 stability Men’s tennis shoes work well for tennis, but will also work well if you need comfortable shoes for your job. Anyone who spends hours on their feet, whether on the court or in a warehouse will appreciate a stable support.

These shoes are good standard stable tennis shoes without too many frills and gimmicks. They have a good tight fit and will work well for a serious tennis player who doesn’t need a huge choice of colors and additional cushioning.

They are relatively well ventilated but better suited to colder climates.  The shoe has a roomy front toe box and will suit you if you have lower arches.

Overall this is a classic by New Balance. An unpretentious, basic tennis shoe from a well-known manufacturer.

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