Earsoon Men’s Tennis Shoes Review

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These Earsoon Running Hiking Men’s Shoes are visually striking and high on style, and they definitely come at an attractive price. Reviewers love that they are comfortable and supportive, providing good cushioning and balance. But is it possible that these fashionable shoes will also perform well on the tennis court, giving you the necessary support and boost for your game? Today we’ll take a look at whether these popular new shoes will serve you as well on the court as off the court, and if it’s possible to have performance and comfort in these reasonably priced shoes.


  • Made of fabric and synthetic materials
  • The three mesh upper is accented with high-quality suede leather
  • They have a sole with orthotic functions to promote balance
  • The outer sole has anti-slip tread and won’t leave marks
  • They are available in a variety of colors
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • The mesh and leather upper is flexible and breathable, conforms to the shape of the foot
  • The design is fashionable
  • The built-in orthotic sole adds support, stability, and comfort
  • They are comfortable and lightweight shoes


  • The sizing can be very inconsistent
  • They may not be suitable for cold weather


The Earsoon Men’s Sneakers are designed for running, walking, and hiking. These light, flexible shoes are comfortable and fashionable, and offer breathable support for normal outdoor activities. The breathable upper also prevents heat and moisture building up inside the shoe, and the orthotic sole provides support and comfort during long walks. The lack of extra structural reinforcement or cushioned insole makes them less suited for high-impact sports and activities, and they may not be durable enough for intense, extended hiking.

The breathability of these shoes is great for hot weather, but the suede and mesh are not ideal for cold, wet outdoor conditions. They may not provide adequate protection for the feet in harsh weather, and may be difficult to clean after enduring wet and muddy activities.

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Reviewers love the comfort and support of these attractive shoes, and wear them for a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. They claim that the light weight and cushioning are good for all-day wear, particularly when working on your feet, or for hiking easy terrain.

The primary concern for most people ordering these shoes is inconsistency with sizing. Either the size ordered isn’t the size received, or the size displayed on the shoe label isn’t consistent with how the shoe fits. However, there is a 30-day money back guarantee, and many of these issues are satisfactorily resolved.


These shoes are an excellent choice for walking or hiking, as well as simply having a comfortable, stylish pair of men’s shoes for daily wear. The orthotic insoles provide additional comfort and support for extended use, making them a good choice for people who work indoors on their feet.

The lack of additional cushioning makes them a little less than ideal for extended, intense, high-impact hiking, and the lack of lateral reinforcement makes them unsuited for sports and athletic activities that involve a lot of lateral movement in the foot. These shoes aren’t designed for the sharp impacts and directional changes of a tennis game.

The suede and mesh uppers may not provide a lot of protection or durability in wet, cold weather. Depending on your climate or range of outdoor activities, you may want to look for a pair that are easier to clean and provide more protection from rain.

Compared to other sneakers, these are a great choice for people who work all day on their feet, or who walk all day in mild or warm temperatures. The supportive insole and comfortable fit make extended wear easy, and the attractive design suits a variety of tastes.


The Earsoon’s Men’s Sneakers are an excellent choice for casual daily wear, extended walking or hiking, or for working on your feet. The orthotic insole provides support and balance for extended wear with lasting comfort.

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For strenuous sporting activities, or intense hiking in poor weather conditions, people might look for a shoe with more structural support and a more durable upper, but these remain an excellent choice for men’s daily wear.

When users have had trouble with sizing, Earsoon has honored the money-back guarantee and replaced the shoes with a different size. The most trouble appears to arise when the label in the shoe is a different size than the size ordered, or than the size the person usually wears. However, many people put on the shoes and find they fit well and are very comfortable, despite the number on the label. It seems that the issue is that the manufacturer’s sole length measurements do not correspond to the equivalent US shoe size in their sizing chart. The best solution is probably to measure the length of your feet in millimeters and order the corresponding EU shoe size according to the manufacturer’s list, disregarding your customary US shoe size.

The US shoe sizes appear to be too small per the shoe label, but comfortable on the feet. If that approach doesn’t work, at least Earsoon does have a track record of honoring the guarantee. And the shoes are reasonably priced to begin with, so it’s worth taking the risk if the shoes are otherwise appealing to you.

The Earsoon Running Hiking Men’s shoes are a good value at the price, providing lasting support and all-day comfort for men who are on their feet. The fashionable style and built-in orthotics protect the feet and look good in a variety of settings, while the different colors accommodate different tastes and outfits. These are an excellent choice for the man who needs lasting support for his feet, whether on the job, working in the yard, or on the hiking trail.

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