How Do You Know Which Size Tennis Racquet To Buy

Many tennis players, even those who have been playing for a long time, are using the wrong sized tennis racquet for them.

Choosing the correct size of racquet for your skill level is both very important and possibly overwhelming, especially for beginners. After all, your racquet is the most important piece of gear you have.

There are many factors to consider when finding out what the right size is for you. Grip size, style of racquet, and knowing how different sizes impact your game are just a few very crucial things to consider when purchasing your tennis racquet.

Luckily for beginner, intermediate, and pro players alike, in this short guide we will be going over all these factors and how to help any players step up their game to the next level.

help any players step up their game

Head size

One of the most important aspects of a tennis racquet to consider is the head size. The head size of your racquet will change how much power is transferred to the ball when you strike it. This is because the tension of the strings is lesser in the middle of a larger racquet, allowing the ball to rebound more effectively. Therefore, using a racquet with a larger head will result in more power, however the trade-off is that with more power comes less control.

It's important to find a middle ground here because a larger head makes it easier to make contact but can also cause you to hit the ball outside of the sweet spot. This makes it more likely the ball will travel differently than you want, limiting your control and ability to pick corners of the court. You should pick a head size that gives you the correct amount of power without sacrificing your ability to hit the ball consistently with control.

Grip Size

Now that you know what a larger size of racquet head means, we can start looking at other features of a tennis racquet. The first thing to consider is the size of the grip for your racquet. A great way to measure what size would be perfect for you is to get a ruler and open your hand flat. Next, you should measure from the middle line in the center of your palm all the way to the top of your middle finger. The number you end up with is your grip size.

Generally, adult grips can range from 4 inches to 4- 5/8 inches, grip 0 being 4 inches and grip 5 being 4- 5/8ths inches. That isn't a huge range so it's essential that you get the measurements correct while measuring. If you don't have a ruler handy or just don't feel like measuring, grip 2 or 3 is generally a good grip for most women, and grip 3 or 4 would be your most likely choices as a man.

Other than actual measurements, you may want to use a smaller grip size if you are a player who likes to hit with a lot of topspin because it is easier to turn over the racquet. If you are the opposite and tend to hit the ball flat, then you'll want a larger grip for better angling.


Styles of Racquet

When purchasing a racquet, there are three main kinds you'll come across in stores: power, powerful control, and ultimate control. Power and ultimate control are two opposite ends on the spectrum, with powerful control as the middle ground.

Power racquets are exactly what they sound like – powerful. These have large heads that produce more power but are much more difficult to control. They'll be more lightweight with a lighter but stiffer frame to offset the weight and will be more head heavy for more power. On the other end, an ultimate control racquet will have a much smaller head for greater control over impact with a heavier weight but a less stiff frame.

These racquets will give you the most control possible, but the power will be less than their powerful counterparts. For the average player, you'll likely fall under the powerful control category. It fittingly has this name because you are able to get a racquet with a medium amount of power and control, offering the best of both worlds.

Choosing Your First Racquet

As a beginner looking to get into tennis, it can be difficult to choose your first racquet. Choosing the wrong kind can make the game much more difficult to begin with, which could discourage any new player from the sport.


You may think as a beginner it would be more important to invest on the best tennis racquet with more control because it would simply be easier to control, but it's actually the opposite. As a beginner, you'll want a racquet with a larger head and more power. This will make the ball easier to hit, one of the largest hurdles new players have to overcome.

That's all! Now that you know everything you need about racquet sizes you can ensure your racquet is the perfect size to fit your needs as a player and own the competition!

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